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Indian Navy Interview Questions And Answers - Navy Interview Tips

Many candidates are currently applying for the Indian Navy to rank for a good position, may be you are one of them. If you fear how to face Indian Navy Interview Questions, then we guarantee you that you will not to worry for this after reading this.
We are providing the Indian navy Interview Tips to how to tackle most of the questions and what to do on not to do. We also list outs many of the commonly asked Indian Navy Interview Questions and Answers of it so you can prepare yourself almost.

Indian navy Tips
  • First of all matters is your look for first impression. Be in proper formal dress and well combed hair style.
  • Do not give any sign of nervousness and hesitation that may fall a bad impact in your impression.
  • Your mental alertness is much important in the interview.
  • Listen carefully for good reply. Gauge what the interviewer trying to know.
  • Clearly define your answer also takes help of some examples to illustrate your answer.
  • Make sure that you always be assertive, confident and optimistic.
  • Do not give any sign of Over-confidence.
  • You hand movement and attitude plays a vital role. Be calm and speak qualitative not quantitative.
Indian Navy Interview Questions and Answers

Ans. – This is tricky question asked to make you feel calm and the first question of any interview. Mention all your educational, background, Skills and goal in your answer. Do not add any extra points which can take your interview session somewhere else which you not even thought about. Yes, you can take your interview session in any way where you want by answer it with your ability.

Ans.StrengthYou can easily answer it from your current and previous experiences. Explore yourself to answer this question. Mention all those strengths that are needed for the Indian Navy, which showing you’re potential.

Weaknesses:This question is much important that can make your impression in positive or negative way. Keep this in mind that you can take your weakness into positive also. Be assertive, and mention those weaknesses that are not important for job and not also take you down.

Ques: What if you do not get recommended this time?

Ans. – Be confident and assertive.Simply answer that you will try for it next time too till you not selected for this. Show your eagerness to be selected in Indian Navy.

Ques: What do you belief of marriage?

Ques: Is love marriage better over Arrange marriage?

Ans. - Never say that you not believe in marriage or anything else which gives a bad impression. Differentiate between love marriages and arrange marriages and simply you can add that both are best at their place of meaning.

Ques: Do you have drink / booze?

Ans. – Be honest, if you say yes than be prepared with some related question that may come from interviewer side.You can simply say No in reply to avoid the unnecessary questioning from interviewer side.

Ques: Did you do any special preparation of Indian Navy?

Ans. – You have prepared very hard for Indian Navy and also qualified written test after which you are here in front of Interviewer. So tell with your experience about those books and magazines that you read for current affairs, newspapers and internet source of study and preparation to your success.

Ques: Why did you fail in previous attempt?

Ans. – This is a catchy question, and interviewer only wants to know what the main reason for which you failed before is. Be calm and assertive in your answer, and don’t blame to anyone for this.

Ques: Describe your ideal job and location?

Ans. – The better answer to this is to tell all those about the current job position you are applying for. You can elaborate your answer with some good example that suits to your answer.

Ques: What good books have you read lately?

Ans. – It’s a simple question in which you can answer the name of the book you read and be prepared with some questions that may be asked to you related to it.

Ans. –For this you first check some details of target job. Prepare your answer that impress the interviewer and also breaks the weaknesses that could limit your opportunities.

Ques: How do you feel about reporting to a younger person? (Minority, women, etc.)

Ans. –Remember while answering such question your voice tone and attitude is much important. Be calm during answering and flush those feeling that may be showing the superior attitude of yours. Make them sure that your work is important for you more than the position.

Ques: Would you lie for the job?

Ans. –You can answer that you will never do anything to hurt the India Navy. Loyalty against integrity occurs in this case, but be calm and assertively answer to this.

Ans. –You can give a good reason for your anger that not shows you are irresponsive.Best answer like corruption is a chance where you show your anger. You can tell how anger is can be used as tool.

There are lots of questions that can be asked in Indian Navy Interview. We have covered all those important question for which you must be prepared.

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