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How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills - 10 Boosting Tactics & Strategies


How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

To make vocabulary attractive, reading comprehension is the one of the most effective tool. To become mastered in English, one must think about How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills. As good reading skills are comes only with practice. So here presenting 10 Boosting Tactics & Strategies which will definitely help you to make your practice better and you will found your vocabulary efficient and appealing.

The basic concept of Good reading comprehension is word recognition, phonetics and fluency. If you have worked on these three aspects then you easily earn better grades during examinations, interview, debate etc. The following Reading Comprehension tips will enhance your ability to understand difficult topics and improve your reading comprehension as well.

How to Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

Boosting Tactics & Strategies To Improve Reading Comprehension Skills

Regular and constant practice will increase your reading efficiency. Some people read very fast but there is no use of it because they don’t understand the meaning of that piece of reading. It is not a mechanical activity it generates by practice.
  • Improve Reading Comprehension With Pre-Reading Tasks
  • Improve Your Reading Comprehension by Researching the Topic
  • Learn New Vocabulary Words to Improve Reading Comprehension
  • Improve Your Understanding by Reflecting on the Material and Asking Questions
  • Improve Your Understanding by Reflecting on the Material and Asking Questions
  • Test Yourself to Determine How Well You've Learned the Material
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Ways To Improve Reading Improvement

Reading Comprehension skill test is not complex, but it depends on trick. As idiom says practice makes a man perfect, so to become mastered in the Comprehension you need to do practice and practice. You need to work on word recognition, phonetics and fluency as it comes under the basic aspects of the reading comprehension.

Read Article According To The Taste

If you read article or novel according to your interest, then you will found that you are convolve with each and every word written on it and this leads to read more curiously. The words carve in the article will be alive automatically, and you will be motivated to understand it. The more you read, the better your performance will be. All you need get started and it will become a habit, but the condition is that, you are interested in what you are reading.

Comprehend Easy But Challenging Material

To enhance the comprehension skills, you need to comprehend the easy piece of writing according to level but that piece of writing should be little challenging. Challenging articles will helps us to take stern content that makes our vocabulary more precise and reaches us on a new level of reading.

Learn To Read In Depth, Stay On The Same Subject For A While

If you have some idea about the article you are reading, then you can understand the things better.  Try to read novels and books. Avoid reading short articles. Try to stay on one author and if it’s possible try to read a few different books on same articles about the same subject.  By doing this activity, you will meet various ideas which helps you to learn in different ways.

Try Listening Therapy

Try to read out loud while reading the book or article. You are also advised to listen the audio books or audio files of the article to clear your vocab. You can also enhance your reading comprehensive skills by watching English movies with their subtitles. This will help you to narrate difficult content more wisely.

Don’t Worry About What You Don’t Understand      
Most of your reading should be for pleasure. You can enjoy reading without understanding all of what you read. You may even understand some things in your own personal way. Neither you nor a teacher needs to “monitor” your understanding. Learn to enjoy reading, even while feeling that you do not fully understand or remember what you have read.

Reading Comprehension Strategies:

If we talk practically then the habit of reading everyday develop skills to understand the text. This method is a research-proven method which helps to make most effective strategies to enhance the comprehending skills.
  • Read Aloud
  • Stop and Ask Questions to Yourself As You Read
  • Talk With Someone Else About What Is Being Read
  • Look at the Headings and Other Information Before You Begin
  • Keep Paper Handy for Notes and Questions
  • Learn to Cluster Words
  • Use Graphic Organizers As You Read
  • Practice PQ4R
  • Stop and Summarize
  • Write Questions About the Material
  • Comprehension monitoring
  • Cooperative learning
  • Graphic organizers
  • Story structure
  • Question answering
  • Question generating
  • Summarization
  • Multiple Strategy
Speed is an important part in Reading comprehension. Most of the people reading slow approximately 150 to 200 words per minute but for effective reading require 800 to 1000 words per minutes with remembering.

How To Crack Reading Comprehension Test:

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There Are Some Important Questions For Comprehension:
  • The passage suggests that......
  • What is the central idea of this passage?
  • According to author what he want to say?
  • Passage is concerned with...
  • Which of the following is true statement?


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