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Magadh University Syllabus 2018 UPDATED B.Tech/BCA/BBA/MA UG & PG Courses PDF


Magadh University Syllabus

Magadh University Syllabus 2018: Aspirants who are going to appear in B.Tech/BCA/BBA/MA UG & PG Courses might be searching Magadh University Syllabus. So we are providing here complete and updated syllabus with the help of same, candidates can prepare well for the examination and can score good marks.  Also you can download the Magadh University Syllabus 2018 in PDF by visiting the official website of the university.

Candidates who are going to appear in upcoming B.Tech/BCA/BBA/MA UG & PG exams they must follow the topics in syllabus for obtaining good marks. To perform well in the University Examination, you need to do hard work. Candidates may get the Magadh University Syllabus 2018 from the beneath section of this page which is well created by the team of www.privatejobshub.in

Magadh University Syllabus

Syllabus of BCA-I

Paper I
Group I
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Computers
  • History of Computers
  • Computer Organization
  • Types of Printers
  • External Storage devices
  • Types of Computers
  • Data Representation
  • Computer Software
  • Processing Modes
  • Programming Concepts

Group II
  • Introduction to Computer Architecture
  • Introduction to Microprocessor and associated
  • components
  • Block diagram of IBM PC
  • Evolution of microprocessor
  • Introduction to 8086 & 8088 architecture
  • Functional description of various modules & cards
  • CISC & RISC technology
  • Boot process in IBM PCs System files
  • Disk Operating System
Group III
  • Programming Logic & Design Techniques:
  • Programming development
  • low-level programming language
  • high-level languages
  • Programming techniques
  • Programming tools
  • Introduction to programming in QBASIC structured
  • Programming
Paper II
Group I
  • Operating Systems
  • Introduction to various categories of Software
  • Operating system and its
  • Function
  • Various components of operating system with reference to
  • DOS, BIOS, BIOS and DOS interrupts
  • Single user operating system
  • Memory
  • Management
  • Device management
  • Multi tasking
  • File systems
  • File Management
Group II
  • Business Applications:
  • Database organization
  • Data base files
  • Types of files in
  • Database
  • File organization
Group III
  • Programming with foxpro:
  • Viewing and editing data
  • Foxpro indexing sorting and printing report,
  • Poxpro Memory variables, Keyboard Macros and Function
  • Programming and error debugging
  • Multiple data file and custom screens.

Magadh University Syllabus of BCA-II

Computer Networking
Introduction to the N/W, Network
Optical fiber
Types of channels
Switching Techniques

connectivity Dial-up
Interface concept
Internet Vs Intranet
E-mail protocols
Boolean Algebra
Rules and Theorems
De’Morgan Theorem
Half Adder
Duality Principal
Logical gates
Canonical equations

Structured Programming
Method of documentation
Methods of analyzing a program
Data flow diagrams
Overview of C
Data Types
Introduction & features of C
Structure of C Program
Operators and Expressions

Data Structure
Introduction to data structure
Stack and Queues
Concept of data structure
Introduction to stack & primitive
Abstract data Structure (ADT)
operation on stack
Analysis of Algorithm
Stack as an abstract data type
The concept of List
Multiple Stack
Computer Aided Drafting
Introduction to Auto CAD/Rrb.jCAD or similar package
Drawing plan of a building using AutoCAD etc
Advanced features of these packages
Analysis feature of AutoCAD.

Magadh University Syllabus 2018 of BCA-III

Programming in Visual Basic
Introduction to object oriented programming & C++
The Integrated Development Environment of
Visual Basic
Menu Bar
Tool Bar
Project Explorer
Tool Box
Classes and Objects
The Properties Window
Functions overloading  operator overloading
The Form Designer
Constructors & Destructors, Multiple inheritances
Immediate Window

Database Management System- I
Java Programming
Categorization of DBMS systems
View of Java Lang
Java Program Structure token
Hierarchical and   Relational database
Java virtual machine constant & variables
Application  of DBMS system
data types
Entity relationship charts
declaration of variables scope of variables
Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)
symbolic constants
Data Manipulation Language (DML) and Data
type casting
Control Language (DCL)
Database Management System- II
Advanced Topics in Computers
Relational Database advance concepts
Introduction to Computer animation
Introduction to ORACLE/ INGRESS
Artificial intelligence.
Structured Query Language (SQL)
Dedicated computers
Form design on an advanced RDBMS
Report generation
Data encryption
Query by example (QBE) and report by form
Data communication and networking

Magadh University BSC (IT) Syllabus of 1st year

Paper 1
Section -A (Fundamentals Of Information Technology)
Unit –I (Hardware)
  • Brief History of development of Computers
  • Computer System Concepts Features
  • Basic components of Computer Hardware, CPU, Memory & I/O Unit
  • CPU Organization
  • Memory Organization
  • I/O Organization
  • Mass Storage Organisation
  • Data Representation

