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How To Score Good Marks In Exams | Tips-Tricks to Get 100% Success in Exam


How To Score Good Marks In Exams

Every student wants to know way to score maximum marks in exam with minimum effort! That’s why, today we here to discuss about How to Score Good Marks in Exams. Here we will share same Tips-Tricks to Get 100% Success in Exam. Many students complain that they work very hard in their study but fail to get good marks in exams this is because, they are not utilizing the time effectively in a good way.

With the help of this article, read some easy method to utilize your time effectively and study well to score good marks in exams. First of all you should be determined to study because this is the most important part. Take initiative by yourself to achieve something in life and focus on your big goals. The pressure of scoring good marks and that’s also in such a tough completion is not an easy task.

So, we advice our readers to read this article completely and get Tips-Tricks to Score Good Marks In Exams. This page is prepared by expert team members of www.privatejobshub.in so you can have a glance below and clarify all your queries related to How to Score Good Marks in Exams.

How To Score Good Marks In Exams

Provided tips and tricks to score marks are really useful because after doing research on more than 200 students, we find that if an average students will follow these tips, he/ she will definitely score more than 90% marks in exam.

So, hurry up and don’t waste your time anymore, and have a look on listed tricks to score good marks in exams.

Regular Attendance:
  • A student must go to school/ college regularly.
  • He must attend all his classes.
  • He should be physically and mentally present in class.
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  • A student must adjust his time by preparing a proficient timetable.
  • A student must have a playing & leisure time in his timetable.
  • A student should have time for his weak traits and curricular activities.
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Positive Attitude:
  • Students must create a positive attitude in his studies.
  • It helps in increasing his performance as well as develops his personality and character.
  • Positive attitude makes a student mentally fresh which help him to focus on his studies and students secure good marks.
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Proper Schedule:
  • A student must make a proper schedule of his studies, playing & Leisure time.
  • By scheduling, a student can study every subject effectively.
  • It will help in reducing his anxiety & increase focus on studies.
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Ask for Help:
  • If a student has any problem in any subject he should ask for help for his teachers, parents or elder brother and sister.
  • A student should not get hesitated in asking queries and problems.
Learn to use All sources well (Syllabus):
  • Many test centers offers only limited sources to prepare and this can simply lead to destruction in preparation.
  • Knowing this, you should know that how to practice this during your preparation phase in order to avoid complications.
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  • A student must revise/learn the work done in school on the very same day.
  • Revision makes his learning more effective which will help him in exams.
Regular Homework:
  • A student must complete his homework on the very same day it is given.
  • Homework is given to the student to revise the work done in the school.
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  • A test is given by a teacher to check the performance & knowledge of the student.
  • A student must have to prepare his test and take his test as an important part of his studies.
  • A test helps a student to prepare our topics, to check the ability and to solve his problems.
Different learning styles:
  • A student must use the method of learning which makes him understand easily & frequently.
  • A student should work on his memory to increase focus in studies.
  • He can increase his memory by playing memory games.
  • Meditation is an important activity to increase memory. A student must do meditation for sometimes.
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Practice Well Mock Test Papers and Prepare With Previous Tests:
  • One can get a good idea about tests from many sources such as previous test’s overview.
  • It is a good way to use the same test multiple times, because as this can seriously improve your skills.
  • So, this habit will exposes you to a greater volume of questions.
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Is It Possible For Everyone To Score More Than 90+ Percentages?

No, not for everyone it is possible to score more than 90%. This is all your hard work from the beginning of your class. Most of the students do not take first 9 months too seriously. They start their preparations just before the 3 months of exams through which it is not possible to score good marks. Your each day is important for final result.

So is it OK? Absolutely yes, only if you are fully prepared with your notes and every stuff related to exam then you can score very good marks. Use your last 3 months in reading or practicing those notes and not collecting them.

Last 3 months are judgment months, and the students who are preparing for board exam from the beginning of 12th class uses this time with great strategies, and they successfully get the 90+ percentage in board exams result. So, by using the last 3 months in a very great and smart way, you can achieve a good percentage in class.

Final and Important Note:

Guys! Practice well so that you can may be prepared to do best in any exam and be sure to share your experiences with us in comment section. Best Of luck!!

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