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Online Education Trends 2013 Scope Primary & Secondary Classes In India


Online Education Trends 2013- Past few years have seen a dramatic rise in online education trends which are there due to advancement in Internet services and software available these days. Also, public perceptions towards learning online have also helped to bring about this significant change in education trend.

In this article, we will go through some of the Online Education Trends which have brought popular changes in past few years and are further expected to extend their scope in Primary & Secondary Classes In India in 2013.

Open Source Systems

Open source systems like OpenClass are free and are effectively replacing the older learning management systems. These systems have also received a warm welcome from both students and educators.

Influential Social Media

Social Media in today’s date is known to be the most influential source in the life of youth. It is now being utilized to facilitate social learning tools and Learning Management Systems. It is expected that entire educational social media networks are looking forward to build off of sites like Facebook.

Better technology

Time has passed away when online education only consisted of reading textbooks. Today, students have a wide variety of tools online at their disposal, including text chat, immersive multimedia, virtual classrooms, and digital whiteboards to help them gain knowledge effectively and in an attractive way. These tools are further expected to be streamlined by better cloud services in the coming years.

Digital content distribution

Digital content distribution systems that allow individuals to access texts and learning materials online have started taking place of the conventional textbooks. This system is also emerging fast because of the fact that now online content can be easily accessed through a variety of mobile devices.
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