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Important Technical Interview Questions and Answers | Top 20 Questions


Important Technical Interview Questions And Answers

Important Technical Interview Questions and Answers: A Technical Interview is a type of interview that normally features questions that are specific to profile you have applied for. Let’s prepare for Interview with the help of below given Important Technical Interview Questions And Answers.

Technical interviews are normally used to check applicants for technical or specialist Graduate job Profiles namely Jobs in IT, Engineering and Science Jobs) relatively than general Graduate Schemes. In a technical interview applicants are possibly to be asked questions that narrate to particular knowledge about the organization’s technical activities etc.

IT organizations look out for different technical skills and soft skills in applicants. Knowing the current advances in technology and other activities in your technical field would be an added benefit. Check out the Top 20 Technical Interview Questions from below section of this page which is prepared by team of www.privatejobshub.in

Important Technical Interview Questions And Answers

Get Field Wise Technical Interview Questions And Answers

C Interview Questions and Answers:

Question 1: How do you construct an increment statement or decrement statement in C?
  • There are actually two ways you can do this. One is to use the increment operator ++ and decrement operator. For example, the statement x++ means to increment the value of x by 1.
  • Likewise, the statement x means to decrement the value of x by 1. Another way of writing increment statements is to use the conventional + plus sign or minus sign.
  • In the case of x++, another way to write it is x = x +1?
Question 2: What is spaghetti programming?

  • Spaghetti programming refers to codes that tend to get tangled and overlapped throughout the program.
  • This unstructured approach to coding is usually attributed to lack of experience on the part of the programmer.
  • Spaghetti programing makes a program complex and analyzing the codes difficult, and so must be avoided as much as possible.
Question 3: What is the use of a \0' character?

Answer: It is referred to as a terminating null character, and is used primarily to show the end of a string value.

Question 4: What is the difference between the = symbol and == symbol?
  • The = symbol is often used in mathematical operations. It is used to assign a value to a given variable.
  • On the other hand, the == symbol, also known as equal to or equivalent to, is a relational operator that is used to compare two values.
Question 5:  Can the curly brackets { } be used to enclose a single line of code?
  • While curly brackets are mainly used to group several lines of codes, it will still work without error if you used it for a single line.
  • Some programmers prefer this method as a way of organizing codes to make it look clearer, especially in conditional statements.
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DBMS Interview Questions and Answers:

Question 1: What is database?

Answer: A database is a collection of information that is organized. So that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated.

Question 2: What is DBMS?

Answer: DBMS stands for Database Management System. It is a collection of programs that enables user to create and maintain a database.

Question 3: What is normalization?

  • It is a process of analysing the given relation schemas based on their Functional Dependencies (FDs) and primary key to achieve the properties
  • Minimizing redundancy, minimizing insertion, deletion and update anomalies.
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Question 4: What is Data Model?

Answer:  A collection of conceptual tools for describing data, data relationships data semantics and constraints.

Question 5:  What is E-R model?

Answer:  This data model is based on real world that consists of basic objects called entities and of relationship among these objects. Entities are described in a database by a set of attributes.

OS Interview Questions and Answer:

Question 1: What is an operating system?
  • An operating system is a program that acts as an intermediary between the user and the computer hardware.
  • The purpose of an OS is to provide a convenient environment in which user can execute programs in a convenient and efficient manner.
Question 2: What is kernel?

Answer:  Kernel is the core and essential part of computer operating system that provides basic services for all parts of OS.

Question 3:  What is dead lock?

Answer:  Deadlock is a situation or condition where the two processes are waiting for each other to complete so that they can start. This result both the processes to hang.

Question 4:  What is starvation and aging?

  • Starvation is Resource management problem where a process does not get the resources it needs for a long time because the resources are being allocated to other processes.
  • Aging is a technique to avoid starvation in a scheduling system.
Question 5: What is context switching?

Answer: Transferring the control from one process to other process requires saving the state of the old process and loading the saved state for new process. This task is known as context switching.

Java Interview Questions and Answer:

Question 1:  What is JVM?

Answer: The Java interpreter along with the runtime environment required to run the Java application in called as Java virtual machine (JVM).

Question 2:  What is the most important feature of Java?

Answer: Java is a platform independent language

Question 3: What do you mean by platform independence?

Answer: Platform independence means that we can write and compile the java code in one platform (eg Windows) and can execute the class in any other supported platform eg (Linux, Solaris, etc).

Question 4: What is the difference between a JDK and a JVM?

  • JDK is Java Development Kit which is for development purpose and it includes execution environment also.
  • But JVM is purely a run time environment and hence you will not be able to compile your source files using a JVM
Question 5:  What are the access modifiers in Java?

Answer: There are 3 access modifiers. Public, protected and private, and the default one if no identifier is specified is called friendly, but programmer cannot specify the friendly identifier explicitly.

Top 20 Technical Interview Questions:

Question 1: What languages have you programmed in?
Question 2: What source control tools have you used?
Question 3: What are your technical certifications?
Question 4: What do you do to maintain your technical certifications?
Question 5: How did your education help prepare you for this job?
Question 6: How would you rate your key competencies for this job?
Question 7: What are your IT strengths and weaknesses?
Question 8: Tell me about the most recent project you worked on. What were your responsibilities?
Question 9: From the description of this position, what do you think you will be doing on a day-to-day basis?
Question 10: What challenges do you think you might expect in this job if you were hired?
Question 11: How important is it to work directly with your business users?
Question 12: What elements are necessary for a successful team and why?
Question 13: Tell me about the project you are most proud of, and what your contribution was.
Question 14: Describe your production deployment process.
Question 15: Give an example of where you have applied your technical knowledge in a practical way.
Question 16: How did you manage source control?
Question 17: What did you do to ensure quality in your deliverables?
Question 18: What percentage of your time do you spend unit testing?
Question 19: What do you expect in the solution documents you are provided?
Question 20: Describe a time when you were able to improve upon the design that was originally suggested.

Final Words:

When preparing for a technical interview, applicants must review basic structures and algorithms (searching, sorting, hashing). Having a mastery of these topics will likely provide you all the essential knowledge to handle the obstacle you will meet during the technical interview.

If you're interviewing for a job that needs experience with an object- oriented language, spend some time brushing up on object-oriented methodology. These are the top most asked Important Technical Interview Questions and Answers; hope this page will be helpful for you!!!

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