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Why Do You Want to Work at Our Company? - HR Interview Best Answers Tips


Why Do You Want to Work at Our Company?

Why Do You Want to Work at Our Company- Whenever you go for an interview one question always asked “Why Do You Want to Work at Our Company?” So here we are presenting HR Interview Best Answers Tips on below page. Have a look…

In fact “Why do you want to work here?” question might be important for the HR Managers who are going to hire you for various reasons. Asking this question does not mean that they are inflating their egos.

 Why do you want to work here?”

Actually HR Managers who are going to hire you may ask this question to know either you are fit for the job or not or to understand your motivations in applying for the job and whether you’re likely to stay in the role for a while.

You must be able to answer both of these questions to ace your interview, and in order to do so you’ll need to go through below section of this page which is well created by the team members of www.privatejobshub.in.

Why Do You Want to Work at Our Company?

Step 1: How to Research the Company:

Your answer to this question does not involve your own career goals and motivations but you have to familiar with the company you’re interviewing with. If you already know everything about company then it’s a good match for you.

Rest people can check how to answer this question efficiently:

The Company Web Site

Start with the company web site. This may seem like an obvious approach, but you have to take the time to actually do it.

Media Coverage

You can get all the stuff from company’s websites but with a broader Google search you can learn even more. Look for recent articles about the company in the mainstream press and industry publications.

You’re Network

Your network may be your most valuable research source.  Reach out to trusted contacts in your network for information. A search on LinkedIn can quickly reveal who you know at the hiring company. An “inside contact” can provide priceless data and can even serve as an advocate.

Step 2: Answering “What do you like about this company?”

The hiring manager is looking for someone who will fit in at the company and enjoy working there.
A good answer will demonstrate knowledge of the company and industry. That means you must do your homework so that you can identify specific reasons for wanting to work for the firm.
These reasons could include one or several of the following:
  • Company general reputation
  • Reputation of key leaders
  • Admiration of products/services
  • Admiration of other company initiatives (marketing campaign, community involvement, training programs)
  • Company culture and values
  • Company growth/success
  • You can probably think of other reasons that would also work. Please note: “It’s close to my house” is not a good reason.
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Step 3: Answering “Why are you interested in the job?”
  • So you love the company and you can prove it. Think you’re all set? Not so fast. You must also be prepared to speak about the position. 
  • You must be able to discuss what excites you about the work. After all, every manager wants to hire someone who will love the work required and be committed to doing a great job.
  • A great answer will also allow you to sneak in information about how good you are at the work required.
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HR Interview Best Answers Tips
  • Tips to Answer the Interview Question – Why do you want to work at Our Company?
  • Show that you can add value to the company
  • Elaborate with your answer that you want this job
  • Explain about your skills suitable for position and willing to improve
  • Speak clearly while answering
  • Give variance in your on different parts of answering which shows your interest and enthusiastic
  • Research on company or organization
  • Discover some important facts related to target job
  • Mention something that you like about this company
  • Make a point which makes the interest of company recruiter to hear your answer
  • Describe about the of the role even that job is in daily routine
  • Think that why they not want to hire you and counter their logic
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Significant Words:

The above Tips will give the whole Best answer of your problem. While answering the question be confident and optimistic about the company. Do some research related to company and company official website on internet.

Comparing the job offered with your goal is the best way to answer such questions. With telling about the company you can also mention all positive factors that match your skills and goal.

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