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Job Opportunities in India in Private Sector and its Impact on Government Jobs


In Today’s scenario, if we talk about various job opportunities in India then the following two graphs related to private sector and other of public sector jobs shows how considerably both are affecting our economy.

The above rough estimate shows us a cut-off  as whether the public sector hadn’t been shedding jobs for the last last three years and still unemployment causing- so why? And still people are getting more interested for private sector jobs. In spite of knowing, less salary and hard-working and in govt. jobs, short-duration and flexibility with satisfied salary. The reason being selection processes are getting more difficult and in this stiff competition, Candidates are not feeling satisfied with most aspirants of multiplier of local and state spending.

However, Public sector workers need to use inputs into their work that are sourced by the private sector. As fire-fighters require trucks, teachers require books, desks.

So When public sector jobs are lost, it stands to reason that the inputs into these jobs will fall intimately as per prospect it shows that every public-sector job lost as supplier jobs are lost.
The above graphs and the current scenario lays out the following four components together and human resources need to follow this track-  HOW & WHY?

·        The Jobs lost in the public sector.
·        The Jobs the public sector should have gained just to keep up with population growth.
·        The Jobs lost in the private sector due to direct public sector job declines.
·        The Jobs lost when state spending cut-backs on transfer programs.

 In public sector, Jobs are continuously shedding out and so unemployment throughout the economy has created an enormous drag on the recovery.  To reduce unemployment and suffering for families, Our Govt. would help state and local governments to keep austerity from continuing to weigh down the recovery.
As per the current status, India has been undertaking a programme of economic reform, and at the same time the economy has been growing at a high rate. In case of reform programme and current economic thought India has been privatised as compared to unapproaching public sector. An assumption made under this programme has been act as a dogma that ensures public sector enterprises are seemed with lack of efficiency and in the same way competitive market forces can be relied on to make firms more efficient as soon as once they privatised. But is this really true? 

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