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5 Common Mistakes Students Make In Exam – Small Error But Big Loss


5 Common Mistakes Students Make In Exam

Exams are something that shapes your future career. Marks scored in exams decides your future so, you can afford a single mistake because small error in exams create but big loss. There are some common mistakes that students make while sitting in exam due to which, in spite of being well prepared, they lose marks.

Mistakes are never a part of the problem but when students ignore their mistakes it causes huge losses in scoring good marks. That’s why we are here to discuss on 5 Common Mistakes Students Make In Exam. By going through these common mistakes and flaws you can gain considerable insight into your shortcomings.  

Read Out- How to Avoid Common Exam Mistakes:

Let us have a look at some such common mistakes that Students Make in Exam and how to rectify that small error to reduce big losses. A simple awareness of following mentioned common mistakes can help you to improve your performance a lot in the long run.

Majority of the common mistakes can be avoided if students are aware of these mistakes and try to beat the exam stress. Our team of www.privatejobshub.in will discuss some of the common mistakes made by students during exams.

5 Common Mistakes Students Make In Exam

Year by year, web abounds with examples of mistakes that are made by students in exams. Some of common mistakes are very hilarious, and many are unique. Mostly mistakes are done by students because of misunderstandings about the meaning of specific words or phrases.

Here is the list of 5 Common Mistakes Students Make In Exam and they are made year by year mostly by all the students. These mistakes can be avoided by taking relatively simple steps either at the time of examination or earlier. Now, read the 5 Common Mistakes Students Make in Exam which are provided below:

# 1. Not Reading the Question Paper Properly:

When you receive paper and the teacher says, "You might begin now!" Do you directly turn to the first page and answer first question straight away? If yes, stop doing it! You’re making a similar mistake that majority of students make!

Always scan through a paper before you start writing. Provide yourself about two to five minutes to scan through all the queries. Place a tick against the simple queries and a cross against difficult ones. Check each page of paper to confirm that you don't miss any question.

Then, proceed to answer easy queries first! Invariably leave difficult questions to the last. This ensures that you simply would have answered most of the questions in the paper should you have to run out of your time. So, Students should scan the question paper carefully in order that they can organize their thoughts and manage their time well through examination.

# 2. Not Looking At the Marking Scheme Or The Space Provided:

Marking scheme and the space provided (if there is one) will provide clues about how much the examiners are expecting to see. A one-word answer is not going to be enough for a 15-mark question. Check the marks available, and make sure that your answer fits.

If you are able to summarize your analysis of question paper into a shorter space, and then do so, you should never write solely to word limits. If your answer is much shorter, be aware that you may have missed something. Check back and make sure that you have really answered the whole question properly.

# 3. Starting With the Most Difficult Question:

Some students attempt their examination papers in an exceedingly less efficient method. They begin with the most difficult questions. "What is wrong with that?" you may ask. For one thing, making an attempt a tough question in beginning is a bad start to a paper. Your mind gets stumbled at the starting of paper. You frame your brains attempting to return out with the answers for that harrowing question. You start to feel displeased.

You mind loses its calm. You cannot think properly. And you lose valuable time while you're cursed the tough question. Before you realize it, you only have half of the time left. Now, you hurry to answer other queries. But your mind possesses so entangled with that tough question that it cannot suppose properly. You’ve got forgotten answers to simple questions! You can’t believe it! And that we can’t believe why you even began with that tough question!

Always begin with the simple queries. First, it causes you feel god about paper and boosts your confidence. Second, you're assured that you can get the marks assigned to those queries. Third, if you manage the simple questions properly, you'll be able to answer them quickly and permit yourself more time for the difficult questions. Last but not least, you'll be able to attain answers to tough questions when you've resolved the simple ones. It is happened to many people many times!

# 4. Don’t Forget To Answer All the Questions:

There are two main reasons for not answering the question
  • Not reading the question properly, or
  • Wanting to answer a slightly different question.
Always read the question fully. Then go back and read it again to check that you have understood. Only then you must start to answer the questions, once you are sure you have understood it fully.

Don’t leave any question. Whatever you know about that topic you must write something because it always better to write something rather to leave it. Because it may give you some marks otherwise you will obtain only zero.

If you are attending multiple choice questions then you must mark any option because there is no negative marking. It is easy to mark any option in MCQ’s type questions because even if they are wrong, you have lost nothing.

# 5. Not Checking the Paper Before Submitting It
  • So you have finished a paper 30 minutes ahead of time. Do you
  • Look around you and sneer at those students who are still struggling with their papers
  • Sit back and relax
  • Ask the teacher or examiner whether you can leave early
  • Wish fervently that time will pass quickly so that you can leave soon, or
  • Check your answers?
If you usually check your answers once you have finished a paper prior to time, well for you! Otherwise, you must begin doing so! What some students never realize is that, in their rush to complete a paper prior to time, they may have unknowingly answered a question incorrectly or incompletely, left a question unanswered, or forgotten to fill in the blanks that resulted from their use of correcting fluids.

Always try to complete a paper at least 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time. Then make use of this extra time to check through your paper at least twice. You may be pleasantly shocked that you can spot an error in your answers, and that you have the time needed to make the corrections.


Above mentioned are 5 Common Mistakes Students Make in Exams. If you try to avoid these mistakes in exam, you considerably increase your probabilities of success. We wish all the candidates that they will do the best in your exam & bright your future. Most of these errors stem from either insufficient or incorrect preparation, or getting stressed under exam pressure.

Final and Important Note:

Hope the provided information is helpful for you and you may learn from this article. You can join us on Facebooks or Google+ to get latest and instant updates.

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