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Quiz on Books and Authors With Answers, GK Ques/Ans Famous Books, Quizzes


Quiz on Books and Authors With Answers

Quiz on Books and Authors With Answers: Applicants can test their knowledge with the help of Quiz on Books and Authors With Answers. Whether it is the Government job, or the any entrance exam of any course, GK and Current Affairs have a vital role to play. We have brought some Famous Books and Authors Quiz With Answers which will definitely help the candidates to qualify the General Knowledge section. Solved GK Question with Answer on Famous Books and Authors, are given below.

Below provided Quiz on Famous Books and Authors are useful for any competitive exam like IAS, bank PO, SSC CGL, RAS, CDS, UPSC exams and all state related exams. This Online GK Quiz covers all those topics which can be useful for any competitive Exams. Candidates must go through the below section of this page of www.privatejobshub.in to get complete details regarding Quizzes on Books and Authors.

Books and Authors - General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Question 1: Who is the author of the book 'Nineteen Eighty Four'?
  1. Thomas Hardy
  2. Emile Zola
  3. George Orwell
  4. Walter Scott
Answer: 3

Question 2: Who among the following wrote the poem Subh-e-Azadi? 
  1. Sahir Ludhiyanvi
  2. Faiz Ahmed Faiz
  3. Muhammad IQbal
  4. Maulana abul kalam
Answer: 2

Question 3: Panchatantra has been written by 
  1. Surdas
  2. Kalidas
  3. Vishnu Sharma
  4. Vishakhadatta
Answer: 3

Question 4: Who said, Child is the father of Man? 
  1. Lord Byron
  2. William Wordsworth
  3. Shakespeare
  4. John Keats
Answer: 2

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Question 5: The book Infinite Justice was written by       
  1. Indira Goswami
  2. Arundhati Roy
  3. Kushwant Singh
  4. Jules Verne
Answer: 2

Question 6: The White Tiger was written by         
  1. Faust
  2. Salman Rushdie
  3. Nibal Singh
  4. Aravind Adiga
Answer: 4

Question 7: At 25th anniversary of Man Bookers Prize whose novel was chosen as the best novel out of all the winners?
  1. J.G. Farrell for Troubles
  2. Salman Rushdie for Midnight Children
  3. V.S Naipaul for In a Free State
  4. Graham Swift for Last orders
Answer: 2

Question 8: Author of A Tale of Two Cities is _______________
  1. Charles Dickens
  2. Jonathan Swift
  3. John Bunyan
  4. Thomas Hardy
Answer: 1

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Question 9: Which of the following is NOT written by Munshi Premchand?
  1. Gaban
  2. Godan
  3. Guide
  4. Manasorovar
Answer: 3

Question 10: Who is the author of the book 'Forbidden Verses'?
  1. Salman RushDie
  2. Abu Nuwas
  3. Ms. Taslima Nasrin
  4. D.H. Lawrence
Answer: 2

Question 11: Who wrote the book Discovery of India? 
  1. Vikram Seth
  2. Rabindranath Tagore
  3. Mahatama Gandhi
  4. Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer: 4

Question 12: Sishu is the literary work of which Indian author? 
  1. Vikram Seth
  2. Jawaharlal Nehru
  3. Rabindranath Tagore
  4. Arundhati Roy
Answer: 3

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Question 13: Who wrote the book The Story of the Integration of the Indian States? 
  1. BN Rau
  2. C Rajagopalachari
  3. Krishna Menon
  4. VP Menon
Answer: 4

Question 14: Who has written Mother India ? 
  1. Sarojini Naidu
  2. Rajiv Gandhi
  3. awaharlal Nehru
  4. Katherine Mayo
Answer: 4

Question 15: Who is the author of Hamlet? 
  1. Christopher Marlowe
  2. Geoffrey Chaucer
  3. William Shakespeare
  4. Edith Wharton
Answer: 3

Question 16: Who is the author of the book 'No Full Stops in India'?
  1. Raj Mohan Gandhi
  2. Shyam lal
  3. E.M. Forster
  4. Mark Tully
Answer: 4

Question 17: Which of the following is a biography of the Lady Mountbatten?
  1. Edwina Mountbatten - A Life of Her Own.
  2. Edwina Mountbatten - Her relationship with Nehru
  3. Mountbatten
  4. Edwina Mountbattten
Answer: 1

Question 18: 'Nature never did betray the heart that loved her' is a quotation from
  1. W.Wordsworth
  2. J.Brayon
  3. P.B.Shelly
  4. J.Keats
Answer: 1

Question 19: Who is the author of the book 'Freedom Behind Bars'?
  1. Kiran Bedi
  2. Jawaharlal Nahru
  3. Sheikh Abdullah
  4. Nelson Mandela
Answer: 1

Question 20: The book 'Satanic Verses' was written by
  1. Gunnar Myrdal
  2. William Golding
  3. Salman Rushdie
  4. Agatha Christie
Answer: 3

Final Words:

Following Quiz on Books and Authors With Answers are based on various important and famous books which are important for General Knowledge and for various competitive examination. If applicants have any query regarding Quiz on Books and Authors With Answers then drop the comment in comment box which is provided below. You can also follow us on Facebook & Google+ to get the latest information regarding Quiz on Books and Authors With Answers.

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