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Invention Quiz Questions and Answers | Free Discoveries Trivia Quizzes Online


Invention Quiz Questions and Answers

Invention Quiz Questions and Answers: Candidates who are going to appear in any of the competitive exam are informed that here on this page we are providing you Invention Quiz Questions and Answers so have a look below!

The provided questions and answers are collected from the various sources, with aim to provide you quality stuff! The below provided Online Discoveries Trivia Quizzes will surely help you in improving your knowledge of inventors and their inventions.

Free Discoveries Trivia Quizzes Online:

The quiz on inventions and discoveries remind us great work of our fore fathers. Invention and discoveries are something very special to human and distinct it from other animals as the intellect of human brain is always in search of answers and solution for the betterment of life on whole earth.

There happened to be great scientists on this world who conscientiously went deep in their subject and gifted something on which world rejoiced. Our team of www.privatejobshub.in is providing you Invention Quiz Questions and Answers in the below section of this page, interested candidates take a look.

Invention Quiz Questions and Answers

Question 1 In which decade was the telegraph invented?

1.    1810s
2.    1840s
3.    1870s
4.    1890s

Answer: 2

Question 2 what inspired reflecting road lights to be invented?

1.    Car door reflecting mirrors
2.    The light cat’s eyes gave off on a fence
3.    Sun light on steel posts on road sides
4.    The sun light on the windshield

Answer: 2

Question 3 when were blue jeans invented?

1.    1900s
2.    1860s
3.    1870s
4.    1850s 
Answer: 4

Question 4 who invented Electric Generator?

1.    Sir Alexander Graham Bell
2.    Michael Faraday
3.    Alfred B. Nobel
4.    Thomas Alva Edison

Answer: 2

Question 5 What device for new parents did Ann Moore invent in 1969?

1.    Bottle warmer
2.    Baby monitor
3.    Disposable diaper
4.    Infant carrier

Answer: 4

Question 6 In which decade was the transistor invented?

1.    1940s
2.    1950s
3.    1960s
4.    1980s

Answer: 1

Question 7 What Igor Sikorsky invented?

1.    Hydroplane
2.    Jet engine airplane
3.    Helicopter
4.    Glider

Answer: 3

Question 8 What Henry Bessemer invented?

1.    Aluminum
2.    Electroplating
3.    Steel Converter
4.    Steel rolling mill

Answer: 3

Question 9 Who invented Bakelite?

1.    Charles Goodyear
2.    Leo Hendrik Baekeland
3.    Roy Plunkett
4.    Henry Ford

Answer: 2

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Question 10 What toy was invented by Joshua Lionel Cowen around 1900?

1.    Raggedy Ann doll
2.    Yo-yo
3.    Electric train
4.    Tinkertoys

Answer: 3

Question 11 This African-American woman physical therapist worked with soldiers disabled in World War II. She invented a device that helped the disabled to eat by delivering food through a tube to a mouthpiece.

1.    Bessie Blount
2.    Marjorie Joyner
3.    Mae Jamison
4.    Beulah Henry

Answer: 1

Question 12 What invention by Garnet Carter made its debut at the Fairyland Inn Resort in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, in 1927?

1.    Miniature golf
2.    Swimming pool slide
3.    Ski lift
4.    Golf cart

Answer: 1

Question 13 Who invented the phonograph?

1.    Thomas Edison
2.    John Kruesi
3.    Jules Levy
4.    Alexander Graham Bell

Answer: 2

Question 14 What beverage was invented by Charles Alderton in 1885 in Waco, Texas?

1.    Cream soda
2.    Coca-Cola
3.    Dr. Pepper
4.    Sprite

Answer: 3

Question 15 Who invented fuel cells in 1839?

1.    Buckminster Fuller
2.    Sir William Grove
3.    Sylvester Graham
4.    Joyce Hall

Answer: 2

Question 16 The ELECTRIC BATTERY, who's charged with inventing this one?

1.    Hertz
2.    Amper
3.    Galvani
4.    Volta

Answer: 4

Question 17 Air conditioner was discovered by

1.    Edison
2.    Wilson
3.    Carrier
4.    Roentgen

Answer: 3

Question 18 Roentgen discovered

1.    Electrocardiograph
2.    X–rays
3.    Anti polio vaccine
4.    Encephalograph

Answer: 2

Question 19 Who invented logarithms?

1.    Mandeleef
2.    Shockley
3.    Amundson
4.    John Napier

Answer: 4

Question 20 Television was invented by

1.    Sholes
2.    J.L.Baird
3.    Shockley
4.    John Napier

Answer: 2


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