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How to Become A Geologist | Career In Geology, Education Requirements


How to Become A Geologist

How To Become A Geologist: Are you familiar with a term “mad scientist” or Geologist?? If Not. Read here, basically curiosities, an analytical mind, creativity, good sense of humor are few top qualities of a Geologist. Not getting it? Take a look on, How To Become A Geologist, you’ll get more info on Career In Geology, Education Requirements, career prospectus over here.

How to Become A Geologist
Since, many companies demand for newly-casted graduates and if you too thinking to set up your Career In Geology then check below entire details. Go, further and read out useful information for Career in Geology such as job description, job duties and salary expectations or How to Become a Geologist.

How to Become a Geologist

Check out these steps, as these will surely guide you on How to Become a Geologist;

Step 1 when schooling, try to take subject related to science stream such as; math, science including physics, chemistry and biology. This is a half of the requirement Geologist must have.

Step 2 Go and try to study geosciences, it’s not a boring subject... As in geosciences one gets huge -There are a number of professional organizations in the field, and most offer extensive information and resources for students. It isn't necessary to know in advance what area of specialization you'll pursue, but it's helpful to understand the choices.

Step 3 Enroll in a graduate degree program. A master's degree is adequate for most jobs in the field, but a doctorate opens the door to the most advanced and highest-paid careers the industry has to offer.

Step 4 After successful completion of your relevant studied, go ahead and participate in field work.

Step 5 Apply for few job openings or appear for an Interview with many companies in your chosen field. Generally, Petroleum companies often look for geologists to offer them employment opportunities.

Requirement Details;

Education Requirements to Become Geologist in case of private industries is that you must have a bachelor's degree. But, if we talk for case in specialized positions within highly reputed associations then, an individual must have a master's or doctoral degree. Bachelor’s degree must be concerning with fields like Environmental Science.

List of Undergraduate/ Postgraduate colleges;

Undergraduate colleges:
  • St. Xaviers College, Bombay
  • Presidency College, Calcutta
  • Jadavpur University, Calcutta
  • Delhi university
  • Banaras Hindu University
Postgraduate colleges:
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT- B)
  • IIT- Roorkee
  • IIT- Kharagpur
  • IIT- Bhubaneshwar
  • Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad
  • All of the previously mentioned UG colleges/ Universities
Job Prospectus;

Geology is really a very interesting career path for those who love to explore old yet new different things. For this position interest individuals must have good grip in science and must have interest within earth science.  It’s a fantastic profession and if you’re thinking to become a geologist then check here, below are several fields have to work in:
  • Analyzing samples such as rock or fossils
  • Working on the field at a site
  • Completing a research paper
  • Analyzing data and research work
  • Teaching others in the field
  • Completing feasibility studies
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Who Hires Geologists?

Basically one has to work on a full-time permanent basis, though in some cases it’s purely on contractual basis. Well, below listed are top recruiters among organizations:
  • Oil, gas and mining companies
  • Science centers and museums
  • Consulting Firms/State Geological Surveys
  • Universities
  • Engineering/ Environmental Firms
  • City Planning Offices
  • Petroleum/Mining Companies
  • Secondary Schools, Junior High Schools, and Middle Schools
  • Legal Firms
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Geology tends to be a boom and bust economical field.

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