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Facebook Interview Experience 2017 | Share Your Latest Experience With Us


Facebook Interview Experience

Facebook Interview Experience 2017: Few months back Mr. Karan appeared for Facebook Interview. He wants to share his Facebook Interview Experience with us. By this experience you can know about the right process of selection in Facebook. It would be easy for you to crack Facebook Interview with the tips given by Karan. If you have some experience of interview in Facebook, you can also Share Your Latest Experience With Us.

We all heard a quote that “Learn from the Experience of Others”. So this is the time to make it true as on our portal privatejobshub.in we are sharing the Facebook Interview Experience of Mr. Karan. Here are so many things, which you can learn to impress interviewer at time of Interview. It doesn’t matter if you are selected or not, the main thing is that what you learnt from that. Scroll down this page and take experience of interview in Facebook Company.

Facebook Interview Experience

My interview is completed in some stages. You can learn so many things from my experience. I’ve shared experience of all rounds here separately; hope it will be beneficial for you to crack Facebook Interview.

First Round (Initial Technical Screen)

My first round was divided in some parts. I mean question were asked on different topics continuously:  

1. Introductions

The first thing that was asked by the interviewer is the Introduction. I told about myself confidently, may aim, my weakness and my family etc.

2. Career Ambitions

Next I was asked question based on my ambitions in future and what I expect in future. Also questions are asked about my previous experience and I gave all answers confidently. I took 7- 12 minutes.

3. Coding
  • After that next session is stated, in which they asked questions based on coding. In this session interviewer try to understand your ability to solve the problems with the way how you attempt the problem.
  • Around one and two questions are asked and you have to solve these questions in 10 to 30 minutes. Questions are not too difficult but some trick are used to solve questions.
4. Ask any Question

After that they gave 5 minutes to me to ask any question. In these 5 minutes I asked about the hidden things about company which can be beneficial for me to face further rounds.

Second Round (Onsite Interview)

Nest round is Onsite Interview which is divided into three parts such as coding interview, design interview and behavioral interview. I qualified all rounds sine by on and that was really good experience.

1. Coding Interview

Coding Interview took total 45 minutes. Now all the time they asked me questions on coding but time was divided for different questions.


First they asked me to give brief introduction in 5 minutes. I told about myself and my background completely and they put some questions but I replied all questions.


In nest level they gave me some coding problems, which I had to solve in 30 minutes. Question were tricky and of course not easy.

Ask any Question:

After that they gave me 5 minutes to ask any thing about Facebook. That was really a great opportunity for me to know more about my dream company.

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2. Design Interview

Design Interview contains maximum 45 minutes and this round interviewer try to know the ability of applier in solving a non-trivial engineering design problem. In this I was asked broad design problem. Interview was conducted in two parts that are systems design and product design. In this round engineers are tested for different expertise in their field.

What to do for qualifying Systems Design Interview?
  • You should improve upon a design i.e. try to evaluate what you can do better for getting better result.
  • Read blogs of engineers by which you can know how big companies designed.
  • You should Start with requirements for the company.

 What to do for qualifying Product Design Interview?
  • First, you have to Outline your high-level approach and identify your focus.
  • Interviewer can ask to tell “how you'd design an server?”, so be prepared for the confident answer.
3. Behavioral Interview

Behavioral Interview contains two parts such as part behavioral interview and part coding interview. In behavioral interview part, interview will ask questions on your work experience, history, resume and your strength etc. Coding interview part is not too long. Only few questions are asked on coding to supplement the two coding interviews.

  • What I learned from my interview is that if we have firm determination for something, nothing is impossible.
  • I think we should be open and honest because company wants to hire honest employees.
  • Don’t take the interview too seriously because it can hesitate you.
  • If you don’t get selected don’t lose hope and improve your mistakes.  
So friends this was the Facebook Interview Experience 2017 shared by Karan on our portal privatejobshub. So please have a look and get prepare for your Interview. Be honest and try your best but never lose your hope for better. If you also appeared interview in Facebook, you can Share Your Latest Experience with Us below in comment box.

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