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Aakash Tablet 2 World's Cheapest Tablet Launched India Specifications Price For Students


Aakash Tablet 2 World's Cheapest Tablet Launched: Aakash Tablet 2 the world’s cheapest tablet is being launched by President Pranav Mukerjee on Sunday. The Aakash 2 has better specifications and it has the same price as of the original Aakash. 

We were listening from May that the Aakash tablet 2 will be launched but now the time has come when it has been launched.

On its previous standards, Aakash Tablet 2 received a hardware update and is more powerful than others. The Aakash Tablet is now launched with better processor and a regular battery life. Aakash tablet 2 Specification is being provided be IIT Rajasthan students and different engineering school students.

Specification & Price for Students: The new Aakash tablet 2 is being launched for students with the price Rs 1130, which is available for the students of engineering students and universities. It is 7 inch capacitative touch screen and have a battery running for three hours of normal operations, processor of 1GHz, has a 512 MB.

Datawid CEO Suneet Tuli said that the government purchased the device from us for Rs 2263. The government provides subsidises of 50% and it will be distributed to the students for Rs 1130.

Suneet tuli also said that the government is also encouraging the State Government to provide the Aakash Tablet 2 to students free of cost.
First one Lakh devices of Aakash tablet will be provided to the students of engineering colleges and then it will be distributed to others. In next 5 to 6 Yrs about 22 crore students across the country will get the devices and 20 thousand devices are expected to given to the students by Monday. 

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