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Difference Between Hard Work And Smart Work? Best Answers With Example


Difference Between Hard Work And Smart Work

Most of people must have heard many times about a proverb “Smart Work + Hard Work = Achievements” and at the same time the questions arises that what is the Difference Between Hard Work And Smart Work..?? So here we have Best Answers With Example.

Gone are the days when you were taught “Hard Work is the key to success” because if you keep on doing hard work only you will always remain slow and cannot compete with the competitive world. Hard work isn’t the whole thing either. It’s working hard, but working smart at the same time, going to every single practice trying to improve on something. Effort is important but where to make an effort makes all the difference.
What is Hard Work?

Working hard means a great deal of effort or endurance, efforts are always required to overcome you goals but in today’s scenario a persons who works hard does not always guarantee success, it is not sure that whether there will be high productivity or low. So working hard can be defined as working for long hours putting endless labour and sacrifice which results in anxiety, stress and de-motivation. Nowadays people are more emphasizing in achieving success with by less and useful efforts, and that’s how the smart work comes into play.

What is Smart Work?

Smart work means a productive work through planning or when the output of work is result of effective and efficient performance.  To complete a work in a proper way the individual should make a useful plan to implement the systematic work. It is therefore very essential to attain realistic goals, not only this smart work enables the person to analyze the task and its desired outcomes and then following the strategies according to the needs.

There are a number of benefits of working smart. It guarantees better health since it is not laborious as hard work. It allows a person to focus all his or her energy on achieving productivity. The individual has a better balance of work life and is satisfied with the work.

Difference Between Hard Work And Smart Work

The definition of hard work or smart work may vary to individual. But all implies to the same as smart work comes from hard work only. Best answers that telling the differences between hard work and smart work can be seen below –
  • Smart work requires mental abilities to get work done easily. A work is said to be accomplished smartly if it fulfilling the requirements within a specific time and with less physical and mental stress.
  • Smart work is a creative approach to the efforts to be work done. Smart work may include shortcuts to achieve the goal but implemented in efficient way.
  • Smart work yields better result than that of hard work.
  • Hard work is to doing work as we learnt but smart work is doing work efficiently with some innovative changes that we have ever learnt.
  • Smart work is meaningful to you at it represents you working with a goal in mind.
  • Working hard is only to follow syntax, rules & not thinking out of box.
  • Smart work makes easy to do work and also reduces time and stress.
  • Below we have structured some examples which are written by people, it is basically the opinions based on their experience so must go through it:

Example 1–
  • Cutting the tree from top to bottom is hard work.
  • Cutting the tree only at the bottom is smart work.
Example 2
  • Working with efforts is hard work.
  • Working with efforts along using brain that is smart work
Example 3–
  • Hard work is a straight way of completing the task.
  • But smart work needs tactics to complete the same task.
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Example 4
  • Hard work gives us experiences.
  • Smart work comes out from those experiences.
Example 5
  • Hard work is when it takes more effort to complete any work with more time.
  • Smart work is when it will take less effort to finish same work with smartness.

On this page we have asserted complete information about Difference between Hard Work and Smart Work especially for the ease of the aspirants, hope the given information is useful and beneficial to them. For more related articles you can regularly visit www.privatejobshub.in.

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