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SSB Interview Experience, Share Some Experiences, Stories & Hiring Process

SSB Interview Experience

Hi friends, I am Sahil, writing here to share my experience of SSB interview. In my third try I was recommended by fourteen SSB, Selection centre east to induce into OTA SSB Allahabad. In my first try I was not recommended (out on the day of conference) and unceasingly two times screened out. 

I’d wish to limit write to sharing my experience in SSB Interview which is able to assist you all. I sincerely thank privatejobshub for providing me a chance for sharing my Hiring Stories & Process with you.

I always wished to join the Indian Armed Forces right from the childhood of my life and fortuitously, I got opportunity to prove myself at SSB Allahabad. First I gave my NDA written exam and that I had qualified the written exam however the twist came after I got my SSB call letter. 

I had been referred to as at Allahabad for my interview. I had perpetually heard that the selection there was hell of a troublesome issue. So, I packed my luggage and with nice hopes in my heart left for Allahabad.

Name: Sahil

Reporting Date: 14th September

D-Day (Reporting and Briefing)
  • I visited the board at 12 p.m. and was shocked to ascertain solely around 200 students since; a complete of 450 had their reporting dates on that day.
  • We were then divided into two teams eleven SSB and nineteen SSB. I got eleven SSB.
  • We were then asked to stay our baggage then choose the day’s briefing at the testing hall at 3:30 within the afternoon.
  • After being given our chest numbers (I got chest no. 84) and checking of call letters and different documents we were given a solid making known by Lt. Col. Lobo on however would the testing go for next five days.
  • The briefing got over at eight within the evening.
D-Day +1 (Screening Test)
  • Dressed showing neatness I reported at the testing hall and our testing began at 7:30 that morning.
  • The first test was the intelligence test or the OIR (Officer’s Intelligence Rating). It went pretty smart and that I resolved each the papers fully.
  • The next test was PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion test). Within the image I saw a young man holding a goat and within the background was a small village and much off in obscurity was a plant was emitting fire. So, I created a story that the boy was a fresh recruited engineer who undertakes the development of field and sets up numerous factories within the area.
  • Everybody perceived the image during a completely different manner. Then was the time to narrate the story and begin the group discussion.
  • I gave a pleasant very little narration and spoke four to 5 times within the G.D. I attempted to concentrate to everybody’s narration and G.D. or rather pretended to do so by nodding my head.
  • Then was the time for the results. I was quite positive that I’d be screened. The results came I got screened in seven of the thirteen of our team were in, thirty stayed and therefore the rest 63 were shown their manner back to home.
  • The same day we have a tendency to get our new chest nos (I got chest no 29) and crammed our PIQ’s (Personal info Questionnaire).
D-DAY +2(Psychology Test)
  • Psychologist was a woman and gave an outline of the series of tests to be conducted for regarding fifteen min.
  • The first test was TAT (Thematic Appreciation Test) wherever back to back 11+1 photos are show and thirty sec for seeing and four minutes for writing a story is given to you. I gave the test pretty much and was prepared for succeeding next test.
  • The next check was WAT (Word Association Test) whereby a word is shown and fifteen sec is given to ascertain the word frame a purposeful sentence and therefore the write same. The test start and went well on behalf of me I was able to write fifty eight out of the sixty total words.
  • Furthermore succeeding test to be conducted was SRT (Situation Reaction Test) wherever sixty things are given and that we ought to write an answer to those things. I completed the SRT well among time, writing transient and logical answers.
  • SD or the Self Description was succeeding on the list. We tend to write down what our oldsters, academics and Friends felt regarding us and what we tend to felt regarding ourselves. I was only able to write four out of five given points in fifteen minutes of assigned time.
  • These tests finished for the day.
D-DAY +3(GTO Tests 1)
  • The next test was the GTO’s (Group Testing Officer) exercises. We were to dress ourselves in complete white and report as early as 6:15 within the morning.
  • The first test to be conducted was Group Discussion. The subject we tend to go to decide on was either Circket in India or Factors in Development of sports in India.
  • I had pre planned to not indulge myself in any quite indiscipline act and spoil my probabilities. I gave solid points and bestowed myself clearly that principally left others stupefied. The discussion was over in twenty minutes. I did well to indulge myself into the argument session.
  • Now was the turn of GPE (Group designing Exercise) whereby a state of affairs arises wherever four to five problems are faced by me and my team of nine additional and that we need to solve the issues logically.
  • My idea was partly wrong and that I wasn't able to complete the paper throughout the desired time. We tend to finally appoint a boy from our group who bestowed the c group plan. I wasn’t quite glad with my performance.
  • The next on cards was the GOR (Group Obstacle Race) or Snake Race. The race was overall ok.
  • Then was the time for PGT (Progressive Group task) that is termed because the most significant of all the GTO tasks. We tend to may do three obstacles in our stipulated thirty minutes time.
  • Then was the Lecturette test. Here a paper is given to you with four topics written and you wish to decide on one in every of the topics indurate three min and so speak on. I headlong and took the chit, commit to speak on “UNO-The security guard of peace” and so gave a pleasant little lecturette.
  • The major part was still left “Interview”. I was called for the Interview
  • The first question he asked ME was “Are you coming back directly from GTO?”
  • I answered “Yes, Sir”. Then he started asking ME fast hearth queries. Five to ten queries in an exceedingly row 3 such queries were asked on my family, friends. In the entire question I was not capable to answer all the queries.
  • After the fast hearth he started asking me regarding my Sports, interest, general information, hobbies and cultural activities. Whenever I attempted to answer any question in an exceedingly elaborate manner he won’t to say “Ok.Ok then switched to consequent question.
  • The interview lasted for thirty five min just about.
D DAY +4(GTO Tests 2)
  • The day’s 1st task was the IOR(Individual Obstacle Race) The foot race started I amazingly did thirteen obstacles i.e. completed the ten then restarted and did three additional, second best in my  group. So, this task went nice on behalf of me.
  • The next test that was waiting for us was the Command Task. The task failed to go for sure on behalf of me.
  • The next task was the HGT (Half Group Task). I gave my ideas from where I was to be and also the group did as directed. We hence, completed the obstacle within the given time.
  • The last of the task was the FGT (Final Group task). We completed the FGT in five minutes of your time and once a short note from our GTO and to a small degree of an informal talking with us we tend to were laid-off.
D DAY+5(Conference and Results)
  • The day of results had come. I failed to have to be compelled to wait long. The conference started inside associate degree hour and that I was the second to go in. I went in with confidence and wished the President of our board.
  • He then asked me to sit down. I sat down with a smiling face. My conference lasted for close to around two min and that I was then asked to go away .All that point I remained cheerful and everybody was smiling at me.
  • The time then came for the results. He aforementioned like this “So people who are counseled are chest no: five,6,9,12,14,15,16,19,24,28,29(me)and 30″.

The myth concerning SSB Allahabad was finally broken.

I was counseled for Air Force with me 11 others were also recommended, the Officer.

My aim of scripting this Hiring Process was to provide a general idea on however the SSB’s are conducted and conjointly to share my experience with others. So at last All the Best and May God Bless all of you for your SSB interview.
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