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After B.Tech Where should We Go: MBA or M.Tech


Dear Students! It is very rare discussion seems to be when everybody knows very clear about their vision. Here one student has asked as his query with us on Privatejobshub that which profile should be opt after B.Tech- Whether to go for MBA or M.Tech?
I thought: Oh god!  Why did not i get an opportunity to meet that candidate? I want to meet him but thoroughly thinking that he was not a single. Perhaps, there are many others who are confused in making decision. Immediately, I decided to write my opinion as an article for candidates with following points as consideration:

  • Never work as a pressure- Always work only if you love it to do else you would be darely called as work shirker.
  • Identify your goal – Whether you want to declare your ability in administration or in technical?
  • Search your interest area – after the completion of B.Tech as it would seems to have M.Tech for technicals and for those who would like to do researching in their technical field. However, MBA depends on your critique as management, administration and decision making power.
  • Why we should go for MBA? :- MBA- Master of Business Administration should be adopted after B.Tech because it concerns that person having idea of technical field can manage IT resource management part very surely after doing MBA. For example- I am from technical background but not completed MBA.   However, pursuing job in human resources would not let me difficulty in taking test of a candidate applied for a technical job. But the difficulty faced would be how to manage that IT candidate and further ruling and administering with them.
  • Why should we go for M.Tech?  :- M.Tech is known to be completed only for those aspirants who want to sharp their career in technical field but who are doing just to become masters in technical line and for getting a degree, it would be wastage of time. M.Tech is a research programme known to be at the best of rest and can accomplish as career zeal not as a job deal.

Opportunities for B.Tech after doing MBA:

  • Human Resources
  • System Administrator
  • Manager
  • MIS Operator
  • Computer Operator and many others
Opportunities for B.Tech after doing M.Tech:

  • System Testing
  • Lectureship
  • Assistant Professor
  • Technician
  • Scientist
  • Customer Support Engineer
For efficiency and effectiveness, one should ensure arena of their interest would upgrade you in that particular section and enhance your abilities in future.

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