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How To Join Air Force After 12th – IAF Selection Process, Requirements


How To Join Air Force After 12th

There are many youngsters who have dream to join the Indian air force. Here we are discussing How To Join Air Force After 12th. Students who are studying in the class 12th have many opportunities, but they have to choose it very carefully.

The Indian Air force has fixed some criteria to choose the candidates for the air force. We have also IAF provided selection process and requirements to join the Indian Air force. There are two ways to join the air force after 12th.

Ways to Join Indian Air Force:

There are three wing of the defence sector i.e Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, Indian Army after qualifying in NDA examination. In case of written examination NDA examination have questions from Mathematics and General Knowledge .After clearing the written examination you are eligible for Personal interview.

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How To Join Air Force After 12th

Requirements To Join IAF:

The candidates who have passed or appearing in 12th can apply for NDA examination. For air force, you must have studied mathematics and physics in 12th level. Appliers must be the ranges of 16.5 to 19 years in age. Male candidates who are unmarried are only eligible for the jobs in the NDA Recruitment for the Air Force.

Candidates will be selected on the basis of following standards as Written Test, Interview, Medical Test These are the three levels of selection procedure in to the NDA Indian Air Force.

IAF Selection Procedure:

Indian Air Force conducts Air Force Common Admission Test every year to provide the admission in various branches like Technical Branch, Flying Branch, and Ground Duty.

Physical Standards:

Those candidates who are qualified from the admission test will have to qualify the physical test. You should fulfill the below mentioned criteria.
  • Weight and Height ratio
  • Good Physical and Mental health
  • Good hearing
  • Well-developed chests (expansion should be at least 5cm after full inspiration)
  • Healthy Bones and Joints
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Medical Standards:

Those candidates who will selected from the physical test, they have to go through medical test. In this test, candidate’s medical test will be done under the supervision of officers. They should be medically fit.

Guidelines to Join Air Force After 12th

1. Do not lie about drug use and criminal records:

If you have done something with drug the military will eventually find out. If you found having drugs in your system, you will be forced out and unable to re-apply. Don't lie about an injury either, because you could suffer from it. (In the Air Force).

2. Ready for the basic training:
  • Boot camp twist your life upside down and can be very extensive (three months if enlisting in the Marine Corps), but a little preparation before opening can make your time there easier.
  • Do Exercise, Run, do push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups. The more bodily fit you are before arriving at basic training, the better off you'll be.
  • Not only will you need fewer time altering to the physical difficulty of basic training, but you'll make a good consciousness on your drill tutor.
  • Arriving at basic training overweight and deficient of power can make you a goal for drill instructors, and in tremendous cases, add time to your basic training.
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3. Show leadership behavior:
  • Instantaneously, your drill trainer will be looking for the leaders in the group. You want that to be you.
  • When you reach your destination, speak loudly, do the things you're told to do with speed and without hesitation, even if it makes no logic (and few things will).
  • Speak to your fellow employees you see doing things they're not made-up to, because if you don't, and you're their head, you get punished too.
  • Stand up in a straight line, chin high, and don't be lethargic. All these things will help you stand out from the crowd.
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4. Be motivated:
  • It's all too significant in basic training. Anytime you are acting in response to a drill instructor, do it with self-confidence and do it stridently.
  • Get correct to the point when speaking; don't hesitate over your words. When "sounding off" as a crowd, try to be the loudest. If you are being lethargic when sounding off, your drill coach will observe and punish the whole group.
  • Your fellow recruits will know the people who are not being loud and origin punishment. This wills origin disrespect amongst those people who you want to be your friends.
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5. Be ready to push your body to its restrictions:
  • You will be uncomfortable and you will more than expected feel like giving up
6. Stay calm:
  • Many "tests" that you are put through in basic training are designed so that they’re not easy to pass. Don't get disturbed when you fail.
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It's meant to happen. The drill coach will generally make some tasks so complicated that they are not possible to finish. With time, the task will become easy for you.

That's the whole point. They will crack you down and build you back up with more self-confidence then you ever had before. Just go with it.

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