Unit –II (Introduction To Software)
  • Types of Software
  • System Software
  • Types of Operating Systems
  • Programming Languages
  • Application Packages
  • Computer Viruses
  • Communication & Transmission
  • Analog & Digital Signals
  • Modulation – Demodulation (MODEM)
  • Transmission Mode
  • Network Types
  • Topologies
  • Communication Protocols
Section – B (Structured Programming Using ‘C’ Language)
Unit – I (Programming Concepts)
  • Programming & Program Development
  • Flow Charts
  • Pseudo Codes
  • Programming Technique
  • Object Oriented Programming

UNIT – II (‘C’ Programming Language)
  • Overview : History & Features
  • Structure of a ‘C’ Program
  • Variables, Exp
  • Operators Precedence & Associatively
  • C’ – I/O
  • ‘C’ Control Statements
  • Loops/Iteration
  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Function
  • Introduction to pointers
  • Recursion
  • Structure & Unions
  • C-Files
Section – C (Introduction To IBM Architectures)
  • Microprocessors & Microprocessors Families
  • Personal Computers – IBM & Apple Series
  • IBM PC Characteristics – PC / PC AT / PCXT
  • 8086 Architecture
  • DMA controller & Configuration
  • VGA Controller
  • Arithmetic Co-Processor
  • Clocks

Paper 2

Unit – I (DBMS Basics)
  • DBMS vs Files
  • Organizations of DBMS
  • Three Views & Schemas of DBMS
  • DOL, DML, Queries, SQL
  • Types of DBMS: Relational, Hierarchical & Network
  • E- R Diagrams
  • Generalization, Specialization, aggregation

Unit – II (RDBMS)
  • Relations
  • Key
  • Codd’s Rules
  • Normalization Up to BCNF
  • Example RDBMS – ORACLE (Practical Classes)
Section – B (Operating System Concepts)
UNIT - I (OS Basics)
  • Definition of OS
  • Function of OS
  • Types of OS

UNIT – II (Process Management)
  • Process Definition PCB, Process States
  • Scheduling – algorithms & Types
  • FCFS, SJF Round Robin
  • Preemptive & Non-Preemptive Scheduling
  • Deadlocks – Avoidance, Detection & Recovery
  • Inter-process Synchronization – Semaphores & Mutual exclusion
UNIT III (Memory Management)
  • Fixed & Dynamic Partitions
  • Compaction
  • Paging
  • Segmentations
  • Virtual memory, page Replacement Algorithms

UNIT – IV (Device Management)
  • Overview – Types of I/O – Serial & Block I/O
  • Programmed I/O
  • Interupt Driven I/O
  • DMA Polling, Daisy- Channing, Multiple Interrupt lines
  • Device Drivers & Device Controllers, BIOS, IS, Devices Independent Software
UNIT –V (File Management)
  • Blocks, Sectors, Clusters, Directories
  • Files – Concepts & Definitions
  • Types of files & Organisation
  • Disk free Space Management
  • Disk free Space Allocation
  • Disk Scheduling
UNIT – VI (Disk Operating System (DOS))
  • History & versions
  • Booting – FAT, Directory Structure
  • DOS Systems Files
  • DOS commands – Internal & Externals
  • DOS Batch Files
  • Types of resistance
  • Resistance symbol
  • color code capacitors
  • capacitors symbol
  • Code types
  • Mica & paper capacitor
  • Inductance
  • Conductor
  • Insulator
  • Band Theory
  • Intrinsic & extrinsic semiconductors
  • Theory of p-n Junction,
  • Capacitance & Diffusion Capacitance
  • Zener diode
  • Tunnel diode
  • Varactor diode
  • Power diode
  • photo diode
  • LED
  • LCD
  • Point Contract diode
  • Schottky diode
  • Half wave & full wave rectifier with & without filter

  • BJT Characteristics,
  • CE, CB, CC configurations
  • FET metal oxide
  • Semiconductor (MOSFET)
  • CMOS
  • Unijunction transistor & Photo transistor
  • Single stage RC coupled amplifier
  • frequency response class A, Class B, Class AB, Class C,
  • Push pull amplifier
  • Efficiency distortion in amplifier their merits & demerits
  • BJT & FET RC coupled amplifiers
  • Switching Characteristic BJT & FET
  • Monostable & Astable Multivibrators
  • RC integraotrs & differentiators
  • Clipper & Clamber circuit

Procedure to Download Magadh University Syllabus 2018:
  • First of all you have to visit official website of university that is www.magadhuniversity.org.
  • On homepage, you have to select the link course / discipline and hit the link.
  • A new page will appear on your digital screen and you have to hit on appropriate link according the course you are pursuing
  • After tapping the above said link, A PDF file will appear on your digital screen containing Magadh University Syllabus
  • You need to download the Syllabus of Magadh University
  • At last you have to take print of the Magadh University Syllabus 2018 and start your exam preparation accordingly.

About the University

Magadh University was inaugurated in 1962. The university offers under graduate and post graduate courses in science and Social Sciences, Humanities and Commerce, Medical, Engineering & Management discipline. The University becomes a well known name in the educational field and a largest university in Bihar.


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