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Famous Personalities Quiz | Online Practice Test For Competitive Exams


Famous Personalities Quiz

Famous Personalities Quiz: There are so many great thoughts said by famous personalities, or achievements of the individuals who have done great job in their respective field, but can you identify who are those? It really difficult, but It is expected that contenders are aware about those famous personalities as it will be asked in so many competitive or entrance examinations. There is no competitive exam without a question on Famous celebrities, so here we are presenting Online Practice Test for Competitive Exams. Let’s take test through Famous Personalities Quiz...

Quiz on famous personalities is as important question as it is for any other subject as far as general knowledge paper is concerned. It is expected that candidates are aware about the achievements of the persons who have done some great job in their respective field. So, candidates who are appearing in any service exam are expected to have general knowledge about famous personalities. Here on this page of www.privatejobshub.in you can find different Famous Personalities General Knowledge questions with four optional Answers for each question.

Famous Personalities Quiz

Question 1 The world's longest living man “Sakari Momoi” lives in:

1.    China
2.    USA
3.    Japan
4.    Argentina
5.    None of these

Answer: 3

Question 2 Maharaaja Samsara Chand was the king of which dynasty?

1.    Maurya Dynasty
2.    Katoch Dynasty
3.    Khilji Dynasty
4.    Chauhan Dynasty

Answer: 2

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Question 3 Baba Kanshi Ram was a resident of which district?

1.    Hamirpur
2.    Chamba
3.    Lahoul-Spiti
4.    Kangra

Answer: 4

Question 4 Larry Pressler is a famous?

1.    Actor
2.    Tennis player
3.    Politician
4.    Painter

Answer: 3

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Question 5 Raja Ravi Verma, was famous for:

1.    Music
2.    Politics
3.    Dance
4.    Painting

Answer: 4

Question 6 From the below following who is known as 'Desert Fox'?

1.    Bismarck
2.    Eisenhower
3.    Gen. Rommel
4.    Walter Scott

Answer:  3

Question 7 Who was the first Indian to swim across English channel?

1.    Arati Saha
2.    Mihir Sen
3.    V. Merchant
4.    P. K. Banerji

Answer: 2

Question 8 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is known as 'Indian Bismarck'?

1.    True
2.    False

Answer: 1

Question 9 Annie Besant was known for _________

1.    Theosophist
2.    All of these
3.    Women\'s rights activist
4.    Writer

Answer: 2

Question 10 Gyan Prasarak Mandali, an organization dedicated to the education of the adult was formed by –

1.    M M Malviya
2.    Lokmanya Tilak
3.    G K Gokhale
4.    Dadabhai Naoroji


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Question 11 Who is known as father of Geometry?

1.    Pythagoras
2.    Kepler
3.    Aristotle
4.    Euclid

Answer: 4

Question 12 Ude Felix is famous in the field of:

1.    Football
2.    Hockey
3.    Volleyball
4.    Tennis

Answer: 2     

Question 13 Dr. V. Kurien is famous in the field of ?

1.    Dairy development
2.    Economic Reforms
3.    Atomic Power
4.    poultry farms

Answer: 1

Question 14 Naina Devi is known in the  field of?

1.    Classical dance
2.    Vocal music
3.    Social Service
4.    Stage acting

Answer: 2

Question 15 Who is known as 'Trimurthy of Carnatic Music'?

1.    Purandardasa
2.    Swami Thirunal
3.    Muthuswami Dikshitar
4.    None of these

Answer: 3

Question 16 Larry Pressler is a ?

1.    Actor
2.    Tennis player
3.    Politician
4.    Painter

Answer: 3

Question 17 Michael Jackson is a distinguished person in the field of?

1.    Pop Music
2.    Jounalism
3.    Sports
4.    Acting

Answer: 1

Question 18 The chairperson of the Federal Reserve, United States is whom among the following?

1.    John Williams
2.    Janet Yellen
3.    Ben Bernanke
4.    Robert Parry
5.    None of these

Answer: 2

Question 19 Charles Correa has distinguished himself in which of the following fields?

1.    Ballet
2.    Western Music
3.    Painting
4.    Architecture

Answer: 4

Question 20 who was the first president of USA to visit India?

1.    George Washington
2.    D.W Eisenhower
3.    Thomas Jefferson
4.    John F Kennedy

Answer: 2

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The above Famous Personalities Quiz is designed by our expert team of www.privatejobshub.in so keep preparing and stay with us!!

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