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CCS University Question Paper – BA/BBC/BBA/BED/LLB Previous Sample Papers


CCS University Question Paper

CCS University Question Paper: Those candidates who are studying in Chaudhary Charan Singh University and looking for CCS University Question Paper to appear in University exams they can get from here. Chaudhary Charan Singh University conducts various examinations in such courses BA, BBA, BBC, BED, BED LLB etc to promote candidates to next level. From this single page, you can check CCS University Previous year Sample Papers in PDF format which will help you in the preparation of the exams.

Chaudhary Charan Singh University is also called as CCS University. In early times it was known as Meerut University which is a public state university situated in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. In 1965, Chaudhary Charan Singh University was recognized. CCS University is one of the largest institutions of higher education and offers various courses. Candidates who are looking for CCS University Question Paper for BA, BBC, BBA, BED, LLB, B.Sc., M.Sc, B.Com, M.Com Previous Papers, they can check from the below uttered section of this page. Before the examination, candidates must check the Previous questions and answers.

Applicants can easily download CCS University Previous Year Questions Paper in PDF format, to prepare well to score good marks in the exams. These CCS University Previous Year Sample Papers helps students in understanding the exam pattern, so applicants can easy solve their question paper without wasting time. PDF

CCS University Question Paper

CCS University Previous Year Question Paper:

CCS University M.A. (Philosophy) Question Paper
CCS University B.Sc. Question Paper (IIIrd Year ED (Code -A/B/C-393)
M.Sc (Ag) IInd Sem (Ag. Chemistry and Soil Science)
M.Sc (Ag) IVth Sem (Horticulture)
M.Sc (Ag) IInd Sem (Horticulture)
M.Sc. IVth Sem (Ag. Chemistry)
M.A. Final (Mathematics)
BA Or BSc (same subject)

CCS University Previous Sample Papers

Ques: 1: Which of the following is a gram-positive bacterium?

1.    Lactobacillus
2.    Staphylococci
3.    Streptococci
4.    All of these

Answer: 4

Ques: 2: A fluid in which the viscosity decreases with increasing stirrer speed and mixing time, can be represented as

1.    newtonian fluid
2.    pseudoplastic, thixotropic fluid
3.    dilatant, rheopectic fluid
4.    dilatant, pseudoplastic fluid

Answer:  2

Ques: 3: Which of the following compound, if added to a solution will lead to the greatest increase in viscosity?

1.    A globular protein
2.    Glucose
3.    A long chain protein such as albumin
4.    Water

Answer: 2

Ques: 4: Which of the following gram-positive bacteria causes pharyngitis (sore throat)?

1.    Neisseria
2.    Streptococcus
3.    Staphylococcus
4.    Mycobacterium

Answer: 2

Ques: 5: The term “Statistics” is originated from __________from Statistia

1.    French
2.    Mexican
3.    Italian
4.    English

Answer:  3

Ques: 6: The best described action of Pluronic F68 (non-ionic detergent) in a cell culture medium is that, it

1.    acts on the surface properties of the cells and the culture medium
2.    provides nutrients for the cells
3.    acts as a flocculant
4.    acts as a coagulant

Answer: 1

Ques: 7: A thixotropic fluid is one in which the viscosity

1.    is constant regardless of the stirrer speed or mixing time
2.    changes during mixing but returns to its original state after mixing
3.    increases with mixing time
4.    decreases with mixing time

Answer: 2

Ques: 8: White star is variety of

1.    Cheese Roses
2.    Dahlia
3.    Tulip
4.    Marigold

Answer: 1

Ques: 9: Pant Rituraj is variety of

1.    Tomato
2.    Cauliflower
3.    Brinjal
4.    Cabbage

Answer: 3

Ques: 10: Which of the following is/are not a gram-positive bacteria?

1.    Streptococci
2.    Pseudomonas
3.    Mycobacterium
4.    None of these

Answer: 2

11. Which of the following is a gram-positive bacteria?

a.) Lactobacillus
b.) Staphylococci
c.) Streptococci
d.) All of these


12. A fluid in which the viscosity decreases with increasing stirrer speed and mixing time, can be represented as

a.) newtonian fluid
b.) pseudoplastic, thixotropic fluid
c.) dilatant, rheopectic fluid
d.) dilatant, pseudoplastic fluid

Answer: b

13. Bacteria are

a.) saprophytic
b.) symbiotic
c.) hyper parasitic
d.) all of these

Answer: a

14. Coliform bacteria on fermentation of carbohydrates yields

a.) lactic acid
b.) acetic acid
c.) formic acid
d.) all of these

Answer: d

15. Which of the following gram-negative bacteria is/are not aerobic?

a.) Pseudomonas
b.) Neisseria
c.) Escherichia
d.) None of these

Answer: c

16. Income Tax is a

a.) Direct Tax
b.) Indirect tax
c.) Both of Above
d.) None of these

Answer: a

17. Peat soils belong to soil order

a.) Aridisols
b.) Oxisols
c.) Entisols
d.) Histosols

Answer: d

18. White star is variety of

a.) Cheese Roses
b.) Dahlia
c.) Tulip
d.) Marigold

Answer: a

19. The term “Statistics” is originated from __________from Statistia

a.) French
b.) Mexican
c.) Italian
d.) English

Answer: c

20. Opportunities analysis is

a.) Necessary
b.) Unnecessary
c.) compulsory
d.) None of these

Answer: a

About University:

Earlier, Chaudhary Charan Singh University (CCS University) was known by Meerut University. CCS University was established in the year of 1965. Chaudhary Charan Singh University celebrated its silver jubilee in the year of 1991. The current vice-chancellor of the university is Professor Narendra Kumar Taneja.

CCS University Main Road, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 200005
0121 276 3539
Deep Chand (IAS officer)
Total enrollment
29,122 (2011)
University Grants Commission, National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Association of Indian Universities
 Narendra Kumar Taneja

CCS University Question Paper:

Every years Chaudhary Charan Singh University has updated latest CCSU previous Year Question Papers on its official website that is www.ccsuniversity.ac.in. Those candidates who want to prepare well for CCSU Exams can start preparation from CCSU Sample Paper. CCS University Sample Papers are available on this page for various courses such as BA, BBC, BBA, BED, LLB, B.Sc., M.Sc, B.Com, M.Com etc. Candidates can also download CCS University Question Paper from here by the help of below given simple guidelines or by pressing above given Official PDFs Links.

How to download CCS University Question Paper:
  • Firstly you have to visit the official website that is www.ccsuniversity.ac.in to get CCS University Previous Sample Papers
  • You will find the related link “Objective Sample Question” below the “News & updates” links.
  • Choose the Link of CCS University Question Paper as per your course.
  • A PDF File of CCSU Previous Year Question Papers will be opened on the screen.
  • Save Official PDFs of CCSU Sample Question Papers on your desktop.
  • In the last step take the print out of CCS University Exam Question Papers for future use.
  • You don’t have to visit here and there, we have provided you direct link of the CCS University Question Papers. If you have any query regarding this page, you can leave it in the comment box.

You can download sample paper through the Official Link. You may also bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D to get updated information.

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