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Tell Me About Yourself – Perfect Answer To Nail This Interview Question


Tell Me About Yourself

Most of the time, many recruiters start the conversation with the question like Tell Me About Yourself. By asking this question, recruiter or Interviewer wants to analyze that you are suitable for the Job or not.

Here we are providing perfect answer to nail this question at the time of Interview. Interviewer wants to check how confident you are or your qualification background, so it’s the best time to break the ice make you feel comfortable during the interview process.

How to Answer the Tell Me About Yourself Interview Question:

If you share too much or too little then it’s not good for you because Interviewer don’t want to listen everything about you and little less sharing may be wonder that why are you not open with him or her.

So you just need to be aware what kind of information you should tell to the Interviewer after asking the question Tell Me About Yourself. We have given complete answer of this question on this page which is created by team of www.privatejobshub.in.

Tell Me About Yourself

We provide you Best Answers for such Interview Questions “Tell Me about Yourself”. While facing your interview try to add these following in your answer –
  • Grab interview attention with sentences like “I can summarize about myself into three words…” Exhibit your ability concise, innovative and convincing.
  • Show that personal development is an important part of your development plan. “The quotation I spend my life by is…”
  • Try to make them convince your position like a thinker, not only an employee. “My personal Philosophy is…”
  • Give insight of self-awareness at own level with response. “Persons who know me exactly say that I’m…”
  • “My passion is…” this will give a plus point to impression
  • Tell about your goal or objective and your career goal. Be specific to answer and be prepared for it.
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Tell About Yourself Interview Question With Best Answer
  • When I saw about this opening in ___, I decide I had to apply for it. Your company is one of reputed company, and my education seems extremely well suited to this role.
  • Since ___ year before I am in the ___ field, and like to face the challenges persist in this.
  • I started my career as a ___ [job profile] with ___ [company name] and since then I’ve growmy skill and knowledge in ____, which will be very helpful in this role from my point of view.       
  • My major accomplishments that determine me fit for this role are ___, ___, and ___, and I could surely achieve alike or better results for you.
  • I am strongly interested in this field for a long time. I hope my ____ skills could be most valuable to your team.
  • After completing ____ [educational qualification], I focus to go into the ___ field only.
  • Outside of work, I like to be socially connected to others and I’m always glad for the chance to … [relax with a magazine, book,devote time with friends and family, trip etc.]
  • These above examples are just icebreaker to help you. Try to give some real life example in your answer to make your answer interesting for Interviewer and give a concise explanation. Your approach of thinking can make your answer best and interviewer will also think “Wow! For this best answer I waited for whole day!”
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Either you are in IT sector or in Non IT sector it is important for you the following –

Talk About:
  • Skills, area of expertise
  • Education
  • Work history, Qualities that make you successful on the job
  • Passion, etc.
Don’t Talk About:
  • Your childhood, age, hobbies
  • Marital status, family, religion, health problem, financial troubles
  • Politics, lifestyle, or any other things that not support your education or skill
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Perfect Answer To Nail This Interview Question:

It might be attractive if you share your qualification and expertise area while answering this question at the time of Interview.
  • Firstly you should start with your personal Information like your hobbies after that try to change the conversation from personal to professional skills.
  • Tell your strength which you will bring to this job and share your expertise qualities that will help you to get the job.
  • At the last time you should tell something about your more strength before interview is over. Try to make your list of strength that you can tell to the Interviewer and that should be match for the position.
  • Avoid talking about politics, controversy and religion because everyone has a different onion and that can show your weakness. So you should never say these things at the time of Interview.
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We have given complete information of question like Tell Me About Yourself on this page. If you are satisfied with the information given here then you can bookmark this page by pressing ctrl+D.

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