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IAS Preparation Tips - How to Prepare for UPSC IAS Exams without Coaching


IAS Preparation Tips

Are you preparing for IAS Exams……? Then don’t get scared from UPSC IAS Exams…… we are providing some IAS Preparation Tips for better preparation of your exams. Indian Administrative Service exam is conducted by UPSC in different phases. Today’s world everyone depend on coaching classes for preparation of their exams. But on this page we are discussing that How to Prepare for UPSC IAS Exams without Coaching classes which will beneficial for you all.
IAS Preparation Tips
As to crack the Indian Administrative Service Exams is not an easy task one has to work very hard. But on this page we are going to provide some IAS Preparation Tips by which you can prepare for exams without taking coaching classes.

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Union public service commission conducts Indian Administrative Service exam in various phases like Prelims and Main exam. IAS examination is one of the most typical exams in India. But nothing can be impossible in this world. To crack an IAS is depends on you and your hard work. We are providing preparation plan and IAS Preparation Tips and for your prelims and mains exams. If you follow complete info you will not need any coaching classes for your Indian Administrative Service Exams preparation.

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How to Prepare for UPSC IAS Exams without Coaching

So are you prepare your schedule or not….if not then plan it as per the tips given below and get success in civil services exams without coaching classes. So focus on complete IAS preparation Tips but before know the tips you should be firstly aware about the IAS exam pattern (prelims, mains, and interview) step-by-step and to get focus on these studies; so here is the exam pattern …….have a look…

Exam Pattern:
  • 1. Preliminary Examinations
  • 2. Mains Examinations
Scheme of CS (Preliminary) Examination:
  • The Preliminary Examination consists of two papers of objective type (multiple-choice questions) carrying a maximum of 400 marks.
  • The Question Papers (Test Booklets) are set in English as well as in Hindi.
General Studies Paper – I
200 Marks
General Studies Paper – II
200 Marks

IAS Exam Pattern: Get Details

Scheme of CS (Main) Examination:

One of the Indian Languages to be selected by the candidate from the 18 languages included in the VIIIth Schedule to the Constitution (Qualifying Paper)
300 Marks
English (Qualifying Paper)
300 Marks
200 Marks
Papers IV & V
General Studies (300 Marks for each paper)
600 Marks
Papers VI, VII, VIII & IX
Any two subjects (each having 2 papers) to be selected from the prescribed optional subjects (300 marks for each paper)
1200 Marks
Total Marks for Written Examination
2000 Marks
Interview Test
300 Marks
Grand Total
2300 Marks

IAS Syllabus: Complete Details

Subject wise IAS Preparation tips:

In above section you can get info about that subjects which are covered in prelims and mains exams. Now we are providing some IAS Preparation Tips for you all. You need to focus on every subject because every subject is equally important. In coaching classes also give a schedule according to subjects. If you are follow these steps which are mentioned below you not need of any caching classes. So here we are discussing some IAS preparation tips for different subjects which are asked in prelims and mains exams.

General Studies:

A stress is given to general studies and their topics. This subject is should be covered in both exams. In this various topics you have to be covered.
  • Current events of national and international importance
  • History of India and Indian national movement
  • Indian and World Geography
  • Indian Polity and governance
  • Economic and social development
  • General issues on environmental ecology
  • General science
For preparation of these subjects you need to read Hindu/Indian Express newspaper so you can connect with all the happenings around in the world. You can refer NCERT books, Indian polity, Pratiyogita Darpan, Different magazines etc. Through follow these guidelines all your topics would be covered.

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Indian Language:

The language which is to be chosen by you will be properly known by you all. All basics of that language should be learning to you. You need to daily practice for that language so that all basics should be kept in your mind.


Under English subject various topics are been covered like comprehensions, Precis Writing, Usage and Vocabulary, Short Essay. You need to prepare all topics which are covered in this subject. All topics you can cover easily if you use sample papers, dictionary etc. You can enhance your Vocabulary skills if you daily use of English with anyone. This will help you to develop your skills. In English you need to also focus on grammar, sentences, spelling mistakes etc.

