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KERALA PSC Previous Question Papers | Free Available!! Sample Papers


KERALA PSC Previous Question Papers

Available Free PDF Here! Hit to download KERALA PSC Previous Question Papers: Kerala Public Service Commission is going to conduct recruitment exam for selection to various Posts. Candidates who are going to prepare for the exam they may get the KERALA PSC Sample Papers from this page. You may also download the question paper from official site through online mode. KERALA PSC Model Question Papers are very helpful for our preparation towards the written test. 
KERALA PSC Previous Question Papers
So, that all candidates are suggested to download old question papers and use them as part of study material which will help you to get success in exam. Kerala Public Service Commission conducts examination for the recruitment of various posts such as lower division clerk, assistant electrical inspector, lecturer, and junior instructor etc. in various government departments of Kerala. Check the below section of privatejobshub.in for more details about KERALA PSC Previous Question Papers.

KERALA PSC Previous Question Papers

Posts Name
Previous Question Papers
Laboratory Assistant Dairy /CFP
Field Assistant
Block Development Officer
Computer Assistant Grade II
Technical Supervisors
Scientific Assistant
Pump Operator / Plumber
Lift Operator

KERALA PSC Sample Papers 

Sample Questions & Answers:

Q1.  491109 – 62835 = 5014 + ?

a)    423250
b)    424250
c)    423260
d)    424260
e)    None of these
Answer: (b)

Q2. Ramesh and Neelesh start walking to meet one another from places 25 kms apart. If Ramesh walks at the rate of 2 kms an hour and Neelesh at 3 kms an hour, how many hours will it be before they meet?

a)    4 hrs 20 mnts
b)    5 hrs
c)    10 hrs
d)    12 hrs 30 mnts
e)    None of these
Answer:  (a)

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Q3.  44% of 88 – 8% of 305 = ?
(a)  63.12
(b)  14.00
(c)  34.4
(d)  14.32
(e)  None of these
Answer: (c)

Q4.  (? ×10) – 93 = 927

(a)  101
(b)  100
(c)  103
(d)  99
(e)  None of these
Answer: (a)

Q5.  If nine dinner plates cost Rs. 1,174/-, what is the approximate cost of a single plate?

(a)  Rs. 125/-
(b)  Rs. 135/-
(c)  Rs. 120/-
(d)  Rs. 130/-
(e)  None of these
Answer: (e)

Q6. 9% of 50 + 8% of 24 – ? = 5.4

(a)  18.3
(b)  1.83
(c)  1.02
(d)  10.2
(e)  None of these
Answer: (a)

Preparation Material

Q7. In democracy, the soverignty or the superior power lies in the hands of :

(a)  The Government
(b)  The Ministers
(c)  The Legislature
(d)  The people
Answer: (d)

Q8. Arjuna award is associated with:

(a)  Social work
(b)  Sports and games
(c)  Literature
(d)  Politics
Answer: (b)

Q9. No taxation without representation is a well -known slogan associated with the :

(a)  British Civil war
(b)  American War of Independence
(c)  Indian National Movment
(d)  French Revolution
Answer: (b)

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Q10. Long sightedness is rectified by using :

(a)  Concave lens
(b)  Plain glass
(c)  Convex lens
(d)  Cylindrical lens
Answer: (c)

Q11. The region of Kerala where evergreen forests are seen ?

(a)  Silant Vally
(b)  Nelliyampathy
(c)  Waynad
(d)  Munnar
Answer: (a)

Q12. Which of the following tax is not a subject of a local self government ?
(a)  Property tax
(b)  Sales tax
(c)  Profession tax
(d)  Entertainment tax
Answer: (b)

PSC Updates

Q13.  Which statement proves the arithmetical accuracy of ledger accounts ?

(a)  Balance Sheet
(b)  Profit and Loss Account
(c)  Trial Balance
(d)  Fund flow statement
Answer: (c)

Q14. Select the sentence or part of a sentence which is grammatically correct from the given alternatives.

(a)  He used to visit us every week but he is rarely coming duty.
(b)  He used to visit us every week but he is rarely comes now
(c)  He used to visit us every week by he has rarely come now
(d)  None of these
Answer: (d)

Q15. The police arrested him. Change the voice

(a)  The Police have arrested him
(b)  He is being arrested by Police
(c)  He was arrested by the Police
(d)  He has been arrested by the Police
Answer: (c)

Q16. The State of Kerala was formed on :
a)    1 December 1957
b)    1 November 1956
c)    1 November 1954
d)    1 October 1951
Answer: (b)

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Q17.   We have been living here......ten years.
a)    since
b)    around
c)    for
d)    during
Answer: (c)

Q18. Which of the following tax is not a subject of a local self government?
a)    Property tax
b)    Sales tax
c)    Profession tax
d)    Entertainment tax
Answer: (b)
Q19. Who is considered as the Father of Modern Psychology ?
a)    Sigmund Freud
b)    Frank Parson
c)    Hollingworth
d)    Truman Kelley
Answer: (a)

Q20.   Average of three numbers is 12. If two numbers are 8 and 15 then the third number is:
a)    11.5
b)    15
c)    13
d)    16
Answer: (c)

Kerala PSC Updates

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