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SSC JE Interview Tips - SSC Junior Engineer Questions And Answers


SSC JE Interview Tips

Candidates’ qualified SSC Junior Engineer exam may check here SSC JE Interview Tips and Questions And Answers.  Thousands of aspirants every year appear themselves for SSC JE (SSC ‘Junior Engineer’) exams with an aim of being suitable to apply for a Junior Engineer placements all over India. To qualify JE exam candidates requires working very hard towards their aim and many of them among so many prove to be successful in cracking exams and interview phase too.
SSC JE Interview Tips
So, for same concern here we have listed up some SSC Junior Engineer Questions And Answers for candidates preparing for SSC JE Interview.  Soon after qualifying examination process, selected candidates asked to appear for next step of recruitment process in which he/she has to clear a personal interview.  However, clearing the ability only is not enough therefore; personality evaluation through attending a personal interview is necessary. So, here we are providing effective tips that are very helpful to crack and qualify SSC JE Exams.

SSC JE Interview Tips

SSC JE Interview Tips
Get Prepared for Interview; If you are going to appear any job or other interview, then it would be good for you to be prepared in advance for the topics on which you know the interviewer can be asked.

Dressing Style; Dressing is the major part of an Interview and thus you should choose the formal dressing code while he/she is going to take any interview. It will be the positive point for you the first impression you make on a potential employer can make a big difference.

Dressing Code you should use; Wear the formal clothes i.e. coat, pants, and shirt... Check below for few more;
  • You shirt must be tucked in.
  • You must tie a tie.
  • Use formal shoes only i.e. black or brown.
Carrying all documents; all the educational documents along with one or two photocopies must be carried and also a recent passport size photograph as will be a positive point for you…

While Entering in Room, walk confidently; as this is the top common thing you must keep in mind during a complete Interview. Yes! You have o be confident in front of an interviewer and the words should be quite clear.

Avoid Interview mistakes; You to be aware of the interview mistakes, for more use Google to know more about the most common job interview mistakes, blunders, and errors a candidate for employment can make.

Eye contact; is one of the major parts of an interview and if you make an eye contact between the interviewers, then you can show that you are self-assured. So, keep trying to make eye contact with all interviewers.

Thanks; is the last word that can set many things well... You should say thanks to all interviewers and exit from the room and keep smiling….

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Most Common Questions in Interview asking by the Interviewer:
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • You Why Should We Hire?
  • Can You Work Under Pressure?
  • What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?
  • What is the Difference between Confidence and Overconfidence?
  • Difference between Hard Work and Smart Work…
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SSC Junior Engineer Questions And Answers

#Introduce yourself? In this you are required to express yourself. Your introduction should be as long as possible.
  • An exhaustive introduction gives a fine impression to the people who are taking interview.
  • Tell everything about yourself candidly from family life to professional life.
# Why is your surname bit different? For this ‘Sometimes, candidates surname are different. So prepare a good answer for this question’.

#what is the current topic in the news? It is only for checking that how to update yourself to the nation and world. So you should keep touch current affairs.

#Why should we hire you, give just one reason? Well, it is most asked question in the interview, so prepare answer for this question according to your capability, strength & skills. So, here you don’t need to show over smartness…..

#how you are different from others? In this situation you will tell your ambition, outstanding academic qualification, long experience, vast knowledge; great problem solving ability and sharp analytical skills makes me different from rest of others. If you like it then you could add more to it.

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#where do you see yourself or wish to be in next 3 to 5 years from now? You must answer confidently by saying I would be leading a team of 10 to 20 fresher under me.
  • In next 3 to 5 years I would be at the senior managerial post responsible for the daily tactical operations of the company.
  • My presence for next 5 years would enormously benefit the company. You should convince them by saying that you matter a lot.
#Have you ever faced a challenging situation, if yes than how you managed it? You could tell a brief story.
  • It goes like this that when you were working in your previous company suddenly one of your team members who were a graphic designer quits.
  • And you had to finish and submit the work by the next day. 
  • Therefore instead of panicking I handled the situation by hiring a freelancer from a website.
  • He finished the work on time and we were able to submit our project on time.
#Will you be ready to go beyond the COD ‘Call of Duty’? Now, here again you need to answer straightly ‘yes’ that you would be ready to beyond call of duty if a situation or circumstance arises. If company needs me to work for extra hours without paying bonus then I would be ready to help the company in hard times. It is a different thing that in reality no one does. But here your answer should be yes for the moment.

#Are you willing to travel and relocate? You must be ready and prepared to travel at least. If it comes to relocate with your entire family then you should answer according to your wisdom.

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These effective tips are offered by our team for shaping up your mind sharp so that you must give your best in SSC JE Interview. So, Prepare well for your entire interview phase and all the very best!

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