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Why Did You Resign From Your Previous Job? New Job Interview Best Answer

A typical question that can be asked in an interview is “Why did you resign from your previous job?”  This question can strike anxiety even in the most confident person. This question is definitely asked when a candidates resigned from the previous profile and trying to get hire for the opening.

If you are going for any interview and facing the same condition then first you must read the following Best Answer to grab your new job. After reading this I guarantee you that you can easily answer for such question.

First check the variation in questioning –

Why did you leave / resign your position of ***?

This shows the interviewer interest in your position that you resigned for. By this question it defining what will be next question from interviewer side. Be prepared with relevant questions to your profile.

Why did you resign / leave your previous job?

This clarifies that interviewer just only to know why you want to apply for the opening after leaving the previous position.

Tips to give best answer for Why did you resign your previous job?
  • While answering to this question never speak badly about your previous company.
  • Show that you need the change or waiting for new challenges.
  • You can also give a reason of home location.
  • In your answer the current opening must look like your dream job.
  • You can also mention the personal reason for resigning from previous job.
  • Keep in mind not to bad mouth your previous organization or boss.
  • At the time of answering you must be positive even anything is happened in your previous job.
  • Be honest if you resigned voluntarily, interviewer is always try to know that is it was because of performance issue or any other problem.
  • There is no need to elaborate your answer and keep telling much on it. Keep you answer short and effective reasoning.
  • Your target must be the current opening and by this your answer will get a good point also depends on your ability of thinking. You can highlight the job duties.
There is a best answer for your help to elaborate your own answeron why did you resign from previous job?

After spending lots of time in XYZ Company, I wanted to look for various new challenges and opportunities. And sir, once if there is mind made up to quit, then no point as sound to just keep working with absence of interest and keeping eye on examining another job simultaneously.

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