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One Word Substitution English Quiz For Competitive Exam, Online Practice Test


One Word Substitution English Quiz

Test your skill related One Word Substitution English. In this page you will get list of common important questions so; you must practice with One Word Substitution English Quiz that is presented for the individual to practice for Competitive Exam. Here we are helping you in preparing one of the most important topics in English Comprehension that is “One Word Substitution”.

Online practice Test with One Word Substitution English MCQ Quiz must be attempted by the candidates before appearing for Competitive Examinations. The entire questions containing in the quiz will help the candidates in their preparation for exams. Go through the One Word Substitution quiz given below by the team members of www.privatejobshub.in

One Word Substitution English Quiz

Every competitive exam contains questions regarding One Word Substitution in the English Section. So candidates, you must know the correct substitutions to score well in English section. Here we are providing you One Word Substitution English Language Quiz by which you can test your knowledge and practice well to crack the exam. Follow the list of questions related to One Word Substitution. Go through it and practice One Word Substitution.

Question 1: A person living permanently in a certain place

A. Resident
B. Native
C. Domicile
D. Subject

Answer: C

Question 2: Mania for stealing articles

A. Hypomania
B. Kleptomania
C. Logomania
D. Stelomania

Answer: B

Question 3: One who loves mankind is called

A. Optimist
B. Philanthropist
C. Optometrist
D. Truant

Answer: B

Question 4: A Government run by a dictator is termed as

A. Autocracy
B. Democracy
C. Oligracy
D. Theocracy

Answer: A

Question 5: A remedy for all disease is

A. Medicine
B. Medical
C. Medica
D. Panacea

Answer: D

Question 6: More than enough in amount or capacity

A. Derisory
B. Ample
C. Inadequate
D. Liberal

Answer: B

Question 7: An office for which no salary is paid

A. Hospitable
B. Free
C. Honorary
D. Gratis

Answer: C

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Question 8: A handwriting by which cannot be easily read

A. Illegible
B. Legible
C. Lucid
D. Edible

Answer: A

Question 9: One who comes to settle in a country

A. Tourist
B. Emigrant
C. Immigrant
D. Visitor

Answer: C

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Question 10: One who is habitually good to others:

A. Helper
B. Altruist
C. Angel
D. Humanitarian

Answer: B

Question 11: The absence of government:

A. Misrule
B. Unruly
C. Anarchy
D. Chaos

Answer: C

Question 12: A broad road bordered with trees

A. Boudoir
B. Avenue
C. Boulevard
D. Facade

Answer: C

Question 13: The killing of one man by another man

A. Suicide
B. Homicide
C. Fillicide
D. Insecticide

Answer: B

Question 14: A hundred year old man:

A. Century
B. Centurion
C. Cent
D. Centenarian

Answer: D

Question 15: A substance in the blood tending to neutralize matter that is harmful:

A. Antidote
B. Antibiotic
C. Antiseptic
D. Antibody

Answer: D

Question 16: One who has exaggerated anxiety about one's health

A. Pediatric
B. Hypochondriac
C. Verbatim
D. Petrify

Answer: B

Question 17: A person who is skilled in horsemanship

A. Cavalier
B. Equestrian
C. Jockey
D. Cavalryman

Answer: B

Question 18: The mistake of placing something in the wrong period of time:

A. Misdate
B. Anachronism
C. Misplacement
D. Prolepsis

Answer: B

Question 19: A low area storm with high winds rotating about a centre of low atmospheric pressure

A. Cyclone
B. Tornado
C. Typhoon
D. Hurricane

Answer: A

Question 20: A doctor who specializes in diseases of the nose [SSC CGL Exam 2014]

A. Rhinology
B. Otologist
C. Pathologist
D. Podiatrist

Answer: A

Dear aspirants, we hope that the above given One Word Substitution English Quiz for Competitive Exam will help you in your better preparations. You can bookmark this page for regular practicing with new question and answers. You can join us on facebook and google plus to get latest updates on your facebook wall. If you have any query then you can ask it in the below mentioned comment box.

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