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Narendra Modi- Positive Points Responsible For Successful Political Career


Finally, India got the next Prime Minister. He became the new sensational voice of Indian voters. His historical victory has made a record for BJP to the only political party which won the in Election 2014 with the absolute majority. He is none other than- Mr. Narendra Modi.

This is difficult to explain what exactly made Modi’s respective place in the Indian Citizen’s heart. An amazing thing about Modi is, he is a mystery and also an easy subject to study at the same time for his supporters and critics.

Though, he is the shining beacon of limitless positivity, but we are going to share with you some extraordinary Positive Points of Narendra Modi which are Responsible For his Successful Political Career.

Oratorical Excellence

Narendra Modi has an outstanding ability to captivate the audience with his Excellent Oratorical Skills. If he wants to address about the Foreign Policies, Development or National Security, Namo never uses any pre-written script which. His feelings are enough to spell bound the audience.


The 65% of the electors of age group below 30 years were waiting for a leader behind them who has an unbelievable charisma and magnetism to attract more and more people to associate and support in the development of the nation. In Narendra Modi, they find the dedication to accelerate India.

A Quick Decision Maker

During Narendra Modi’s Regime in his home state Gujarat, he proved that he is able to make a quick decision in any kind of Odd situation which is rarely or seldom found in Indian Political Class either by design or political compulsion. His Sensible approach in taking executive decisions and belief to implement it instantly, creates a strong and effective governance model.

A Vision, Visible to Everyone

A big Positive Point of Narendra Modi is the clarity of his vision which is easy to understand for everyone. When Modi starts addressing the audience, he describes the Indian Economic Development and corruption free government and a strong aspiring nation which commands respect across the world.

Stronger Backdrop

During Naremdra Modi’s Journey from to be the Chief Minister of Gujrat to NDA’s Prime Ministerial candidate there were huge evidence of Modi’s potential within BJP. The Heavyweights of Bharatiya Janata Party Mr. Advani & Mrs. Sushma Swaraj were let down by the strong suggestion of support within the party cadre whose won political aspirations.

Indian is becoming the most dynamically forward looking nation in the world and the youth of India who are ready for the responsibility of the nation wants a strong, vibrant and ambitious leader who is able to usher into the elite group of nations.

Narendra Modi is absolutely a right contender who fits the bill as the strong personality can step into the leadership blank space created by the current dispensation with the former PM’s loose grip and Rahul’s reluctance.

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