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ONGC Previous Year Papers (Electrical/Chemistry/Finance) Sample Paper PDF


ONGC Previous Year Papers

ONGC Previous Year Papers: The ONGC Previous Year Papers for Electrical, Chemistry, and Finance is available here to Download: If applicants want to do job in Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, they need to qualify the written exam first. For this concern applicants need Previous Year Question Papers of ONGC for better preparation of exam. So, applicants you can easily understand what to prepare for the exam with the help of ONGC Sample Paper. Download free ONGC Previous Year Papers PDF from here.  

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation conducts recruitment exam for selection to various Posts such as Junior Engineer, Accountant, Manager, Supervisors etc. By solving the ONGC Previous Year Papers, you will come to know what type of questions will be constantly asked. For getting more details regarding ONGC Previous Year Question Papers, you need to go through the below section of this page which is well prepared by team of www.privatejobshub.in

ONGC Previous Year Papers

ONGC Previous Year Papers Question with Answers

ONGC Previous Year Papers for Electrical

Question 01: The voltages in Problem 5 are measured at a certain frequency. To make the resistor voltage less than the inductor voltage, the frequency is

1.    increased
2.    decreased
3.    doubled
4.    not a factor

Answer: 1

Question 02: The number of microamperes in 2 milliamperes is

1.    2 µA
2.    20 µA
3.    200 µA
4.    2,000 µA

Answer: 4

Question 03: The number of millivolts in 0.06 kilovolts is

1.    600 V
2.    6,000 mV
3.    60,000 mV
4.    600,000 mV

Answer: 3

Question 04: When converting 7,000 nA to microamperes, the result is

1.    0.007 µA
2.    0.7 µA
3.    700 µA
4.    7 µA

Answer: 4

Question 05: Eighteen thousand watts is the same as

1.    18 mW
2.    18 MW
3.    18 kW
4.    18 µW

Answer: 3

ONGC Previous Year Papers for Finance

Question 1: Which method does not consider the time value of money

1.    Net present value
2.    Internal Rate of Return
3.    Average rate of return
4.    Profitability Index

Answer: 3

Question 2: Which method of capital budgeting called benefit cost ratio?

1.    Payback period method
2.    Netpresent value method
3.    Payout period method
4.    Profitability Index method

Answer: 4

Question 3: The formula used to calculate current ratio is

1.    Current assets / Current liabilities
2.    Current liabilities / Current assets
3.    Inventory / Current liabilities
4.    Current liabilities / Inventory

Answer: 1

Question 4: The symptom of large inventory accumulation in anticipation of price rise in future will be indicated by

1.    Asset turnover ratio
2.    Working Capital turnover ratio
3.    Inventory turnover ratio
4.    All of the above

Answer: 3

Question 5: The comparison of financial data of same time period of different organisations engaged in similar business.

1.    Time series analysis
2.    Cross-sectional analysis
3.    Spatial data analysis
4.    None of the above

Answer: 2

ONGC Previous Year Papers for Chemistry

Question 1: The most electronegative element among the following is

1.    sodium
2.    bromine
3.    fluorine
4.    oxygen

Answer: 3

Question 2: The metallurgical process in which a metal is obtained in a fused state is called

1.    smelting
2.    roasting
3.    calcinations
4.    froth floatation

Answer: 1

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Question 3: The gas used in the manufacture of vanaspati from vegetable oil is

1.    hydrogen
2.    oxygen
3.    nitrogen
4.    carbon dioxide

Answer: 1

Question 4: The graphite rods in the nuclear reactor

1.    react with U to release energy
2.    produce neutrons
3.    undergo combustion which triggers the nuclear fission
4.    convert fast moving neutrons into thermal neutrons

Answer: 4

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Question 5: The first metal used by man was

1.    iron
2.    copper
3.    gold
4.    bronze

Answer: 2

ONGC Previous Year Papers for Civil

Question 1: Lacquer paints

1.    are generally applied on structural steel
2.    are less durable as compared to enamel paints
3.    consist of resin and nitro-cellulose
4.    contain alcohol as thinner
5.    all the above.

Answer: 5

Question 2: In case of Raymond pile

1.    lengths vary from 6 m to 12 m
2.    diameter of top of piles varies from 40 cm to 60 cm
3.    diameter of pile at bottom varies from 20 cm to 28 cm
4.    thickness of outer shell depends upon pile diameter
5.    all the above.

Answer: 5

Question 3: An ideal vertical curve to join two gradients, is

1.    circular
2.    parabolic
3.    elliptical
4.    hyperbolic
5.    none of these.

Answer: 2

Question 4: Pick up the correct statement from the following:

1.    the eyepiece plays no part in defining the line of sight
2.    the diaphragm plays no part in defining the line of sight
3.    the optical centre of the objective plays no part in defining the line of sight
4.    none of these.

Answer: 1

Question 5: The forces which meet at one point and have their lines of action in different planes are called

1.    coplaner non-concurrent forces
2.    non-coplaner concurrent forces
3.    non-coplaner non-current forces
4.    intersecting forces
5.    none of these.

Answer: 2

ONGC Placement Papers Pattern
  • The written exam conducted by Oil and Natural Gas Corporation for selection is moderate.
  • The exam has around 65 questions from Aptitude and Technical sections with a total time allotment of 180 minutes
  • Aptitude section (around 15 questions) consists of questions based on Mathematics, General Awareness, Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Logical Puzzles, Graphs, Charts, Tables, etc.
  • Technical section (around 15 questions) consists of question from core subjects such as mechanical, electrical and electronics.
  • The Numerical Ability section carries no negative marking whereas the rest of the paper has 0.33 negative marking.

Final Words:

If applicants have any query regarding ONGC Question Papers, tehn drop the comment in comment box which is provided below. Stay tuned with us (www.privatejobshub.in) for more updated news or regarding Previous Year Papers of ONGC. Applicants are requested to subscribe free email service for getting latest information about ONGC Model Papers / ONGC Previous Year Papers.

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  1. i am appearing for ongc junior accounts specialist job please provide me sample papers

  2. i am appearing for ongc junior accounts specialist job please provide me sample papers


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