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IBPS PO 2015 Common Interview Questions Details and Process

IBPS PO 2015

Aspirants, who are going to appear in IBPS PO 2015 Entrance Exam, may get all details and process of Common Interview Questions that are frequently asked in the examination. On this page we are providing interview questions which will help the applicants to crack interview session of IBPS PO.

To crack the interview, one must need proper planning and preparation. The time duration of IBPS PO Interview is maximum 15 minutes. Interviewee need to give all the answers carefully to get recruited in the Bank.

Candidates need to prepare all the questions and answers related to this for attaining success. You can now get complete details on IBPS PO 2015 such as common questions that are asked in the bank exam, which is provided below in the page of privatejobshub.

IBPS PO 2015 Common Interview Questions

Ques 1. Tell me about yourself/ Introduce Yourself?

Ans1. It is a common question that is asked in almost all type of interviews by interviewers. If they ask about you then they need to know about your background, family information and qualification details.

You must need to mention the following points while giving answer:
  • Personal Information
  • Educational Qualification
  • Work Experience (if any)
  • Extracurricular activities etc.
IBPS PO 2015 Common Interview Questions

Ques 2. Question based on your family?

Ans2. By this question, they want to know about your family members like your brother sisters, or father’s/mother occupation.

Ques 3. Describe your hobbies and extra activities?

Ans3. Tell your hobbies and extracurricular activities without being nervous. So give the answer in straight manner.

Ques 4. Question related to General Awareness?

Ans4. To test the knowledge of contenders, interview panel mostly asked recent GK Questions. So, applicants need to prepare themselves and give correct answers.

Ques 5. Questions to judge your personality?

Ans5. Questions like why are you leaving your recent job? Why do you want to join bank etc are asked for the experienced candidates to judge the personality. Give the answer in smart way.

Ques 6. What do you know about the banking sector?

Ans6. With the help of this question interviewers want to test your knowledge in banking sector.  For this, you need to prepare well for bank interview questions. Below are some bank questions:

Ques 7. What is the difference b/w private or govt. banks?

Ans7. The difference between private or govt. banks are Govt. bank has a minimum 51% scheme in bank and controlled by the Government of India where as Private bank does not have any opportunity and controlled by the private individuals and both banks should follow the same laws.                                                         
Ques 8. What is fixed deposit?

Ans8: A term fixed deposit is an economic instrument offered by banks which gives investors with a high rate of interest than a normal savings account, until the provided maturity date. It can or cannot need the creation of a separate account.

Ques 9. What is the difference between credit and debit card?

Ans9. Debit Card: It can be useful when you are going to purchase something and by using this, amount of money will be deducted from your current account - from funds that you already have available.

Credit Card: It run up an amount that you will owe in the future, a balance that you will be necessary to pay back at a afterward date.

Ques 10. What is Net Banking and what are its uses?

Ans10. The term net banking is refer to as a online banking that can be used to make the transactions electronically. Its major use to sale and purchase the things electronically by using the online system.

Ques 11. What is CRR?

Ans11: The Acronym of CRR is Cash Reserve Ratio. It is a specific minimum fraction of the total deposits of customers, which commercial banks have to hold as reserves with the central bank.

Ques 12. What is exchange rate?

Ans12: The meaning of exchange rate is to change the value of one currency for the purpose of conversion to another. 

Ques 13. What is CBS?

Ans13: CBS stands for Core Banking Solution and it is a network of branches, which allows Customers to manage their accounts, and gain the benefit of banking services from any branch of the Bank on CBS network. The customer is no more the customer of a Branch because he becomes the Bank's Customer.

Ques 14. What is amount and interest rate?

Ans14: The term amount is too treated as a quantity of something like money. The Term interest rate is a proportion of a loan that is charged as interest to the borrower, typically expressed as an annual percentage of the loan outstanding.

Ques 15. What is the difference between current account and savings?

Ans15: Current Account is generally created for industry purposes and banks pay no interest on the balances held therein and Savings Bank account is one in which little investments can be done and earn small amount of interest.

IBPS PO 2015 Interview Process

Candidates who will successfully qualify the merit list of IBPS PO Exam will be called for interview process. Before going through interview, one needs to go for document verification process. The time duration of IBPS PO Interview is maximum 15 minutes.

IBPS PO 2015 Common Interview Questions

To help our visitors get an idea of the interview questions asked in IBPS PO Interview, we have made a complete article which contains some common Interview questions for IBPS PO 2015. You can check the same from below.

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