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How to Improve Communication Skills in English at Work: 10 Easy Tips


How to Improve Communication Skills

English has become a language of the whole world. Due to this it is becoming more important for all of us to have solid English speaking skills. We are in the world where we have to speak to others according to other’s comfort. The way we talk to others must show our knowledge and skills so we do not need to explore more about it again.

Every person is trying his level best to make his English much better. Some are taking English classes or going with any other resource to learn English. But there must be some common things through which misunderstandings are arising in the result of what you say. There are some points to improve your English and that will also help in improving your communication skills at work.

How to Improve Communication Skills

Tips to improve English:
  • First you need to understand the basic fundamentals of English and practice oral communication in English. Need not fear of making mistakes. Mistakes are the best source of learning a thing properly.
  • The biggest problem you may face is expressing your feelings in words. But first you need to speak to check your mistakes in framing your thoughts. The thing you need to keep is confidence and courage to practice and work hard.
  • All of you may have thought once about what others will think if you will make mistakes. To develop your English skills you just need to throw out this hesitation and thinking otherwise you will not be able to speak English properly till the last day.
  • One thing more you need to do is to interact with more and more people in English. Try to bring fluency in your speaking, while talking to your friends, family or colleagues.
  • You can also use dictionary or can also use internet to learn new words to give your thought a strong structure to speak. Focus more on reading full sentences if you got, which you may use while talking with a little modification.
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10 Easy Tips to Improve Communication Skills in English:

1. Be a Good Listener:

Listen carefully and try to understand what others are saying. Clear your misunderstandings related to same by questioning him/her. Due to this the person who is speaking will also feel that he/she is being heard. The most important thing you need to do is to be a single-task person. Pay attention to the whole concept of conversation.This can be done with the help of following ways-
  • Avoid Interruption
  • Showing Interest
  • Focus on speaking person
2. Non-Verbal Communication:

This is an also important point for the leaders to understand. It includes body language, gesture, facial expression, eye contact and the tone of our voice and provides a clear picture about what the person wants to communicate. Body language shows the positive attitude of a person.
  • Observe People
  • Consider individual differences
  • Identify all the wordless factors in a group

3. Prefer most useable way of communication:

Every person has his/her own preferred way of communicating to others. Before communicating with other you must first know the way he/she mostly prefers to communicate. This may include e-mails, messages, voice mails or anything else. Respect the preference of the person you need to contact.

4. Check your tone:

If you are communicating through message or e-mail, it becomes difficult for you to explain your tone. Another person may feel anything regarding your behavior. So, try avoiding more use of exclamatory marks and never write or reply for any email or message in an angry and stressed mood.

5. Proofread once:

Always check once what you have type. This will show you your mistakes if done. You must also check your grammar once otherwise it can make some other sense of the thing you said. You may also ask anybody else to check the matter once and ask him if any mistake or misunderstanding is there.

6. Pay attention to your language:

While texting to your boss or any colleague, never use any informal type of language in your message. Make sure you are not using any type of abbreviations or acronym in your writing. Every acronym may have some or the other meaning for everyone. Never get misunderstood by using such words.

7. Be brief and specific:

What you are trying to say is important, whether it is verbal or written communication. You must make sure that you have provided enough information to understand what you are trying to say to others if it is a verbal communication. But if you are using texting way of communication, be specific but not brief. Check once your text before sending it. What you have written must give the information regarding what you are saying and also must be short.

8. Balancing Stress:

Stress disturbs your mind ability to react and act accordingly. It directly hampers your mental ability to misread the situation. It results misunderstanding in other person’s feelings or what he is trying to say. By managing your stress even when you are upset, it will help you to act accordingly and understand the person’s feelings properly.
  • Relax yourself
  • Develop a sense of humor
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9. Positive Environment:

Environment plays an important role in communication. Talking with people with whom you spend most of your time improves your way of communication. It helps in guiding you to react in front of the people you come in contact with. If you practice talking in English with your friends or relatives you will definitely come to know your mistakes and weakness.

10. Maintain a positive attitude:

You must always keep a smile on your face while interacting with others. This will show your positive attitude and other person will definitely get a good impression of yours. If you smile and give positive response to what others are saying, you will also get a positive response of your words.

Above steps will definitely help you in improving your English communication skills at work. If your way of communication is positive and effective at your work place it will definitely take you and your company to a great success.

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