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How To Become A Counsellor in 2018 | Step-by-Step Guide – Career, Counsellor Salary


How To Become A Counsellor

Having interest in Counselling but don’t know How to Become a Counsellor?? Do not worry here is the Step-by-Step Guide to become a counselor. To have a successful career in counseling you must have various skills in you like patience, good listening etc.

After becoming a Counsellor you will get an impressive salary. An instance of Counsellor Salary in India has also uttered on this page. Counseling is a well-liked area of expertise that proffers an assorted choice of job openings. Tips given here in this article will definitely help you in getting details on How To Become A Counsellor in 2018.

Career as a Counsellor:

If you get pleasure in serving people, being a Counsellor may be a huge career selection for you. Though, there is plenty to think before trying to be a counselor, and a lot of sub-subjects.  

There is a huge career for a counsellor as he / she gets an impressive amount of salary in India and in Abroad too. Let’s discuss some important things which will surely satisfy you for the Question How to Become a Counsellor

How To Become A Counsellor

Qualification Required to be a Counselor:
  • Degree Level Bachelor's or master's degree
  • Degree Field(s) Psychology, education, social work, or unrelated field with psych coursework
  • License/Certification Required by most states
  • Experience 2 years clinical experience required for licensure in some states
  • Key Skills Good organizational, Communication, listening, and interpersonal skills; patience
 Skills Required to be a Counsellor:

Before looking for tips on How to Become a Counsellor, you must know What are the skiils required to be a Counsellor, here are 10 Important skills to be a counselor:
  1. Patience: to be a Counsellor you must have a lot of patience. While taking sessions with clients it takes a lot of patience to handle the stuff they do or say. You should not be in any hurry at that time.
  2. Active Listening Skills: listening to the client deeply is one of the important skills required for a counselor. Without listening carefully you will not be able to solve the issue they have.  
  3. Compassionate: be calm and caring while handling the client is also important. Client must have a sense that you care for him/her and his/her issue
  4. Nonjudgmental: do not let the client feel that you are being judgmental on their thoughts. Let them speak without the fear of being judged from your side.
  5. Competency-Oriented: As counsellors, we must be willing to continue our own self- discovery work while learning, growing and staying current within our chosen field.
  6. Empathetic: you must know the art of showing an ability of yours to understand and share the feelings of another. It will help you in understanding their situation well.
  7. Discretion: When you are a counselor, the state of keeping or being kept secret or private is of uppermost importance.
  8. Encouraging: Actively show the existence or truth of the facts you provide by giving proof or evidence. It will generate trust in your client’s mind
  9. Self-Awareness: if you want to be a Counsellor then you must be aware of your own fears, insecurities, and challenges in order to be effective in the therapeutic relationship.
  10. Authenticity: being Genuine is absolutely necessary when working with clients.
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Some Common Requirements Regarding ‘How to Become a Counsellor’

Candidate willing to become a counsellor must hold a Bachelor / Master's degree in the concerned regulation according to the field for which he / she want to be a Counsellor.
  • Awareness of theory
  • Exact personal persona and Grasp of handy skills
  • Licensure is necessary in each state.
  • Administered experimental practice is frequently compulsory previous to a counsellor can turn out to be completely approved.
  • Excellent paying attention and communication skills, capability to expand associations with a lot of diverse types of populace, managerial abilities for custody complete patron report.
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Types of Counselling Hold by a Counsellor
  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • School Counseling
  • Student Affairs Counseling
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Career Counseling
  • Community Counseling
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Career as a Counsellor:

Career counsellors labor with each type of populace, as of all saunters of living, of all era, with all dissimilar learning and familiarity levels. These specializes may proffer direction and recommendation, for example, to influential businessmen or flat just 10th standard children presently preparatory out in the globe.

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Counsellor Jobs

Marriage and family: These Counsellors proposes social, touching and psychological fitness action to couples and relations and demeanor counseling assemblies with a couple or the whole ancestors unit, or they can spotlight on serving one personage within the ancestors who is anguish from touching or psychosomatic suffering.

Educational and School: They proffer individual, instructive, common and educational analysis services. The proficient generally toil in basic instruct, high school or campus meetings and may assist scholars evaluate their skills and determine individual or societal troubles.

Habitual and Behavioral: They work with populace anguish from Habitual to stuff like drugs, alcohol and betting. Few counsellors in this area concentrate in functioning with persons with a particular behavioral dilemma like an eating chaos. Professionals in this sub-specialty area often conduct individual counseling sessions, but they can in addition make group treatment.

Occupational: These types of counsellors also recognized as profession counsellors, assist populace erect profession decisions and generally hold appraisals to assist people decide which occupations are best-matched to their requirements, wellbeing and aptitude.

Psycho Analysis: They assist person distress from bodily or poignant disabilities that can influence their ancestors, community, and school or occupation life. According to the professional viewpoint manual, these practiced appraise the power and limits of persons, give individual and professional therapy, present casing administration sustain, and position for therapeutic care, professional preparation, and profession position.

Mental fitness: These type of counsellor effort with public anguish from affecting or emotional suffering and endorse mental fitness and might effort with person distress from various troubles with nervousness, fears, melancholy, heartache, value issues, shock, stuff abuse and other matters.

Average salary
School Counselor
Rs 293,952
Admissions Counselor
Rs 241,116
Social Worker
Rs 295,898
Admissions Counselor (College/University)
Rs 240,000
Rs 286,626
Career Counselor
Rs 239,662
Counseling Psychologist
Rs 244,168

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