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1st PUC Question Papers 2018 PCMB Karnataka Board Model Paper With Answers


1st PUC Question Papers

1st PUC Question Papers 2018: Download the 1st PUC Model Question Papers PCMB from this page: To qualify in PUC exam with good marks, candidatescan check the 1st PUC Question Papers from here. With the help of below provided 1st PUC Question Papers with Answers, candidates will get to know which type of questions will be asked in exam.

Karnataka Department of Pre University Education is going to conduct the annual Public Examination tests in the Month of March and April 2018. Applied candidates towards Karnataka Board can go through PCMB questions with answers and prepare for examination according to 1st PUC Model Paper.

1st PUC Question Papers PDF Are available in below section of page candidates can go through it and prepare for upcoming PUC exam according to 1st PUC Sample Question Papers. You can download Karnataka Board I PUC Question Papers through the below section of this page of www.privatejobshub.in

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1st PUC Question Papers

1st PUC Question Papers Download PDF

Karnataka Board 1st PUC Question Papers for New Curriculum: (Science Subjects)

Computer Science
Home Science

1st PUC Sample Papers PCMB Exam

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1st PUC Previous Year Question Papersfor II PUC PCMB Exam

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1st PUC Question Papers with Answers
Question 1: It is easier to roll a stone up a sloping road than to lift it vertical upwards because
1.    work done in rolling is more than in lifting
2.    work done in lifting the stone is equal to rolling it
3.    work done in both is same but the rate of doing work is less in rolling
4.    work done in rolling a stone is less than in lifting it
Answer: 4

Question 2: Siphon will fail to work if
1.    the densities of the liquid in the two vessels are equal
2.    the level of the liquid in the two vessels are at the same height
3.    both its limbs are of unequal length
4.    the temperature of the liquids in the two vessels are the same
Answer: 2

Question 3: Ordinary table salt is sodium chloride. What is baking soda?
1.    Potassium chloride
2.    Potassium carbonate
3.    Potassium hydroxide
4.    Sodium bicarbonate
Answer: 4

Question 4: Pollination is best defined as
1.    transfer of pollen from anther to stigma
2.    germination of pollen grains
3.    growth of pollen tube in ovule
4.    visiting flowers by insects
Answer: 1

Question 5: Plants receive their nutrients mainly from
1.    chlorophyll
2.    atmosphere
3.    light
4.    soil
Answer: 4

Question 6:The nucleus of an atom consists of
1.    electrons and neutrons
2.    electrons and protons
3.    protons and neutrons
4.    All of the above
Answer: 3

Question 7: The most electronegative element among the following is
1.    sodium
2.    bromine
3.    fluorine
4.    oxygen
Answer: 3

Question 8: A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs. 815 in 3 years and to Rs. 854 in 4 years. The sum is:
1.    Rs. 650
2.    Rs. 690
3.    Rs. 698
4.    Rs. 700
Answer: 3

Question 9: Mr. Thomas invested an amount of Rs. 13,900 divided in two different schemes A and B at the simple interest rate of 14% p.a. and 11% p.a. respectively. If the total amount of simple interest earned in 2 years be Rs. 3508, what was the amount invested in Scheme B?
1.    Rs. 6400
2.    Rs. 6500
3.    Rs. 7200
4.    Rs. 7500
5.    None of these
Answer: 1

Question 10: A person crosses a 600 m long street in 5 minutes. What is his speed in km per hour?
1.    3.6
2.    7.2
3.    8.4
4.    10
Answer: 2

Question 11: An aeroplane is flying horizontally with a velocity of 600 km/h and at a height of 1960 m. When it is vertically at a point A on the ground a bomb is released from it. The bomb strikes the ground at point B. The distance AB is
1.    1200 m
2.    0.33 km
3.    3.33 km
4.    33 km
Answer: 3

Question 12: On a stationary sail boat, air is blown from a fan attached to the boat. The boat
1.    moves in opposite direction in which the air is blown
2.    does not move
3.    moves in the same direction in which air blows
4.    spins around
Answer: 2

Question 13: The National Chemical Laboratory is situated in
1.    New Delhi
2.    Bangalore
3.    Pune
4.    Patna
Answer: 3

Question 14: The major constituent of air is
1.    nitrogen
2.    carbon dioxide
3.    oxygen
4.    hydrogen
Answer: 1

Question 15: Pine, fir, spruce, cedar, larch and cypress are the famous timber-yielding plants of which several also occur widely in the hilly regions of India. All these belong to
1.    angiosperms
2.    gymnosperms
3.    monocotyledons
4.    dicotyledons
Answer: 2

Question 16: Photosynthesis generally takes place in which parts of the plant?
1.    Leaf and other chloroplast bearing parts
2.    stem and leaf
3.    Roots and chloroplast bearing parts
4.    Bark and leaf
Answer: 1

Question 17: Which of the following is a non metal that remains liquid at room temperature?
1.    Phosphorous
2.    Bromine
3.    Chlorine
4.    Helium
Answer: 2

Question 18: Mechanical impedance is the ratio of
1.    rms force to rms velocity
2.    rms force to rms displacement
3.    rms velocity to rms displacement
4.    none of the above
Answer: 1

Question 19: Which of the following statements should be used to obtain a remainder after dividing 3.14 by 2.1 ?
1.    rem = 3.14 % 2.1;
2.    rem = modf(3.14, 2.1);
3.    rem = fmod(3.14, 2.1);
4.    Remainder cannot be obtained in floating point division.
Answer: 3

Question 20: What are the types of linkages?
1.    Internal and External
2.    External, Internal and None
3.    External and None
4.    Internal
Answer: 2

How to download 1st PUC Previous Year Question Papers?
  • Firstly candidates have to visit the official website that is www.pue.kar.nic.in to download the  Karnataka Board 1st PUC Previous Years Question Papers
  • Now find the link as ‘National Core Curriculum - Model Question Paper for Ist &IInd PUC’ and hit the link.
  • Select the Chapter wise 1st PUC Question Papers PCMB.
  • A PDF file will open on your computer screen within a minute.
  • Download 1st PUC Model Paper on your desktop or take print out of 1st PUC Question Papers and prepare accordingly.

Must Know About It:

The National Core Curriculum has previously been permitted by 13 State Boards of Higher Secondary Education and two National Boards of education that is Central Board o f Secondary Education and ICSE. The department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka is accepting the syllabus along with NCERT textbooks. Pre –University Program sets the base for an applicant for Higher Learning.

It is a connection for candidates to move across from what he/she is to what he/she needs to be. The Karnataka Government has allowed the Department of Pre-University Education to accept the Textbooks, Exemplars (Workbooks) and Lab Manuals prepared by NCERT based on this National Core Curriculum.

Prescribed Textbooks are the NCERT Books for 1st PUC:

·         Physics-Part I&II, Exemplar Problems and Lab Manual
·         Chemistry-Part I&II Text Book, Exemplar Problems, Lab Manual.
·         Mathematics –Text Book, Exemplar Problems
·         Biology –Text book, Exemplar Problems, Lab Manual.

Final Words:

Candidates may visit our web portal that is www.privatejobshub.in time to time to get more updates regarding 1st PUC Question Papers 2018. You may join us on Facebook and Google Plus to get more details on your timeline.

If you have any query regarding 1st PUC Question Papers you may leave comment in comment box which is provided below. Candidates are requested to subscribe free email service of our web portal for getting latest information about 1st PUC Question Papers.

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