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How To Prepare For JEE Advanced 2017 In Last 30 Days Tips To Crack Exam


How To Prepare For JEE Advanced

How To Prepare For JEE Advanced 2017: Thinking!!!! How to Prepare For JEE Advanced????? Well, this is a big obstacle that always comes in our never ending thinking of mind…. In order to crack JEE Advanced exam, one will try to Study with Plan, not by number of hours and make an effort to improve your speed i.e. you need to increase the number of questions that you solve in a fixed period of time. To cop up this problem, we are providing you best Tips to Crack Exam in Last 30 Days. With the help of this, students can able to get success in JEE Advanced.
How To Prepare For JEE Advanced
Candidates, who are thinking to prepare for JEE Advanced Exam, sometimes they become pressurized in way to crack the exam.  They thinks by becoming a book warm, they can able to crack the examination, but it is totally wrong as with proper guidance and with proper plans and strategy , one can able to sail the boat in heavy storm too. All you need is to follow the steps which are provided for your easiness, which will help you in preparing for JEE Advanced.

Preparation Material

How To Prepare For JEE Advanced 

Tips To Crack Exam In Last 30 Days

Aspirants who are preparing to compete against JEE Advanced should be searching for a fruitful plan to crack the examination. Dear students!!!! It’s the time to pull up your socks and start working hard for JEE Advanced. Candidates are advised to follow these tips as it will help you in getting a step closer to your dream college!!!!!!!!!

1) Plan a timetable

It is very important to prepare a timetable as it will help you in doing things strategically. You must be acknowledged about your routine study schedule from this. As your, daily plan will include revising and learning the assigned goals. One should prepare a timetable, before start preparing for the exam. Build a good timetable and follow it thoroughly.

2) Start taking up challenges
  • Dare to take challenges as these will help you in overcoming your weak areas and point out your limitations……
  • Challenges help you in giving rush and to be able to surmount them should give you major satisfaction. Give a new start and always try to study difficult topics when you are most alert and intense.

3) Solve previous year’s question papers

Students should lay more focus on solving question papers of previous years. As solving question papers give us an idea about the exam pattern and the type of questions asked in the exam. Through it, one can able to rectify their weakness and limitations. After rectifying the weak points, one can start working on those weak areas. Aspirants should try to solve at least two papers a day, as it will increase your working speed too.

4) Elucidate all the doubts

Never felt bad or underestimate while elucidating your doubts. Clarifying doubts is an important step as it helps in clearing up the doubts and increases the score in the exam. So, never hesitate while clarifying your doubts. You can also spell out your doubts through online by sitting at home too. The perfect method is to mark the questions and topics which you find difficult and you need help with and devote time to them with an expert or your teacher.

5) Focus on your health and sleep

In rush of preparation, you don’t forget about your heath, as it is very essential to keep oneself healthy during examination process. Students should take proper sleep and avoiding work which gives stress. Students should eat nutritious and healthy food.

While preparing for JEE Advanced, one should do self study. Students should concentrate on their work, they can ask the experts and teachers about the difficult topics but study by oneself is most important. Focus on important chapters. Solve mock test paper yourselves and take help of experts if needed.

7) Optimistic attitude

One should keep positive attitude, as positive attitude gives you good vibes and helps you in overcoming your weak areas. If you have a desire to do something, then enthusiasm helps you in overcoming that area. With positivity one cannot become a good performer but one can able to build himself / herself. Negativity will gives out nothing but results as frustration and failure of the desired work.

8) Prepare from good books

In order to prepare for examinations, one should read books with good information. There are many books available in the market, but one should choose few books. Take the help of NCERT books as your base book.

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Some important books for JEE advanced:

Name Of The Book
Writer / Publisher
To Be Used
NCERT physics for 11th and 12th
text book

Problems in general physics
HC Verma
Test book and problem exercise
Elements of dynamic part I and II
S.L. Loney
Reference book
J. Edward
Reference book
Arihant prakashan
Reference book
Vectors and 3- D geometry
Arihant prakashan
Reference book
Organic chemistry
Text book
University chemistry
Bruce H. Mahan
Reference book
IIT chemistry
O. P. Aggarwal
Reference book

Other useful tips for JEE Preparation:
  • Stay motivated, don’t under estimate yourself.
  • Make your study time effective with full concentration.
  • Stay confident and improve your speed.
  • Take good care of your health, sleep well and take a balanced and a healthy diet.
  • Vectors are also to be taken care for 3D geometry.
  • In algebra properly prepare the topics, Complex numbers and Probability as they prove to be scoring.
  • In Physics, one should master Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Optics, Electrodynamics & Modern Physics.
  • Take note of every silly mistake you are prone to commit.
  • Avoid extra-curricular activities like watching movies, cricket (especially IPL) & other during the 11th, 12th standards.
  • Focus on your study.
  • Appear for mock tests of different types.
  • Take coaching classes, if needed. It may be online or offline.
Hope you find it useful……..All the best!!!!!!! Work hard, as ‘Hard Work Is The Key To Success’…. Keep focused……

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