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Powerful Techniques to Double Your Score | In Exam, Get First Rank Tips

Powerful Techniques to Double Your Score

Powerful Techniques to Double Your Score

We are here with Powerful Techniques to Double Your Score that will really shock you. You may be getting a mixture of useful and desecrate information regarding the tricks to get good marks in exams on the internet. It’s good to be concerned more about test or examination but sometimes the fear and excessive worry makes the behavior of the aspirants dull and at the end the result is not in favour of the candidate. If you want to get first rank in exam then it is compulsory for you to make a schedule and prepare all the important topics on time.

For achieving a great success in any exam, a contender must have the potential to do hard work and have dedication about studies. For well preparation, candidates can solve the previous year questions paper and sample papers. During the time of exams, students get puzzle and confuse and forget what they have learnt instead of this they need to concentrate on high scoring topics and try to practicing it daily. So stay in link with this web page of www.privatejobshub.in as our team will help you to boost up your speed and efficiency to score maximum in the exam and get top rank.

Important techniques to score good marks

If you want to complete your exam on time and to score good marks then you should keep 2 things in your mind i.e. be confident and focus on important questions. Some Powerful Techniques to Double Your Score are given below, take a look:
  • Present answers with subheadings:
  • Make subheadings for the long answers, use proper heading which relates to your answer.
  • Try to write your answers into relevant paragraphs because it looks neat and attractive.
  • Use at least 4-5 subheadings for one answer so that your answer covers all the information.
  • If you were unable to make subheadings for any particular answer then its fine, don’t waste your time and move to the other one.

Use Pencils & Highlighters liberally:
  • Highlights the important points and subheadings by pencils or use highlighters. So that it shallleave a good impression on checker.
  • Don’t overuse the highlighter because by doing it so your answer sheet will look like a drawing sheet.
  • Explain your answer in a visual and catchy way and for this you can draw tables and diagrams.
  • A diagram shows the creativity and is equal to 100 words. So try to make an attractive diagram or flow chart if possible.

Attempt the high scoring questions first:
  • Try to attempt the questions first which are high scoring so that you will cover all the important questions on time.
  • Some candidates take too much time while solving the short questions and at the end they don’t have enough time left to attempt the long questions.
  • Don’t leave your answer incomplete, if you are confused and struck on a particular question then left proper space for it and complete it after sometime.

Fill as many pages as possible:
  • Give proper space between words and paragraphs. Don’t attach two words because it will change the whole meaning of the line.
  • Leave some space at left and right sides of the page, as it look attractive and clean.
  • Mark lines at the right side of the page for doing calculations and some rough work.
  • Leave at least a line after an answer and 2 lines at the end of the page.
  • Try to fill as many pages as possible with correct answers because it will increase your marks.
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Dear students!! Use these tricks at the time of exam, these Powerful Techniques will surely help to double your score. Be away from stress, give your time to studies and play some outdoor games.This will increase your concentration level and your memory sharpness.

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