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Compare Colleges In India – How to Choose Best College? Instructions


Compare Colleges in India

Increasing rush for taking admission to higher education is forcing institutions to attract students by offering them lots of facilities in terms of quality education and placements. So it becomes essential to Compare Colleges in India to get into the best one. Here,step by step Instructions are discussed to let you know How to Choose Best College.

While comparing colleges for admission, you do not need to rank a long list of colleges. Instead, you need to get started early and go through the college websites thoroughly and accordingly relate your academic goals and personal growth to the information you got from the websites.

Compare Colleges in India


1) Courses and majors available: One should spend some time in looking at the different kinds of majors provided by the college. You should also keep a check on the main curriculum of the institution, whether you can opt for a combination of majors and other minors and an exposure to practical knowledge.

2) Campus capacity and lifestyle: Yes, the campus size and lifestyle are important factors while comparing the colleges. Generally, large colleges provide a wide range of resources which includes major courses, combinations of majors and minors, research facilities, teaching staff, entertainment, campus atmosphere, and many more.

Some students grasp and learn better in smaller classes, on the other hand, a large academic environment offers a wide range of diversity and brings a lot of learning opportunities.

3) Location and weather: College is a great place for learning since it provides an exposure to new experiences, but a completely different environment can be very unpleasant. It will be very difficult to survive if you don’t like the locality and the environment of campus location. It depend on you whether you want to study in city limelights or need a silent and peaceful learning place.

4) College Reputation: The college rankings gave an idea about their level of excellence in the whole education department. Instead of the overall rankings, you must consider the reputation of that particular department of the major you choose. It will help you in comparing the colleges according to what suits you the best.

5) Consulting to Passouts: Consulting to former students (alumni groups) of the institutions will gave you a glimpse of the real image of the college. Accordingly, you can judge the college as per your career prospects and goals. If a college has successful alumni, it will reflect a positive image of the institution such that they will provide better job opportunities.

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6) Education Expenses: Last but not the least, the cost factor plays a vital role in choosing the best college for yourself. You have to keep a check on whether the educations expenses are affordable, in case any financial aid is offered to students or not. Generally, Private schools are more expensive than public colleges and state universities.


You may be stressed out in choosing the best college and so often it feels like an intimidating task in order to assure you make the right decision. Therefore, to aid you in this process, here are some common mistakes to be avoided before heading towards an institution:

1. Do not Hurry Up: It takes time and effort to find a right college for oneself. It is never a good idea to wait for the high time or just choosing a college randomly. Since the decision is to be made according to your aims and desires.

2. Don’t be a follower: Everyone wishes to follow his/her boyfriend, girlfriend and best friend from school to the college of their choice. At once, it seems like a good idea because you don’t want to lose them, but this is one of the most crucial points in your life, too. You must remember that you have to make the best decision for yourself and, you do not need to worry about your relationships. Strong relationships will outlast time and distance anyway.

3. The legacy attraction: You must have heard about the famous saying “Honor your father and mother then you will live a long full life.” But, it is not always necessary to follow the footsteps of your family members by only considering the colleges they went to. Since, it may not be in your best interest. It would be a great idea to go through the different available options and choose what suits you best.                                                                                                                                                          

4. Opposing your parent’s reviews: In contrast, only considering colleges your parents DON’T want you to go isn’t beneficial either. Sometimes, they have some good insight that may help you decide on what may be best for you. Don’t choose—or not choose—a college out of spite. This is sure to lead you down a path of regret. Choose a college based on what you want, not based on what someone else doesn’t.

5. The Entertainment lover: You all admire to start the college life with a bang but we must not forget the career building aspects at the same time. In addition to party and entertainment, the college must provide a healthy learning environment.

6. Physical Appearance: It will be senseless to judge an institution by the look of the physical appearance of its students. You do not need to consider these types of factors in order to choose a college of your choice.

7. Negative perception about yourself: The fear of rejection limits you to not apply to certain schools since you have developed a negative perception about yourself that you do not have the potential to survive there. It may have a direct impact on your future. Never underrate yourself since a bright future awaits you.

8. Location of the institution: Some students wish to stay in their hometown while others want to relocate themselves at far places. But one must not solely depend upon this factor while opting for higher education. It should be one of those factors that decides the best college for you but not the only one.

9. Affordable fee structure: One cannot neglect the cost factor at the time of admission but also considering the cost as the only factor doesn’t help either. Yes, cost is a major factor but you need to consider other important factors as well. On the other hand, students who need financial aids for education like scholarships cannot avoid the cost factor completely.

10. Relying on others’ experiences: What may be good for someone else might not go well for you and the converse is also true. Different people can have different experiences with the same thing. One person’s ideal college could be another’s imperfect match. Therefore, you should not rely on what others say about the institution, you should yourself visit the college and have your own experience and then rate it.

11. Top rank attraction: Who doesn’t wish to study in a top ranked school or institution? This is not always necessary that it is your ideal school. Students often have this misconception that the more difficult the entrance process the more will be the quality of the education in that particular institution. Sometimes you need smaller classes and more one-on-one interaction to develop in a learning environment.

12. Relying on parents: Leaving it to your parents to decide the right college for you or restricted by the parents’ choice is not a good option either.You need to assess yourself about what are your expectations from the college. After all, you are the one attending the school.

13. Passion for certain field/institution: Many students wish to follow their childhood dreams to study in their ideal college to become a doctor, engineer, businessman, actor, etc. Thus, they become obsessed to a particular field or particular college thereby neglecting all the other available options which is a big mistake.Yes, one can opt for their ideal school but always remember to the other options too.Maybe you can find a better option for yourself.

So, the points mentioned above are brought to you after analyzing the experience of some brilliant people who took the best decisions on time. If you follow these techniques, you may go on the right path. Guys, if you still have any confusion while choosing the best institution for you or you have any kind of query still striking in your inner soul, you can leave your comment below.

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