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Advantage & Disadvantage of Distance Learning – How Helpful It is?


Advantage & Disadvantage of Distance Learning

Advantage & Disadvantage of Distance Learning: Over the past few years, a concept that is known as Distance education, has achieved significant popularity. Individuals who are unable to attend campus-based or full-time courses they can prefer Distance education programs, which helped them to achieve their educational objective. Distance Education has both its advantages and disadvantages.

You may check Advantage & Disadvantage of Distance Learning, How Helpful It is etc from this article. The list of Distance Learning advantages seems to be more important than the list of disadvantages. You can easily overcome with Distance Learning disadvantages.

Distance Learning!!!

Distance education is a way of learning remotely without interrelating with the teacher regularly in the classroom. Even though, distance learning offers various opportunities to the students who are interested and want to complete their higher education.  Distance Learning is not full of advantages or benefits, but it also has costs, requires compromises and self-motivation, which is essential to get success in life.

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Advantage & Disadvantage of Distance Learning

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IMT Distance and Open Learning Institute
Sikkim Manipal University
University of Mumbai

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Some Advantage of Distance Learning:

Vital advantage of distance learning is the quickness it offers to students. Everyone from anywhere can comprehend their dreams of education through the different distance learning programs existing online. In this present chaotic world, distance learning has made achievable for a home-maker or a busy professional to go for further studies while allocating them to carry on also in their personal roles in daily life.
  • Distance Learning allows for individualized instruction. The teacher is able to prepare the set of courses for each student's as per their requirements.
  • It also develops self-discipline in students. Learning is driven by the student rather than operated teacher.
  • This makes clear to all students in the classroom. Quiet students cannot hide from participation.
  • Distance Learning, allows instruction to take place to be anywhere and anytime. It is suitable for students as well as teachers.
  • As per individual’s interests, it permits additional exploration. Teachers can develop hyperlinks for the ease of students to pursue individual interest in depth.
  • Distance Learning provides information to students as per requirement.
  • It also provides efficient use of time and students as well as parents do not waste time to arrive.
  • Information for distance learning is typically more up to date and screened by the teacher.
  • It also allocates for interactive imitation and Distance Learning also permits for suitable feedback for all actions.
  • In distance learning, all the students have equal participation time.
  • Distance Learning creates a focused environment.
  • It means in Distance Learning, less discipline problems means less time spent off the topic.
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Some Disadvantages of Distance Learning:

After getting, Advantage of Distance Learning, now, let’s talk about Disadvantages of Distance Learning that if it is a boon for many, then for many students it can be transformed into a restraint.
In distance learning there is a less face-to-face interaction time between associates and between teacher and students.
  • Aspirants who are studying Distance Learning, they do not have recess time to entertain and play.
  • Due to the lack of a physical teacher or teacher, some students may find it hard to encourage, motivate, and supervise themselves. They feel support less in Distance Learning and nobody motivates them.
  • Idling is a drawback and also a big problem for those people who have a tendency to take all easy.
  • There's a lack of time to develop appropriate social skills. No face-to-face meeting for interactions among peers and with teacher in different settings.
  • There is less physical activity and students may not have the essential resources as well as skills such as typing, equipment, software, etc. at home.
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How Helpful It is?

Distance Learning is helpful in five different ways which are as follows:
  • In Distance Learning, there is no travelling needed.
  • You can easily and comfortably study at your own pace.
  • After completing Distance Learning you can get a degree at a lower price.
  • Through Distance Learning, you can Save Your Time
  • Begin your career sooner.
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Whatsoever be the case, it is up to all of you to study the advantage and disadvantage of distance learning. And then deciding up for choosing distance learning. But by considering and analyzing the advantages plus the disadvantages of distance learning, you may understand that the benefits far offset the disadvantages.

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