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Digital India Project Launched By PM Modi - Highlights, Things To Know


Digital India Project Launched By PM Modi

Digital India project launched by PM Modi is designed with the purpose of ensuring the organization services are made presented to nations electronically by decreasing paperwork. There are some important highlights/things to know about Digital India Project which is given below.

Digital India Project

What is Digital India Project

 Digital India is a project of Government to combine government sectors and people of India. The project also comprises plan to join rural regions with rapid-speed internet system. This project has three parts. These contain: Formation of digital infrastructure, delivering services digitally & Digital literacy. Digital India is an umbrella project containing different projects worth at least Rs 1 lakh crore to renovate the nation into a digitally make authorized and knowledge economy.

Some Important Highlights about Digital India

Tata Group Chairman Kumar Manglam Birla Speaks:
  • There are three important points that receive Digital India ahead are powerful communications utility, offering governance and service in actual time and digitally give power to people.
  • Some state programmes such as MP online, Maharashtra online allows citizens to remain in touch with government
  • This year Tata Group to appoint 60,000 IT specialized.
  • With a powerful market, a huge ability pool and a belief of economical advance, India can become a driver of global wealth.
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley speaks to Digital India event:
  • From world our industry leader shall collectively obtain India to bigger heights.
  • This is one of the biggest movements that bring services to citizens.
  • Extra banking being finished not in real buildings but digitally.
  • Our country becoming a wonderful authority in Information Technology was because government interference was negligible.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks:
  • With complete approach, he has attention up a luminous plan.
  • I congratulate Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad and his team members.
  • I hope that ideas harboured by youthful India will ultimately come true.
  • Least administration and most governance- that's our dream & we prepare to combine E-governance and M-governance.
  • At times, a children’s school bag is heavy than him/her. Now the complete course outline can be in palm of his/her hand.
  • India's is one of the second highest importers of electronic goods that cannot stand the fact.
  • Design in India is as important as Make in India.
  • I vision of a digital India where expertise make sure that government responsibility is incorruptible.
  • I dream of a digital India where e-commerce makes the wealth.
Ravi Shankar Prasad (Union Minister) gave opening speaks:
  • Our country’s ability plus IT is equivalent to India tomorrow.
  • I am very thankful that PM after his success within 100 days visualizes this encouraging plan.
  • At least billion people powered by IT (information technology).
Company Manager Director (Reliance Industries Limited) Mukesh Ambani speaks about the project:
  • I think Digital India shall be a big victory. It authorizes the youth to complete their objectives.
  • Usually Industry grows quicker than administration but with Digital India, I have no hesitation in saying, the government has moved quicker.
  • We at Reliance will invest 250 crores across the Digital India pillars.
Azim Premji (Chairman of Wipro) also conveys his thoughts:
  • This is significant to make sure that every citizen has capacity to get and use these services.
  • The dream of Prime Minister for Digital India is a very influential one. This is a very first step ahead to allow citizens with technology.
  • The dream is easy but difficult to make sure these services see the light of day
  • The equation India Today + Information Technology = India Future has become a fasten mantra of Information Technology firm.
Aditya Birla Group Chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla addresses the event:
  • In next few years we also spend extra 7 billion dollars.
  • We are launching a new programme to associate with entrepreneurs
  • PM has expressed a brave dream for digital future.
  • We aim to construct a 'Bharat connect' and plan to bring together, connect with 10 million people across villages.
  • We will potentially partner with 10,000 entrepreneurs soon.
  • The main aim of Digital India Group is to come out with original thoughts and practical explanation to understand Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of a digital India. Digital India Group will come up with strategies and finest practices throughout the world to make this vision of a digital India an actuality.
The expected effect of this project by 2019 would be cross cutting, variety from broadband connectivity in all Panchayats, Wi-fi in learning centers such as school, colleges etc. and universities &institute and Public Wi-Fi hotspots. The greater success of this project will make our country digitally authorized and leader in practice of Information Technology in delivery of services connected to different fields such as health, education, agriculture, banking, etc.

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