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Vocabulary Quiz | English Vocab Questions & Answers, Free Online Test, MCQ


Vocabulary Quiz

Vocabulary Quiz: Solve Vocabulary Quiz so as to boost your knowledge in English Subject. Well, as we know that English subject is necessary for every competitive exam. By solving Free Online Test and English MCQs, you would know the important Questions & Answers of this subject.

Well, on this page we have provided English Vocab Questions & Answers and MCQ. So candidates you all advised to go through this page to increase your acquaintance and skills in English Vocabulary. By attending the mock test on regular basis you may score well in the examination.

English Vocab Questions & Answers: Check Here!!

Vocabulary Quiz Games are obligatory to play by the candidates who are doing preparation for any kind of job. Dear visitors, English Vocabulary Practice Questions and Answers are being displayed here because mostly aspirants face problem in English section of exam.

Answers are also envisioned along with question for the assistance of the candidates. Be preparing now with following content to crack English portion of examination. Scroll down the entire page www.privatejobshub.in to get more details about Vocabulary Quiz.

Vocabulary Quiz

Synonyms English Vocabulary MCQs

Question 1: WARRIOR

1.    Soldier
2.    Sailor
3.    Pirate
4.    Spy

Answer: 1

Question 2: DISTANT

1.    Far
2.    Removed
3.    Reserved
4.    Separate

Answer: 1

Question 3: ADVERSITY

1.    Failure
2.    Helplessness
3.    Misfortune
4.    Crisis

Answer: 3

Question 4: FAKE

1.    Original
2.    Imitation
3.    Trustworthy
4.    Loyal

Answer: 2

Question 5: INDICT

1.    Condemn
2.    Reprimand
3.    Accuse
4.    Allege

Answer: 3

Spotting Errors Vocabulary Quiz

Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any will be in one part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. If there is no error, the answer is 'D'. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any).

Question 6: (solve as per the direction given above)

1.    We discussed about the problem so thoroughly
2.    on the eve of the examination
3.    that I found it very easy to work it out.
4.    No error

Answer: 1

Question 7: (solve as per the direction given above)

1.    An Indian ship
2.    laden with merchandise
3.    got drowned in the Pacific Ocean.
4.    No error.

Answer: 3

Question 8: (solve as per the direction given above)

1.    I could not put up in a hotel
2.    because the boarding and lodging charges
3.    were exorbitant.
4.    No error.

Answer: 1

Question 9: (solve as per the direction given above)

1.    The Indian radio
2.    which was previously controlled by the British rulers
3.    is free now from the narrow vested interests.
4.    No error.

Answer: 3

Vocabulary Quiz of Selecting Words section

Pick out the most effective word(s) from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

Question 10: Fate smiles ...... those who untiringly grapple with stark realities of life.

1.    with
2.    over
3.    on
4.    round

Answer: 3

Question 11: The miser gazed ...... at the pile of gold coins in front of him.

1.    avidly
2.    admiringly
3.    thoughtfully
4.    earnestly

Answer: 1

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Question 12: Catching the earlier train will give us the ...... to do some shopping.

1.    chance
2.    luck
3.    possibility
4.    occasion

Answer: 1

Question 13: I saw a ...... of cows in the field.

1.    group
2.    herd
3.    swarm
4.    flock

Answer: 2

Question 14: The grapes are now ...... enough to be picked.

1.    ready
2.    mature
3.    ripe
4.    advanced

Answer: 3

Question 15: Success in this examination depends ...... hard work alone.

1.    at
2.    over
3.    for
4.    on

Answer: 4

Idioms and Phrases Vocabulary Quiz

Some proverbs/idioms are given below together with their meanings. Choose the correct meaning of proverb/idiom, If there is no correct meaning given, E (i.e.) 'None of these' will be the answer.

Question 16: To make clean breast of

1.    To gain prominence
2.    To praise oneself
3.    To confess without of reserve
4.    To destroy before it blooms
5.    None of these

Answer: 3

Question 17: To keeps one's temper

1.    To become hungry
2.    To be in good mood
3.    To preserve ones energy
4.    To be aloof from
5.    None of these

Answer: 2

Question 18: To catch a tartar

1.    To trap wanted criminal with great difficulty
2.    To catch a dangerous person
3.    To meet with disaster
4.    To deal with a person who is more than one's match
5.    None of these

Answer: 2

Question 19: To drive home

1.    To find one's roots
2.    To return to place of rest
3.    Back to original position
4.    To emphasise
5.    None of these

Answer: 4

Question 20: To have an axe to grind

1.    A private end to serve
2.    To fail to arouse interest
3.    To have no result
4.    To work for both sides
5.    None of these

Answer: 1

Verbal Analogies Vocabulary Quiz

Each question consist of two words which have a certain relationship to each other followed by four pairs of related words, Select the pair which has the same relationship.

Question 21: DIVA: OPERA

1.    producer: theatre
2.    director: drama
3.    conductor: bus
4.    thespian: play

Answer: 4

Question 22: GRAIN: SALT

1.    shard: pottery
2.    shred: wood
3.    blades: grass
4.    chip: glass

Answer: 4

Question 23: THRUST:SPEAR

1.    mangle: iron
2.    scabbard: sword
3.    bow: arrow
4.    fence: epee

Answer: 4

Question 24: PAIN: SEDATIVE

1.    comfort: stimulant
2.    grief: consolation
3.    trance: narcotic
4.    ache: extraction

Answer: 2

Question 25: LIGHT: BLIND

1.    speech: dumb
2.    language: deaf
3.    tongue: sound
4.    voice: vibration

Answer: 1

Sentence Improvement Questions

In questions given below, a part of the sentence is italicised and underlined. Below are given alternatives to the italicised part which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, option 'D' is the answer.

Question 26: The workers are hell bent at getting what is due to them.

1.    hell bent on getting
2.    hell bent for getting
3.    hell bent upon getting
4.    No improvement

Answer: 3

Question 27: When it was feared that the serfs might go too far and gain their freedom from serfdom, the protestant leaders joined the princes at crushing them.

1.    into crushing
2.    in crushing
3.    without crushing
4.    No improvement

Answer: 2

Question 28: If the room had been brighter, I would have been able to read for a while before bed time.

1.    If the room was brighter
2.    If the room are brighter
3.    Had the room been brighter
4.    No improvement

Answer: 3

Question 29: The record for the biggest tiger hunt has not been met since 1911 when Lord Hardinge. then Viceroy of India, shot a tiger than measured 11 feet and 6 inches.

1.    improved
2.    broken
3.    bettered
4.    No improvement

Answer: 2

Question 30: his powerful desire brought about his downfall.

1.    His intense desire
2.    His desire for power
3.    His fatal desire
4.    No improvement

Answer: 2

Final Words:

For getting more details about Vocabulary Quiz, you need to stay in touch with us only at www.privatejobshub.in. You can follow us on facebook and google plus for latest updates time to time.

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