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Resume Format For Accountant (Fresher/Experience) Download Sample Format

Resume Format for Accountant

Resume is the main paper to present anyone in an interview; Fresher/Experience job hunters must make a full informative resume if they are going to attend any job interview. Accountant candidates have to make their resume with their Accounting Proficiency that’s why for the help of the candidates we provided here the Resume Format For Accountant on the beneath section.

NAME                                                                            ADDRESS
Email: username@domainname.com              Write down postal address here
Mobile No.: +91*********
Career Objective

Because everyone has a career objective so you can mention your career goals here in this field and the position which you want to gain in your life or your career goal.

Volunteer Experience

Here you may write down your altruistic activity and the experience intended to promote goodness or improve human quality of life.

Working Details
  • If you are a freasher candidate then you don’t have need to add this section in your resume.
  • Or if you have experience then bring up all your previous and recent working experience details in points.
  • Give the full information like the time period of working and the organization name

Accounting Proficiency

Here you can give details about all your expertise areas of Accounting, Try to make 3-4 points to mention it in details.

Academic Educational
  • In this section start the explanation from the lower schooling and make it visible to the higher education.
  • Write down your academic details, all qualification certificate information.
Technical Skills

Mention the skills that you have in the computers or any related software like tally or other accounting course.

Leisure pursuit (Hobbies)
  • You can add your extra activities like and dislikes here
  • Try to explain those areas in which you have a good knowledge.

Personal Details
  • Father Name: XYZ
  • Date of Birth: day month year
  • Marital Status: Married / Unmarried
  • Languages Known: like English, Hindi, French, etc.
  • Nationality: ABC
  • Gender: Male / Female

I hereby declare that all the details given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Date:                                                                         (Yours Name)
Place:                                                                            Signature

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