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Sentence Completion Quiz - Questions And Answers, Online Mock Test


Sentence Completion Quiz

Sentence Completion is common topic for any of the competitive exams. It is one of the tough topics for most of the aspirants. Thoroughly practice is the only solution to get better marks in this section. And Online Mock Test is the best way to prepare for any competitive exams. So we brought here Sentence Completion Quiz & Questions and Answers for the better understanding of the exam. The Online Mock Test provided below consist of twenty MCQ (Multiple choice Question), we know this is just a glimpse of questions but after practice you will come to know that how to give answers in exam and how much time you are taking to solve a question. Therefore start practicing with below Sentence Completion quiz and prepare yourself for upcoming exam.

Sentence Completion Quiz

Sentence Completion Questions and Answers (MCQ)

Question 1 Today Wegener's theory is ____ ; however, he died an outsider treated with ____ by the scientific establishment.
1.    Accepted - approbation
2.    Unrivalled – reverence
3.    Unsupported - approval
4.    Dismissed - contempt
5.    Unchallenged - disdain
Answer: 4

Question 2 'My father did not approve of some of my friends and he said that I was ______________ in choosing them.'
1.    Particular
2.    Indiscriminate
3.    Choosy
4.    Selective
Answer: 2

Question 3 ____ by nature, Jones spoke very little even to his own family members.
1.    Equivocal
2.    Arrogant
3.    Taciturn
4.    Garrulous
Answer: 3

Question 4 Blue is a _____.
1.    Color
2.    Car
3.    Food
4.    Number
Answer: 1

Fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete

Question 5 Do you know......?
1.    Where she comes from
2.    Where does she come from
3.    Where from she comes
4.    From where does she come
5.    Where did she came from
Answer: 1

Question 6 'The manager would _______ her subordinates into a discussion by asking a few searching questions.'
1.    Hound
2.    Subdue
3.    Prejudice
4.    Provoke
Answer: 4

Question 7 Many people at that time believed that spices help preserve food; however, Hall found that many marketed spices were ____ bacteria, moulds and yeasts.
1.    Destroyed by
2.    Improved by
3.    Devoid of
4.    Teeming with
Answer: 4

Complete the sentence

Question 8 Hold the rifle firmly against your shoulder,  ………………………………..
1.    And then you will have to take careful aim
2.    And then take careful aim
3.    And then you should take careful aim
4.    And then you have to take careful aim
Answer: 2

Question 9 The Malays in South-East Asia have ____ the English language with priceless words such as “amok” – a word which has been in the language so long that it is hardly ___
to be of Asian origin.
1.    Endowed…inconspicuous 
2.    Supplied…observed 
3.    Enriched…suspected 
4.    Impoverished…apparent 
  Answer: 3

Question 10 Our grandfather was an entertaining ____; he used to ____ us with marvelous anecdotes that we, in our childlike simplicity, accepted unquestioningly.
1.    curmudgeon - surprise
2.    tyrant – stupefy
3.    rascal - bore
4.    orator - intimidate
5.    raconteur - regale

Answer: 5

Question 11 'Anamika is very ________ when attending meetings because she feels not showing up on time is slighting other participants.'
1.    punctual
2.    perfect
3.    tardy
4.    laid-back
Answer: 1

Question 12 Today Wegener’s theory is ____ ; however, he died an outsider treated with ____ by the scientific establishment.
1.    Dismissed - contempt
2.    Accepted - approbation
3.    Unsupported - approval
4.    Unchallenged - disdain
Answer: 4

Question 13 As we approached the swamp, ……………………………….
1.    Frogs could be heard croaking
2.    Frogs were heard croaking
3.    We could hear frogs croaking
4.    we were hearing the frogs croaking
5.    None of the above
Answer: 3

Take a Test

Question 14 Many hours of practice are required of a successful musician, so it is often not so much __________as___________ that distinguishes the professional from the amateur.
1.    Talent......discipline 
2.    Genuis.....understanding 
3.    Money......education 
4.    Fortitude....mediocrity 
Answer: 1

Question 15 As support of the proposal ________, legislators tried to get voters interested once again.
1.    Encroached 
2.    Burgeoned 
3.    Escalated 
4.    Ebbed 
Answer: 4

Question 16 'Moyna is ____________ writing stories because she was well honed by her job as a reporter in a leading newspaper.
1.    Proficient in
2.    Incapable of
3.    Incompetent at
4.    Slovenly in
Answer: 2

Question 17 If there is nothing to absorb the energy of sound waves, they travel on ____ , but their intensity ____ as they travel further from their source
1.    Eternally - alleviates
2.    Indefinitely - diminishes
3.    Erratically - mitigates
4.    Forever – increases
Answer: 2

Question 18 She values nothing more than ________; she would never accept a job in which she couldn't make her own decisions.
1.    Lassitude 
2.    Autonomy
3.    Deference 
4.    Collaboration 
Answer: 2

Question 19 ____ by nature, Jones spoke very little even to his own family members.
1.    Garrulous
2.    Equivocal
3.    Taciturn
4.    Arrogant
Answer: 3

Question 20 Despite the actor's ________ behavior when in public, he leads a remarkably ________ domestic life.
1.    Haughty...ostentatious 
2.    Flamboyant...reserved 
3.    Bashful...retiring 
4.    Pretentious...opulent 
Answer: 2

So start practice this Sentence Completion Quiz practicing by today only for the better result. If you find any problem in any question mail that question to us so that we can provide better services to you! If you find this quiz interesting then share with your friend too. All the best!

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