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DU Become First Global Central University in India


From when?

DU- Delhi University, earlier known as Central University from among the four central universities in Delhi, now known as the first global central university in India.
With India’s independence, it was first established in Feb, 1922 by the act of parliament.

However, Delhi University has ranked as first global central university in India where four year duration globally approached courses would be taught. The most important thing to know is that same courses are going to be taught even in the universities of china, South-Africa, America. In fact, seeing the current scenario university has prepared foundation courses and globally approach applied courses. This would provide various job opportunities to students along with lecturers.

DU has adopted the US & European approach of education whereas other universities of India are running various graduate courses based on UK model.

Major Reason to adopt such courses is to think upon placement opportunities in abroad as per the pattern followed. This would help them to follow the same pattern after getting job thereon.

Prof. Dinesh Singh – Chairperson of DU has exclaimed – “I don’t know anything about American & European model. After a vast discussion, this four year graduated model is based on my own thinking. Its main purpose is to benefit the students of DU.” President is also known as Visitor of the university so take pain upon the need of giving lectures to the corners of the country with the help of current technology.

At the 90th convocation ceremony of DU, It has been inspired about new ways of employing technology based learning & communicating info for the current taking decision of changing syllabus by Pranab Mukherjee, The President Of India.

This would accessible education to students as per the current need of students as affordability. As soon as the decision would be implemented and known as the earnest one. This all would lead the substantial progress by the passage of time. Confidentially, One would feel it as long term while pursuing but later on the quality assurance that we would get from it will be of higher responsive. We must raise voice to remove the imbalances in the reach of higher education across all sections of society.

Various priorities such as scholarships, loans and self-help schemes would enable the students to retrieve it with complete satisfaction. Different perspectives may be seen from validated education point of view as every person has their own way of thinking and then implementing it.

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