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Campus Interview Questions And Answers | Most Asked Ques During Campus Placements


Campus Interview Questions And Answers

Campus Interview Questions And Answers: Through, campus interview various organizations hire students who are pursuing degree courses or at stage of completing the same within educational institutes. Check Campus Interview Questions And Answers, if you are going to appear for Campus Interview.

Placement through campus is common these days. Most of organizations came to colleges, university and institute to conduct Campus Interview with the intention to recruit eligible and deserving freshers in their firms at different jobs profile.

Mostly college students have not any experience of interview; such students should familiarize with most commonly asked Ques during Campus Placements to crack the interview easily.

Most asked Campus Interview Questions And Answers

Somehow, interview is little bit tough as direct questions asked to candidates and one has to respond immediately. Even some might get confused while answering, but if you already know about Most Asked Questions and Answers during Campus Interview

With the help of Campus Interview Questions and Answers you will be well prepared in advance, how to answers the questions. Some Campus Interview Questions and Answers are tricky and intention behind those questions of interviewer is to check the understanding level and ability of students

Scroll down this page to check all Campus Interview Questions and Answers which is provided by the team unit of Campus Interview Questions And Answers.

Campus Interview Questions and Answers

Question:  Tell us about yourself?

Answer: First and basic question of any company to the student for getting to know about the student and check the confidence level of him / her. You should answer it with limit to your education, background and achievements, etc.

Question:  Why should we hire you?

Answer: Mention only those things which will meet requirements of organization. Don’t try to compare with any other candidate. Respond in a way that may leave a positive effect to interviewer and tell some of your achievements too so that they will ready to hire you for job profile tell some of your achievements too

Question:  What do you know about us?

Answer: Through question interviewer intends to know how much you have researched about their institute and which post or profile they are offering to you. Prepared some points and research about the organization, before Campus Interview.

Question:  What Are Your Goals?

Answer: Tell about your objective like “My goal is to attain the top most position in the industry where I’m working or will be working. Bring myself and my company to the top most level. Extreme learning at every point and setting my target for the top position.”

Question: Something about your past experiences?

Answer: Now interviewer intends to know, have you ever worked before and your achievements in your life till that time so in reply mention all your strongest points and achievements

Question: What is your weakness?

This types of Questions are quite tricky, don’t tell about negative things which directly relates to your job profile. Even though don’t hide your weakness it will affect your professional attitude, skills and management qualities and you may sound arrogant who have not any weaknesses.

Question: What is your strength?

Answer: Give the answer of this question very carefully and confidently mention all your strongest points and goals you and achieved till that time also add academic achievements too.

Question: If you won $10 million lottery, would you still work?

Answer: Be honest while answering this question. By asking such question interviewer just wants to check whether the person working for only money or having some ambition to gain more knowledge with company.

“Absolutely I will work sir, because I am not only working in company for salary but to improve myself and my knowledge. Getting money is not the only article in the life.”

Some Campus Interview Questions And Answers About Personal Life

Apart from educational or career questions, in Campus Interview Questions And Answers interviewer may ask the questions about your personal life like background, family, friends, and education To analyze your nature, personality and confidence so be sure while answers as per need or situation-
  • Tell us about your hobbies
  • What's your career objective?
  • Who is your role model and why?
  • What are your future plans?
  • Can you sign a bond with us?
  • What are your areas of interests?
  • Why do you need a job? 
  • What makes you nervous or uncomfortable?
  • How many hours can you work in a day?
  • Tell me something about your city
  • How would you organize football match, event, birthday party etc (Check leadership quality)
  • What your father and mother do?
  • So I have asked you many questions? Do you have any questions to ask?
  • Did you take any responsibility work in your academics? Describe about it?
  • Tell 5 Inter-National and National Political news
  • Tell me 5 Sports news

Tips for Campus Interview Questions And Answers

·         Reach the interview venue 10 to 15 minutes early; if you are late it can leave bad impact on affect on interviewers.
  • Reach the interview venue 10 to 15 minutes early; if you are late it can leave bad affect on interviewers.
  • Must switch off or mute your mobile phone at the time of interview.
  • Shake your hands firmly and behave like mature
  • Keep a smile on your face
  • Make eye contact
  • Avoid limp, sweaty, or clammy handshake
  • Maintain a good body language and posture as this will leave good impression
  • Don’t eat or chew gum during the interview
  • Give clear answers, don’t get confused
  • Don’t try to be friendly.
  • Try to give examples in explanation to enhance your answers
  • Be clear about you views
  • Be optimistic and confident and keep maintaining good communication

Essential Note

These are some few Campus Interview questions and we tried to help as possible. Hope you the best for your Campus Interview after reading these innovating Interview questions an answer and you will prepared well.

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