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Call Center Interview Questions and Answer | 10 Most Common Questions


Call Center Interview Questions and Answer

Call Center Interview Questions and Answer: Call Center job is one of the fastest growing jobs now a day and to get this amazing opportunity, one need to crack the interview round. For your handiness, some Call Center Interview Questions and Answer are available at below section.

You can go through the 10 Most Common Questions asked in Call Center Interview and you will definitely clear the interview process. The first thing that matters a lot in an interview round is your confidence/ your body language.

Important things for you:

If you have self confidence and impressive communication skills then your chances to get recruited will be raised. So, focus on your communication skills, dressing sense and personality before attending any interview/ group discussion round.

10 Most Common Call Center Interview Questions and Answer

Question: Tell me about yourself?

Answer: This is the most common question asked in any interview, you need to start with your name and tell them about your qualification/ strengths/ hobbies. Don’t give a brief introduction, try to complete in short time period.

Question: Why should we hire you for our company?

Answer: When a recruiter asks you this type of question then you need to convince him with your specific answer. Tell him about your qualities/ skills which will be beneficial for their company. You can also mention your education and experience that are perfect for the respective position.

Question: What is customer service?

Answer: Try to give answer in short words to this type of questions like helping customers or solve their problems quickly. Be friendly and polite with customers.

Question: How would you handle an angry customer?

Answer: While replying to this question, you can say that, “I would apologize to customer first for the inconvenience; I will listen to his complaints calmly and promise him that his issue will be solved as soon as possible.

Question: What are the factors that make a successful call center?

Answer: When an interviewer asks you about the traits/ factors which make you suitable for the call center then you need to tell him about your communication skills, leadership, management consistency and others.

Question: What do you know about our company?

Answer: Before appearing in the call center interview, you should know about the company and position for which you are going to apply. You may research about the company and during interview tell them about the qualities and all positive things about the their company.

Question: Do you think you can work within pressure?

Answer: Say yes for this answer and give a suitable example or reason to make a positive decision making in your selection procedure. Tell them about your cool nature, present your management skills in front of them.

Question: What are different types of Call center?

Answer: There are mainly 2 types of call centers – Inbound Call Center and Outbound Call Center.

Question: What motivates you to work in a call center?

Answer: Tell them about the call center work and your interest in the call center. You can give some of the effective reason like – “I like to deal with customers over the phone and develop my customer service skill” or Call center industry is booming, etc.

Question: Are you comfortable with night shifts?

Answer: You will face this question in call centers jobs as all multinational companies work for night shifts. If you feel comfortable with it then answer it with positive manner.

Prepare these call center interview questions and answers, be confident at the time of interview and don’t hesitate in front of interviewers and try to communicate them in genuine way.

Final Words:

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