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Present Education System in India | Pro’s & Con’s, Steps to Improve Education System


Present Education System in India

Government of India is spending of over INR 46,200 crore to construct the strong education empowerment. Let’s discuss Present Education System in India through this article. The best thing about the Indian education system is giving equal importance to the basics of all subjects in schools and colleges. Each aspect has Pro’s & Con’s in which some of them are discussed in this article. What Indian Government is doing and what government needs to do to Improve Education System is well specified in this article.

According to requirements, Indian government needs to invest at least 4% of its GDP for improving the infrastructure of school and colleges. Attitude towards marks and grades must be changed. The government should more focus on infrastructure, faculty, training of teachers etc. By studying some crucial steps, you become to know about Present Education System in India.

Present Education System in India

Pros of Education System in India
  • We would like to inform you that government is going to publish the New Education Policy (NEP) 2018 to revolutionary changes in Indian education system. Indian education system emphasizes competitive spirit. Competition teaches students to unleash their full potential.
  • Currently government of India is doing lot of changes in the education system which is creating positive effect on education as well as economic state of government.

Cons of Indian Education system
  • India is promising as a global power now though there are insufficiencies in the system that needs to be worked on. But, we have made considerable impact at the global level.  Current system of education requires a renovation if we have to help our children to stay ahead in such as we owe them the best quality ICT education, the best insurance etc.
  • Yet, the government is investing a biggest part in education system but government need to make sure that the whole transaction is properly using or not. Due to corruption, the complete amount is not using properly which impact negative effect on education system or economic condition of country.

Indian Government is doing At Present Time
  • Government has started some useful schemes to improve the present education system.
  • The main purpose of “Rashtriya Madyamika Abhiyan” scheme is to enhance access to secondary education and to improve its quality.
  • To motivate the extracurricular activities in schools, Vidyanjali scheme is going on.
  • For providing the better condition finance massively in state universities, Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan has been started.

How to Start a New Life in College
  • Improve superiority principles through nationwide assessments. Assessments need to be at the core of any scheduling exercise for improving India's education system. Technology can help the education system in balancing up through e-learning hub that can create a group of learning and sharing knowledge across boundaries.
  • The government should commence statewide learning review that is undertaken at regular periods all through a child's school expedition, which can also supply to remediation and development in teaching.
  • The National Achievement Survey (NAS) should be restored such that it becomes a indicator for student learning and the de facto level for state presentation. Equip school principals to become well-organized school leaders. Great leaders make great institutions, in every area.

Steps to Improve Education System
  • Method of teaching needs to be changed as per the digitalization so that students must be aware about the new technologies of government. Biographies of successful persons in all fields as sports cultural activities and others must be compulsory subjects of primary schools as it motivate them.
  • Faculty of staff of schools and universities are backbone of teaching environment, so that selection of appropriate teachers must be purely made on the basis of skills and talent.
  • If the teachers have sufficient knowledge then they can encourage logical thinking & creativity in students. Students must be aware about economic and societal problems in the world and currently situation of their nation

Education system in India has seen many ups and downs which are well discussed in this article. Stay tuned with our web portal www.privatejobshub.in for grabbing more articles. For more details you are required to log on to facebook and Google.

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