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For this subject you need to prepare some tips and strategies so that you can write a good essay in examination. Here are some tips for this subject.
  • Try to write a few essays in full during your preparation time and think that you are in examination hall.
  • Familiarize yourself with previous essays asked by UPSC in previous papers so that you will have a clear picture about the type and standard of questions to be expected.
  • Avoid long-windedness and flowery language. Use a simple style instead.
  • Read some important topics for essay so that you can easily write an essay on any topic.
  • Give concentrate on various topics like politics, entertainment, current affairs etc. because these topics are generally asked in exam.
Optional Subjects:

These are the subjects covered in mains exams. The subject which you are chose you need to know all basics of that subjects so that you can prepare well. You need to clear all fundamentals, basics of that subject so that you can easily clear that subject.

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List of Optional Subjects:
  • Management      
  • Animal Husbandry & Vetinary Science
  • Mathematics
  • Anthropology
  • Mechanical Engineering  
  • Botany
  • Medical Science  
  • Chemistry
  • Philosophy
  • Civil Engineering
  • Physics    
  • Commerce & Accountancy
  • Political Science & International Relations        
  • Economics
  • Psychology        
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Public Administration     
  • Geography
  • Sociology 
  • Geology
  • Statistics  
  • Indian History
  • Zoology
  • Law
Literature of any one of the following languages:
  • Gujarati   
  • Arabic
  • Sanskrit   
  • Assamese
  • Sindhi      
  • Bengali
  • Tamil      
  • Chinese
  • Telugu
  • English
  • Urdu       
  • French
  • Manipuri  
  • German
  • Nepali     
  • Hindi
  • Oriya      
  • Kannada
  • Pali
  • Kashmiri
  • Persian    
  • Konkani
  • Punjabi    
  • Marathi
  • Russian   
  • Malayalam
  • Agriculture
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Some Important IAS Preparation Tips for UPSC Exams:

Here we are providing some other tips which you have to remember while preparing for IAS exams.
  • Applicants need to plan their schedule.
  • Newspaper reading habit and planned preparation help us in long term. Candidates must have an effective time management to clear nationwide competitive exams like general and civil services.
  • General knowledge is the most important in all subjects. Make your general knowledge very strong by reading news papers, magazines, Pratiyogita Darpan etc.
  • Keep control on your strong points and keep on improve them and at the same time, work on your problem areas also.
  • Watch the educational channel, news channel, geographic channels for gain more knowledge.
  • Importance of language practice, improve your communication skills, be prepare for interview.
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Some Myths about UPSC IAS Exam Preparation – Truths

Here are some myths which are generally think every candidates. We should clear your thoughts regarding UPSC IAS Exams.
1) Everyone says IAS is the mother of all exams. This is right or wrong?
This is wrong. This is just another exam. The mother of all exams is Life. You can afford to fail in IAS, but not in Life. So, take IAS preparation as a phase in Life, not as your Life.
2) Candidates say IAS is not for faint-hearted. May really is it?
If you think you are faint-hearted, better start preparing for IAS soon. It makes you stone- hearted.
3) One topper in an interview told that she studied 20 hours every day….Really this is true?
May be she suffered from insomnia. On a serious note, good sleep is very necessary to prepare well for this exam. It keeps you in good health don’t study beyond 14 hours unless you suffer from Insomnia.
4) Now you are saying 14 Hours! Are you Serious?
Every day at least 8 hours of planned study is required. If you can study more than that, it is well and good. But please ensure that you also get 6-8 hours of sound sleep. Otherwise you will not prepare well.
5) My English is not so good? They say I can’t do….?

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You can do it….Now you have figured out the problem that your English is poor. Work on it. All you need is Basic English. Moreover, you can write this exam and give the interview in your mother-tongue. You can take the help of dictionary. You can buy a grammar book to check your English… read English newspaper….. Write articles in English this will help you to improve your English skills.

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On above section of this page we are providing some IAS preparation Tips so that you can follow those tips to crack IAS exam. For IAS exam preparation, you should know the complete exam pattern and syllabus so that you can prepare well for your exams. You can check previous year’s questions on regularly basis and check your speed. You need to daily practice of all subjects and manage your time. Hope the information which we are providing in above section will beneficial for you all. All the best….to all candidates………


  1. 6 months are possible to win in IAS exam.Because,this is first time for me.

    1. Hii RAMYA RAMASAMY...
      Yes, it is possible if you study with full dedication. We are also providing the IAS Preparation Tips, please read this. These tips will help you a lot in preparation. Check the below linked text.
      IAS Preparation Tips


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