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How To Join Merchant Navy | Start A Career After 12th/Graduation – Detail


How To Join Merchant Navy

To Join Merchant Navy after 12th/ Graduation is a great career option. If you are the one who want to know How to Join Merchant Navy then this article is just for you. Start your career just after 12th/ Graduation with high pay scale. Complete details related to How to Join Navy are discussed in this page so you can collect all data with the help of this single page. In today’s era there are not even a few careers which can get a high salary in such a young age that is just after qualifying 12th or graduation. But, a topic that "How to Join Merchant Navy After 12th/Graduation" is quite unknown to many of us. So, today we will discuss on the topic that how you can start your career in Navy.

We are here going to tell you all about future and career in Merchant Navy. Obviously, a seafarer is expected to be paid high according to their profession. The training in our country India is of very high values and the Indian seafarers are one among most required in the shipping industry globally. This means that an Indian candidate demanded more and highly paid too. So, you can choose your career in the field of Navy and through this your desires and whished will come true. To join the Navy candidates are required to meet several qualifications and make a commitment to service. Read the below prepared page and learn what you need to know to get start your career in Merchant Navy. Team of www.privatejobshub.in covers all related details in this page.

How To Join Merchant Navy

To join Merchant Navy you are required to go through the provided details and candidates satisfying the below provided eligibility are able to apply for Merchant Navy Notification.

Meeting the Eligibility

How To Join Merchant Navy

Meet The Educational Requirements

To be an enlisted member of the Navy you don't need a college degree in relevant field from recognized board. Also, applied candidate must be qualified mentally, morally, and medically. You will be given a chance to take a practice test called the EST (Enlisted Screening Test) to test your mental ability and a medical exam to determine if you will are eligible and what specialized field you are qualified to work in aviation, nuclear, electronics, medicine or other general area of work in the Navy.

To be an officer, you typically must be in college and enrolled in the Naval Reserve Officer Training Program (NROTC), the Naval Academy (USNA) or have a college degree in a Navy approved area (i.e. engineering, science, math, etc.) and gets accepted into Officer Candidate School (OCS), in addition to taking qualifying tests. Officers get saluted, get paid more, and have more benefits (i.e. officer club privileges, officer's mess on carrier ships, better housing, etc.).

Age Requirements

Be in the right age when you apply and also you have required degree and certificate. To join the Navy, applying candidate must be at least 17 but fewer than 34 years of age. If you're 17 years old, you will need your parents’ permission to join the Navy, otherwise you can wait until you turn 18 to self apply. To become an officer, you must be at least 19 and no older than 35.

The age requirements vary according to specific positions; for example, some officer positions may require that you be older than 19 to apply. In some cases, waivers are granted for certain positions that are in high demand, allowing people who are older than 35 to apply.

Meet The Citizenship Qualifications

In order to join the Navy you must either be a US citizen or have a permanent residence visa. You may also have an Alien Registration Green Card with an established residence in the US. To become an officer, you must be a US citizen. Candidates who will satisfy all the requirements are eligible to enlist in Merchant Navy.

Less Than Two Dependents

In some cases the Navy will prohibit people who have 2 dependent children from enlisting. Single parents of one child may enlist, but they must complete a special application process while filling navy form.

Prove That You Can Meet Your Financial Obligations

While the Merchant Navy doesn't require that you be free of debt to enlist, you may be asked to prove that you're in a position to make payments on time. If you have bad credit, be able to show that you're on the path to improving it.

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Pass A Drug And Alcohol Test

The Navy has a "zero tolerance policy" for drug and alcohol abuse, that’s why applying candidates are required to pass a urine test to show that your body is clear of both substances. You will also have to answer questions regarding past use or abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Meet The Requirements For Legal And Moral Standards

Navy also seeks to enlist only those aspirants who are with high moral character. Your traffic record, criminal record, legal record, and character history will all be subject to review before you're accepted into the Navy.

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Enlisting in the Navy

How To Join Merchant Navy

Contact a Recruiter

After satisfying the required eligibility requirements, get in touch with a recruiter, either in person or online. Further, you will give you the opportunity to ask questions regarding your specific situation and interests. If you're not yet sure whether you want to join the Navy, you can still contact a recruiter, no strings attached, to ask questions.

When you speak with a recruiter, be sure to ask about the commitment that will be required for the type of service you want to do. Discuss the specific requirements of your field of interest, including the education you'll need. The recruiter will provide you with an application or direct you to one that can be found online. When you submit your application, you'll continue working with a recruiter to set up a plan for enlisting.

Decide What Job You Want To Do

Merchant navy offers great career options for recruits, who can choose to pursue a career in education, the arts, health, information technology, engineering, construction, special operations, and so on. As soon as you decide on what path you want to pursue your career it can help you achieve your goals in the Navy more quickly.

Recruits who wish to become officers, who serve in managerial positions in the Navy, will need to undergo more training than recruits who will serve as enlisted sailors, the workforce of the Navy. The Navy often pays for undergraduate and graduate education to help members pursue jobs and careers.

Sign Up and Make A Service Commitment

When you're ready to commit and you've passed the necessary medical and mental exams, then aspirants are required to fill paperwork and receive instructions regarding the first year of training. If you're signing on as an enlisted sailor, you will typically commit to at least four years of service; if you're signing on for an officer position, the commitment is three to five years.

Fulfilling Your Commitment

How To Join Merchant Navy

Complete the First Year of Service

During the first year, contenders need to undergo primary training and begin learning about the job you wish you pursue. You are required to spend time and getting acquainted with the rules and culture of the Navy.

Complete Your Terms of Service

As a member of the Navy, you may or may not spend time deployed on a ship. In some cases you may spend up to 6 months at a time away from your home base. At the same time, you'll work a specific job and gain expertise in your chosen field.

Rise through the Ranks

Many people in the Navy are eligible for a promotion after just 9 months of active duty. As you fulfill your service commitment, opportunities for promotion and advancement are often plentiful. After 3 to 5 years of commitment, many choose to stay in the Navy past their first enlistment.

Final and Important Note:

Complete details related to How To Join Merchant Navy has been well discussed in this page. Contenders can collect all data with the help of this single page. Join us on Facebook, Whatsapp, Email or twitter to get latest and instant updates. For any query or any suggestion related to this you can leave your comments in below mentioned comment box our team will soon reply towards it.

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