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CEED Previous Year Question Papers | Download 2018/2017/2016/2015 PDF


CEED Question Papers 2019

Candidates preparing for the Common Entrance Examination for Design must download the CEED Previous Year Question Papers. By going through the CEED 2018/2017/2016/2015 Question paper PDF, candidates will definitely increase their chances to crack the CEED Entrance Exam.

By solving the CEED Questions Papers, candidates can check their level of preparation for the Common Entrance Examination for Design. Through this, candidates will also get idea about the difficulty level and types of questions asked in the CEED exam.

Previous Year CEED Question Papers Available Here!!

CEED exam is conducted to check the logical reasoning, ability, drawing skills, creativity, and communication skills and visual perception of the candidate. Candidates who are planning to participate in the CEED 2019 can take help from CEED Question Papers and start their preparation accordingly.

Download CEED question papers 2019 From Here!!

CEED previous year question papers with solutions PDF are provided in the below section, applicants can download it through below given link. To gain more information about CEED Question Papers 2019, go through below given page which is well equipped by team of www.privatejobshub.in

CEED Question Papers 2019

CEED Previous Year Question Papers with Solutions PDF

CEED Question Papers with Answers Free Download from Here!!!! Those who are looking for CEED Previous Year Question Papers can collect them from below given PDF. Select the year for which you need CEED exam question papers and download it in free and further practice it. 

CEED Question Papers
CEED Previous Year Question Papers
CEED 2018 Question Paper
CEED 2017 Question Paper
CEED 2016 Question Paper 1 (rest of India)
CEED 2016 Question Paper 2 (Chennai region)
CEED 2015 Question Paper
CEED 2014 Question Paper
CEED 2013 Question Paper
CEED 2012 Question Paper
CEED 2011 Question Paper
CEED 2010 Question Paper
CEED 2009 Question Paper
CEED 2008 Question Paper
CEED 2007 Question Paper
CEED 2006 Question Paper

CEED Exam Pattern:

For Part A:

Question Type
Objective type Questions
Numerical Answer Type (NAT)
10 Questions
Multiple Select Questions (MSQ)
10 Questions
Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
30 Questions
Total Marks
100 Marks

For Part B:

Pen and Paper Based
2 hours
Question Type
Drawing Based Questions
Mandatory Question 1- Memory Drawing
Perspective Drawing of mentioned products with 2 human figures
Mandatory Question 2- Sketching of Ideas
5 ideas for a mind reading device
Mandatory Question 3- Story writing
Creative story writing using 3 words given
Optional Designing
Product Design, Visual Communication, Interaction design and Animation
Total Marks
100 Marks

Download Here: CEED Syllabus

CEED Question Papers 2019

Q1- The human activity, among the following, which causes maximum environmental pollution having regional and global impact, is

a.    Industrialization  
b.    Urbanization
c.    Agriculture         
d.    Mining

Ans- a

Q2- The science that deals with the relationship of various organisms with their environment is known as

a.    anthropology               
b.    economics
c.    ecology   
d.    geology   

Ans- c

Q3- The relationship between water fern Azolla and cyanobacterium Anabaena is :

a.    Symbiotic
b.    Mutualistic
c.    Commensalism
d.    Proto-Cooperation

Ans- a

Q4- ‘Lion-tailed macaque’ is the key faunal species of which Biosphere Reserve?

a.    Nilgiri
b.    Dehang-Debang
c.    Dibru-Saikhowa
d.    Nokrek

Ans- a

Q5- A simple detritus food chain starts with

a.    green plant
b.    wastes of organisms and dead organisms
c.    both of the above
d.    none of these

Ans- a

Q6- Facultative Bacteria existing in which type of Environmental condition?

a.    Presence of oxygen      
b.    Absence of oxygen
c.    Both (a) and (b) 
d.    None of these

Ans- c

Q7- Bhairav walked 30 ft towards North, then took a left turn and walked 15 ft. He again took a left turn and walked 30 ft. How far and in which direction is Bhairav from the starting point?

a.    15 ft to the West
b.    45 ft to the South
c.    30 ft to the East
d.    15 ft to the North

Ans- a

Q8- At dusk, Rohit started walking facing the sun. After a while, he met his friend and both turned to their left. They halted for a while and started moving by turning again to their right. Finally Rohit waved 'good bye' to his friend and took a left turn at a corner. At which direction is Rohit moving now?

a.    South
b.    West
c.    North
d.    East

Ans- a

Q9- In question number 6 above, which direction is Anil looking?

a.    North
b.    North West
c.    West
d.    South East

Ans- b

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Q10- Satish starts from his house and takes two right turns and then one left turn. Now he is moving towards south. In which direction Satish started from his house?

a.    North
b.    West
c.    South
d.    East

Ans- d

Q11- Identify the terms used in photography

a.    Depth of field
b.    ISO
c.    Jiggering
d.    Dodging

Ans- a, b, d

Q12- Which of the following materials are used to make a Tetra Pak?

a.    Paper
b.    Aluminum
c.    Plastic
d.    Teflon

Ans- a, b, c

Q13- Which among the following are weights in a font family?

a.    Hairline
b.    Bold
c.    Feather
d.    Grey

Ans- a, b

Q14- Which of the following films have been directed by Steven Spielberg?

a.    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
b.    Saving Private Ryan
c.    Schindler’s List
d.    Munich

Ans- a, b, c, d

Q15- Which is the following vehicle(s) has a rear engine.

a.    Tata Nano
b.    Maruti Ertiga
c.    Skoda Octavia
d.    Tata Indica

Ans- a

Q16- Sumi ran a distance of 40 m towards South. She then turned to the right and ran for about 15 m, turned right again and ran 50 m. Turning to right then ran for 15 m. Finally she turned to the left an angle of 45° and ran. In which direction was she running finally?

a.    South-East
b.    South-West
c.    North-East
d.    North-West

Ans- d

Q17- Given below is two statements, based on which some conclusions have been drawn. If the statements are true, which of the conclusion(s) can be said to be true?

Statement 1: All mammals are fish.
Statement 2: All fish are dolphins.

a.    Some of the fish are mammals
b.    None of the dolphins are mammals
c.    Some of the mammals are dolphins
d.    All mammals are dolphins

Ans- a,c,d

Q18- If the state of Uttar Pradesh is divided into four states, how many states would India have?

a.    33
b.    32
c.    31
d.    34

Ans- b

Q19- Identify the odd one out

a.    Verdana
b.    Tahoma
c.    Cambria
d.    Calibri

Ans- c

Q20- In which context is the term “Pica” system used?

a.    Plastic Moulding
b.    Image editing
c.    Typography
d.    Sculpture

Ans- c

Benefits of CEED Question Papers 2019

Practicing from the CEED Question Papers seems like very old method, but no one can argue the fact that it is most convenient and useful method when it comes to preparing for CEED 2019. By practicing through CEED question papers 2019 with answers you will come to know your week points and then you can work hard on it before appearing in final exam.

Also, you will be able to know in which sections of CEED question papers 2019 you are strong. Not only you should practice the CEED question papers 2019, you should also take CEED mock tests, CEED sample paper to give boost to your preparation.

Important Note:

Contenders are requested to subscribe free email service of privatejobshub.in for getting latest information regarding CEED Question Papers 2019 through this page, so keep in touch with us regularly. Candidates you can also follow us on Facebook and Google plus to get updates on your timeline. You can give your queries and suggestions about CEED Question Papers 2019 in the comment box.

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