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How Much Salary Do You Expect? - HR Job Interview Question Perfect Answer


How Much Salary Do You Expect

This question is asked by the every interviewer in the HR Job Interview, that How Much Salary Do You Expect?? Salary expecting related question is always a confusing one. Candidates are facing very hard to answer this question many times.

If you are searching the perfect answer of it then your search is finished here. We have provided the perfect answer of this Interview question. Go through this page to know more about HR Job Interview Question and Answers.

Things to be Kept in mind!!!

The HR interview round is your final chance to make a good thought on the employer before she/he chooses between you and other shortlisted aspirants. So don’t get complacent, prepare to answer questions from below.

To get answer of this question “How Much Salary Do You Expect” you need to go through this page which is well designed by the team members of www.privatejobshub.in. So have a look…

How Much Salary Do You Expect

What Is The Purpose Of This Question?
  • The motive of this question should be understandable: your potential employer wants to know what you’d like to earn.
  • Though, it’s a complicated one to answer because you shouldn’t be the first person to give a number. However, it’s likely your interviewer would prefer not to give a number first either – particularly if ‘competitive salary’ is listed on the job spec, as they may be barter hunting.
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The Salary You Are Looking For??

Most of the big companies will have a predetermined salary for each level. On the other hand, if this is flexible, you will have more conciliation authority if you have some work experience.

So, know your lower limit (amount below which you can’t go) and also know the utmost salary in the industry for the position then put forward a figure which is not very precise.

Alternative ways of asking the question:
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • What are you looking for regarding salary?
  • What are your salary requirements?
  • How much do you expect to get paid?
  • What are you making now?
We have described here some questions that can be asked from you by the recruiter. Please have a look at the below segment…….

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What are your salary expectations?

Perfect answer of this question:

‘I’m quite open and somewhat elastic on salary as the occasion to add value and to be valued is necessary to me. I’d appreciate knowing how you value this profile and what your budget is for this role?’

Sir, I am purely sure that an organization of this level will pay its employees a good salary and keep them happy.

Sir, as I'm fresher, salary is not necessary for me. First of all I need a platform to develop my skills and learn expertise. If I do this properly surely I will get handful salary.

Your way of saying these answer is quite important which will show your confidence not take place over-confidence. Give your answer with a little smile on your face to give a better expression and make a positive impression over the recruiter.

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What Do You Expect in the Way of Salary?

You should use your own words to answer this type of question though these examples will provide words to use that may be more sentimental in answering these complicated questions. Let’s have a look…..
  • Before I answer that question I’d like to ask what you normally pay someone with my experience and education in this type of position?
  • I’m sure when the time comes and I know more about the facts of the position and how it fits into the bigger picture; we can come to a equally pleasurable figure.
  • I really need more information about the position before I can begin to converse salary. Can you tell me the range budgeted for this position?”
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What Salary Are You Making at Your Last Job?

Answer this question like this: It would be very complicated for me to compare my last salary with this position for diverse reasons – chiefly because I don’t have sufficient information about your entire package. I’m sure we can discuss this subject and your entire package before an offer is made.

That would be like comparing two jobs that are completely dissimilar in responsibilities and in the base and bonus structure. I would be more interested in hearing what the package you offer is, before I compare the two jobs.

What are your salary requirements?

Based on my previous experience and education and the ‘going rate’ for this type of position, I would like to be in the mid to high 70s. Is that a range that fit with your compensation structure?

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Mistakes You Should Avoid:
  • Do not reference a salary level that will not cover your cost of living in the area.
  • Stay Away from absolute giving a specific number or range if you can.
  • Be careful to not be timid or nervous with your answer.
  • Should you avoid an explicit quote, do not be overly ambiguous.
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Tips for HR Job Interview:
  • Be confident during answer. If you deserve something then don’t doubt to it.
  • Be specific in your answer; give your answer broadly to interviewer.
  • You can take help of examples for getting plus point in explaining your point of view.
  • Be prepared with such common and typical questions
  • Research widely about the company
That’s all about answer of this question “How Much Salary Do You Expect”, if you are satisfied with the above stated information then you can bookmark this page www.privatejobshub.in. For any query, you can simply ask in below provided comment box.

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