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Indian Army Interview Questions and Answers for Engineers 2014

Indian Army is hiring many energetic candidates from Pre-final engineering in 2014. Students those who have qualified for Indian Army Interview after written Exam must get to know some fact that will really help them.

We are providing most commonly asked Indian Army Interview Questions for Engineers 2014 with best Answers suited for it. You must read these for performing well in Indian Army Engineers Interview 2014.

Indian Army Interview Questions and Answers for Engineers 2014

Ques  : Tell us about yourself in brief?

Ans. –Tell about your background, educational, knowledge, skills and expertise. You can easily answer this question easily and using trick you can give any way to your interview session.

Ques  : What are your goals?

Ans. – Be sure that you must be clear in defining your goals and objective. Mention your short-term and long-term goals. Make sure then your goal must be related to your career path.

Ques  : Why should we hire you?

Ans. – Mention those skills and capabilities of you that are suitable for the job and making you the perfect fit. Never make comparison with other candidates that are present here for interview.

Ques  : What are your weak and strong points?

Ans. – Be prepared with a good reply for this question, a mostly asked one. Make a list gauging you of skills and weak.

Ques  : Tell us something about your past experiences?

Ans. – Mention your hardest point which makes you the perfect fit for the current job and you are best match for it.

Ques  : What is your overall career objective? And where do you see yourself in the next
five years?

Ans. – Put your objectives and goals front and how they are best and will be achieved by you.

Ques  : Tell me about a time when you helped resolve a dispute between others.

Ans. – List out your last experiences for giving a well answer of it.

Ques  : Rate yourself on a scale of 10 on the basis of your technology know how?

Ans. – Be honest and gauge yourself and according to your skill and abilities give the points to yourself.

Ques  : Name three positive and three negative qualities of yours?

Ans. – Be trustworthy and check your personal background to get the best answer against this question. Interviewer just wants to know how much you know about yourself.

Ques  : Tell me about your greatest success in using the principles of logic to solve an engineering problem.

Ans. – You can tell all about your last experience of your greatest success that you made and improved your skills

Ques  : Some of the best-engineered ideas are born out of an individual’s ability to challenge, others’ ways of thinking. Tell me about a time when you were successful in doing this.

Ans. – Candidates may face these types of questions that may ask all about your ideas and knowledge and skills. Prepare with a good answer of questions like this.

Ques  : Your surname is different. Why is it so?

Ans. – Sometimes Interviewer just to learn about your ability to handle pressure by such question.

Ques  : What is your view about arrange marriage & love marriage, which is best?

Ans. – For checking your social thinking and also interaction may be interviewer can also ask such question.

Ques  : Why should we hire you?

Ans. – Mention all those capabilities and expertise that you have. Do not overconfident and never make comparison between you and other candidates as this can give negative impression.

Ques  : What is the current topic in the news?

Ans. – By this employer just checking your current awareness and consciousness. You can lest the last read news or that you have listened carefully. Be careful interviewer can ask relevant questions.

Ques  : Tell how would you improve for keep doing good jobs?

Ans. – You can indicate that you regularly check yourself and your concert. If you find any weakness you try to recover those with eradicating them or you can also add more impressive things.

We hope your all best in Indian Army Interview and get good scored marks in it.

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