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Mobile Phones and Modern Students | A Curse or a Blessing

Mobile Phones and Modern Students:

Mobile phones have a great impact on the life of the modern students. Every student today can be seen with mobile phones in their hands. Day by day it is becoming an essential tool.

The most important thing is this that they are portable and also it keeps in contact with others. Mobile phones have changed the concept of telephones now it is not only used for calling purpose but other multiple working can be done through it.

Mobile phones have become necessity for today’s world. New android phones which are also called Smart phones are available in the market with endless useful features. The greatest advantage is that it can be use anywhere, anytime.

As a coin has two sides similarly mobile phones also have two sides i.e. A Curse and a Blessing.

  • Mobile phones are one of the non-drug addictions among modern students.
  • Scientist believes that Mobile phone also affects the health.
  • Much of the time of the students is wasted on using the mobile phones, no matter on phone calls, texting messages, personalizing the phone with pictures and ringtones.
  • Students are becoming lazier as their half of the time is been spend on the mobile phones and it causes disturbance in school or at work.
  • Mobile phones are expensive and the craving for having a mobile is increasing rapidly among students.
  • If stolen they can be easily misused.
  • MMS can be made at anytime and anywhere.
  • It distracts the students from learning.
  • It may affect the students at school while their classes as they may play game or may chat at social networking site. 
  • Through mobile phones we can easily communicate even when we are travelling.
  • Click pictures at any time.
  • With android versions the important mails can be mailed at any time and from anywhere.
  • Can make use of power point, excel, or can store numbers.
  • Have Internet connections.
  • Mobile phones can be easily carried and fit in the pockets.
  • It is very useful at the time of the emergencies.
  • Students having mobile phones can be in contact with their parents at every point of time.
  • At the time of outdoors when there is no phone, the mobile phones can be used.

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