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Career in Computer Networking | Growth & Opportunities in Networking


Career in Computer Networking

Career in Computer Networking: Many seekers realize that computer networking is a field as a career. It is a wonderful field to choose for a student.Some people claims that there is a shortage of qualified candidates to fulfill the requirement of networking as a career but some also view networking makes a path for a growing future.

Career in Computer Networking
For a growth in a network field one should have a proper knowledge about networking. It involves mostly hard work and competition for high quality positions. Seekers can build their career by continue reading.

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Salary expectation in computer networking depends upon their qualification, Experience, Local market condition, hiring process and so on.

Needless say, early person has lack of experience in their field but they had joined with that organization. Many employees do not expect depth knowledge regarding networking of all areas to candidates for job posting so the person should remain stay for long time.

Career in Computer Networking

Few words about job title

There are several types of job opportunities exist under the computer networking. Each job varies with their title and salary packages. Some seekers don’t know about the job title.

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There are few job titles in computer networking:

Network Administrator

Network administrators manage all responsible work for an organisation i.e. installation, troubleshooting problems, analysis and all daily activities. Administrator seeks all problems related to networking.

Network Technicians

Network technicians manage all technical problems regarding hardware problem, line blur, software product and repair of all specific hardware.

Network Engineer

Network engineer is little differ from administrator. Some companies not differentiate between administrator or engineer. They give the same designation of engineer to administrator. Network engineer focuses only in evaluating vendor product, system testing and so on.

Network Programmers

Network programmers generally write scripts or programming software that use in network analysis such as diagnostic and monitoring utilities. Programmers makes new software product as per the company requirement which exist in network environment.   

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Network Managers

A network manager manages all kind of work which is done under the administrator, Technician, Engineer and Programmer. They supervise the work under them.

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